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Words in Italics are just Shukaku's voice in Gaara's mind.

Well enough dilly-dallying on to the story.


"Come on Pakkun! Faster! If we hurry the quicker we'll get there" Kakashi commanded to the small ninken accompanying him to the desert village of Suna.

"Kakashi, whether you like it or not it will take us two days to get to the Sand" Pakkun answered. "I'm tired, my paws hurt and it looks like you're about to pass out at any moment.

"Only another hour I promise Pakkun, we'll rest up for the night and head at dawn, okay?" Kakashi asked lighting with concern.

"This girl…what is she to you?" Pakkun interrogated boring into Kakashi's eyes.

"She's my old student and she isn't a female I'd try to get into bed you sick dog, she's 15 years old and still just a child" Kakashi snapped.

"I didn't mean it like that Kakashi. What does she mean to you?" Pakkun murmured picking his words carefully.

"Like the younger sister…no maybe daughter I'll never have" Kakashi muttered looking down while leaping from tree to tree.


"There will never be another Hatake after myself" Kakashi sighed sadly.

"Why not? You're still young, you're only 28 after all, there's still plenty of time for you to find a pretty lady to settle down and have a few children with. You're planning to let the Hatake clan die out?" Pakkun asked curiously.

"It's not my age or to find a wife. As well as having a known name in the Fire Country, I have many allies as well as many enemies. I may have the Sharingan to my advantage but there will be that one shinobi who will drive me to my death. I'm not leaving my children like my father did" Kakashi whispered sadly.

It only seemed like yesterday that he was 9 years old and his father was still alive.

"I see, can I ask…what ever happened to Lady Hatake?" Pakkun asked treading carefully.

Kakashi's past was delicate.

"Lady Ha-Oh you mean my mother? Not long after my father passed on she died after. She wasn't ill, injured or anything because she wasn't a ninja and the coroner never could tell what caused her death so he just said "natural causes" but I always have known how she died" Kakashi smiled sorrowed.

"…How…?" Pakkun asked after pausing.

"A broken heart. She loved my father and was in disbelief that she just died of shock and hurt. She could never understand why he left her. By the way, my mother's name was Gakkuri" Kakashi winked.

"I'm sorry…"

"Let's rest for a while"


"N-no…NO! Why did you do that to her?"

"She was quite interesting wasn't she"

"I'm not going to let that happen again" Gaara murmured clutching his head.

"Really? We'll see how resistant you are to a demon next time" Shukaku mocked.

"She is…precious. I will protect her" Gaara muttered rabidly. "She isn't your plaything"

"No of course not, she's our plaything" Shukaku boasted.

"She deserves only the best I can give her"

"Sometimes your best isn't good enough in the world" Shukaku said as-a-matter-of-fact, "Remember it wasn't long ago when you depended on my power"

"I will protect her from you" Gaara shouted battling with the feelings inside him.

"You can try and you will fail, just like with Yashamaru" Shukaku sneered cruelly.

"Be silenced!" Gaara roared to the empty desert.

"You look like some schizophrenic psychopath shouting like that" Shukaku sauntered.

"Shut it" Gaara growled quietly. "I'm going to find her, I know where she is"

"Brilliant idea, she's terrified of you and you're going back to chase her down" Shukaku criticized sarcastically.

"No, you"


"Gaara…" Sakura cried quietly, "Where are you now?"

Gaara had always told her if there was any trouble at his home whether it be danger or just stupidly dangerous arguments between his siblings then go to the Amari hotel.

When first dating this was where Gaara and Sakura would meet and come in secret. Gaara of course would come in disguise while Sakura just remained herself. Gaara was afraid this sort of scandal would cost him his enrollment for Kazekage.

Sakura hated the secret meetings though. It wasn't like she could express herself in public. As far her friends knew Sakura was just the medic-nin who saved Kankuro's life once. Nothing else.

Falling sleep thinking of earlier days leaving Sakura feeling a little down because of what could have been inside her.


"Come on Kakashi, we're here" Pakkun commanded.

"Right" Kakashi murmured.

"It should only take us a few hours now to find Sakura" Pakkun explained.

"Not even that" Kakashi agreed, "Let's go then"

"Are you positive this girl was desperate for you?" Pakkun questioned jumping up on to the nearest home.

"Yes, she…she seemed hurt but not teenager "angst" hurt, more of unbelievable hurt" Kakashi answered joining the ninken.

"You don't think the Jinchuuriki child hurt her do you?"

"I seriously doubt that he would but if he did lose control then there's always his siblings and Shikamaru there to defend her and help Gaara cease the maniacal bloodlust feelings he's be feeling" Kakashi atoned seriously.

"I see and how do you know where she'll be?

"I was suppose to be meeting her at the front gate but because we're early then I'll check out two places where'll she should be" Kakashi confirmed.

"Which is?" Pakkun said.

"Either Amari hotel or the Kazekage mansion" Kakashi assessed, "She said to me before ever going to these wild visits that if she ever felt being endangered she would go to the Amari until further notice. And I have I feeling she'll be at Amari"


"So where could your exotic cocktail be now then?" Shukaku chuckled.

'The Amari' Gaara thought, he couldn't risk looking like a lunatic now.

Not in the middle of the Sand.

It's where he first had his hidden romances with her at first and now where she was told to go if there was any danger to him. As the Kazekage someone was bound to try and assassinate him and Gaara didn't want her to be in danger if this ever happened.

"Please be safe" Gaara whispered.


"Which room has Haruno Sakura in it?"

"Can I ask who you are?" The receptionist asked friendly.

"She'll know me" the mysterious person asked.



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