Yoshizilla: Hehehehehe...yeah, I decided that since I was playing Mario Sports titles for the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo Gamecube lately, I'd make a story about Princess Daisy, Bowser Jr., and Diddy Kong (since I have weird dreams about Daisy babysitting Bowser Jr. and Diddy Kong). So, here's to you, readers - Daisy the Babysitter!

Disclaimer: Princess Daisy, Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong, and any other Mario-related characters belong to Nintendo, because if we own them, they'd be dead. (snickers, and gets head bonked) Owwww! It was a joke..(mutters to self)

It was a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, with Princess Peach's Castle standing tall in the sunlight..."

Hey Daisy, come take a look at this!" Peach said, holding a letter that was signed from Bowser, "You got a letter!"

Princess Daisy sighed, walking slowly out of the living room. "Yes, what is it?" She was disappointed that she had yet no job at all.

Peach handed Daisy the letter. "Well, you'd probably be happy and a tiny bit disappointed, but then again, you'll be happy at least," She said, smiling.

Daisy looked at Peach strangely. She placed her hands on her hips and looked oddly at Peach. "Umm...Peach, why exactly are you smiling at me like I'm crazy?"

Peach chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head. "Oh, you're so silly, Daisy!" She tapped Daisy on