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Summary: Hinata has had an abusive life, her mother is a prostitute and the only companionship she's had with any one is a mysterious voice that speaks with her. But one day Hinata's mother gets murdered, and Hinata is finally free from her hell hole. But what new tragedies a wait our heroine? Join Hinata as she meets mischievous student-teachers, hostile school girls, and what's this… the school god of smex, Sasuke Uchiha, has taken an interest in our socially isolated Hinata. Oh the drama!

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No one knew about her. This pitiable creature that he found, waiting for death like a lamb to the slaughter house. Little white-eyed lamb trapped in a dark asylum with only a small window to look from. Yet knowing how miserable her life is, the boy tells no one, for there is no one who would listen to him. She was his secret, he'd tell no one; she was his. He would decide whether she lived or died, he was her savior. It made him feel like he existed, like he had a purpose because without him she would be nothing. She needed him. At least that's what he told himself, she needs me, with out me there is no her, I am needed, I have a purpose. He brought her food and water daily, and while she hungrily devoured the food he'd talk to her.

"What is this food called?" she asked licking her lips with gusto.

"It's called a hamburger, Hinata." answered The Voice

"It's so good!" she squealed her face becoming bright and lively.

"What did you do today?" she eagerly asked The Voice.

"Just the usual, I went to school." he sighed softly. School is so boring.

"What did you learn about today?" she chirped. "I read that there is a species of spider that creates a camouflaged trap door and using developed senses it can catch its prey stealthily and completely off guard." She breathed amazed.

"We're not studying spiders… our damn, gay teacher gave us a research project on Serpents" growled The Voice.

"Serpents, you mean snakes!" she squealed "How lucky! Snakes are so interesting; some can grow large enough to eat deer"

"Who gives a rat's ass?" he huffed.

She gazed at the figure outside her small window catching only small dark glimpses of The Voice. I wonder if I'll ever see his face.

Hinata finished her food and drink and rubbed her belly with satisfaction. Before He came she would often go for days without food, the only water she got were dew drops that would appear every morning on the small window. The basement was small and very dark, the walls were made of cement, and at night rats could be heard scuttling across the grimy floor.

She wore the same clothes everyday, which consisted of a large grey shirt ridden with holes, which reached 2 inches above her knees so she didn't bother wearing any pants or shorts. Hinata had no undergarments or it would be better to say she didn't own any. All she wore was her shirt and dirty crusty socks.

The atmosphere in the basement felt so sick and bleak that it would affect her body. Sometimes she would become so weak that she wouldn't be able to stand. When things got that bad she'd just lie on the torn, old couch and think of the many things "school" held. It must be wonderful.

"I'll be back tomorrow." murmured His deep voice. "Good night Hinata."

She looked out the small window. She didn't know who he was or even his name, she simply referred to Him as The Voice. When she'd ask who He was, or what His name was He'd simply stay silent. Not wanting to lose the only person who'd talk to her, she ceased her pestering.

After hearing the last echoes of his feet walking outside, Hinata continued reading. Yes, Hinata was never alone, for in her dark basement stood small towers of books, everything from Jack London to thick, dusty dictionaries.

With the miniscule amount of sunlight she received she would read, and read, and of course read some more. She learned so much from books. She learned math, chemistry, physics, biology, and about many famous people like the First Hokage, founder of Konoha. She would never get bored with her books; her favorites were books of fantasy and magical creatures. But the one book that she knew by heart was Byaku Kiba.

The story of a wolf sold as a pit dog to a cruel man. Byaku Kiba was similar to her in many different ways. One example was his way of never giving up no matter how bad he was beaten by his master, and another was his will to live. Hinata also refused to die; she would never die in this hell hole. No matter how sweet the temptation of suicide was, she'd never give up. She'd never give her mother the satisfaction of burying her dead corpse.

Her mother. She was the reason Hinata lived in the basement and she was also the reason why Hinata would never trust women-kind again.

Her mother would come down the stairs and close the door behind her, leaving them both in heart stopping darkness. It was then that Hinata would get the worst beatings. She'd get thrashed, and whipped several times with a belt. The woman would fling her to the floor and strike her with sharp, jagged heels, making Hinata cough up blood.

When her mother was really angry she'd take out a pair of scissors and cut up Hinata's arms and legs. Then when she was done she'd look at her daughter's torn and severed body, as if she were criticizing some grand work of art, after that she'd leave, but before she left she would always mutter the same thing, "That's what happens to bad girls who have bad fathers".

Hinata didn't know anything about her father. Who he was? Where he was? All these questions were a mystery to her.

The only memory she had of him was a picture. One with her father holding a child, presumably a baby Hinata, with a smirk plastered on his face, his hair was rather long for a man, his skin was flawless and smooth, his face built with a soft jaw line and high cheek bones. White eyes gleaming with pride. She kept the picture tucked into her sock, and would only bring it out after her nasty beatings to curse the man, her dad, her bad father.


Sunlight shone through the window its soft rays hit Hinata. She opened her eyes groggily and yawned. Suddenly the door to the basement creaked open. Hinata immediately hid behind the couch and squeezed herself against the wall. It was her mother. But she was not alone.

"…so I got a couple of bags hidden in here, how much were you looking to buy?" came her honey-sweet words.

"How much you got babe?" responded a deep voice, who Hinata assumed was another man her mother brought home.

Her mother often brought strange men home, she rarely saw their faces, since she lived in the basement, but she could hear their foot steps walking heavily over her head. Her mother worked as a "whore". At least this is what The Voice often called her. Hinata looked up the word in the dictionary and it said, "Somebody who receives money in return for sexual intercourse or other sexual acts". The Voice later explained in detail what she did. "My mother truly is a revolting person."

But this man wasn't here for what her mother's body had to offer it was something else.

"I've got about two pounds here, is that enough" she chirped.

"This particular stash is pure cocaine, there's not much of this stuff you can find around here, unless you want to go into downtown Konoha…"

"… which by the way has Uchiha's crawling all over the place." She slyly added.

The man looked at the bag, inspecting it indifferently.

"Hmmm… you've got a point; those damn cops have been busting a lot of my best suppliers"

"Well then is that all I can help you with?" She purred, drawing herself a little closer to the man.

The man looked at her with a vicious eye.

"I don't do crack whores" he snapped.

She immediately retreated as if burned. "Well then that'll be $600", she retorted with bittersweet venom.

The man handed her the money and left without another word.

Her mother followed suit and left Hinata with out even acknowledging her. Which was the way Hinata preferred it.

The rest of the day was followed by more reading. Today she read The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. She had just gotten to the part where Brutus stabbed Caesar when she heard a violent bang. She would have hidden, but the bang didn't come from the basement door it must have come from the door to her house. Her vision lifted to the ceiling contemplating on what was making the sound.

Suddenly the horrible cracking of wood echoed through the house. Somebody forcibly split open the door. Not long after that she heard her mother screaming.


The screaming came closer. The basement door flew open, splinters flew everywhere. Then came the sound of her mother tumbling down the stairs to the basement. She plummeted to the bottom and stayed there in a limp pile.

Hinata panicked and hid in her normal spot, between the couch and the wall. From the side of the couch Hinata witnessed everything.

A lean, tall man came treading down the stairs. A sleek, sharp butcher knife in his hand. He had a crazy, wild look in his eyes, his face was relatively young, and his brown hair rose in stylish spikes.

"Think you can screw with me huh bitch?" he snarled

"The stuff you sold me last week was tainted!"

He lifted up the knife and plunged it deep into her mother's chest. Blood rushed out staining the floor. He took it out and pierced her again. Even more blood came out. He sliced her until the blood flowed to the bottom of the stairs, her mother laid in a crimson pool by the time he was done. The man dropped the knife panting heavily. Hinata moved a little to see if what she saw actually happened, while she scooted a book fell causing the man to jerk his head in her direction.

But instead of being fearful she bravely moved out of her hiding spot, her body moving of its own free will. She crawled out and slowly began to walk towards the gory scene.

"Who the hell are you?" he commanded mouth slightly ajar, he looked at her wide-eyed.

Hinata didn't answer. She walked toward the knife and slowly lifted it up; she observed its stains curiously. Then her gaze fell on her mother. Looking at the sight of her mother lying there in her own blood, Hinata fell to her knees. She grasped the knife with both hands and struck her dying mother in the heart. A smile crept onto Hinata's face as she looked at her mother. Her mother stared back with glazed eyes, although her mouth was lathered in blood Hinata could see her smirk

"You too, huh, Hinata…?" She gave a final ragged cough.

The man stared in horrific awe at what he had done. But what astounded him the most was this young girl, who suddenly joined in on his kill.

Was this girl human?

Where the hell did she come from?

Who was she? A cold sweat ran down his neck.

Was she a ghost?

Her skin had an eerie look to it, as if it had never seen sunlight, yet it looked like it was rotting at the same time. Her dark hair was long, tangled, and matted, it looked as if it had never been combed or washed at all. She was also very thin, she looked like a walking corpse, but there was enough fat on her to know she was a woman, though her curves were small it was probably due to malnutrition. She didn't look younger than 14.

Hinata began laughing hysterically, dipping her hands in her mother's blood.

"Are you a ghost?" spoke a shaky voice.

She suddenly stopped laughing and turned her head facing the man. The man took one look at her face and screamed. Her eyes were white, ghastly white. His whole body shook as he fled up the stairs screaming "Ghost! It's going to kill me!"

Hinata didn't know what the matter was with the man. She had lived down there most of her life and she had never seen a ghost. She looked around her curiously.

She heard a faint sound from outside the basement walls.

She gave a final glance to the rotting corpse she called Mother, dropping the knife she ascended up the stairs, she had forgotten what her house had looked like. There were two cozy couches and a small wooden coffee table; the kitchen contained a stove and a refrigerator, it was a small house in the middle of a dirty neighborhood, the floor was littered with beer cans. The house smelled of alcohol and sex.

She heard the noise again only it was louder; she saw vibrant blue and red lights outside the kitchen window. Then everything went blank. The events had taken its toll on Hinata and her malnourished, fragile body couldn't take much more.

When she had awoken she was face to face with luminous red eyes.

"Hello." A deep soft voice said

Hinata lifted her gaze to find a devilishly handsome young man staring intently at her; a small smile crept on his face

"I'm the head of ANBU ops. Itachi Uchiha."


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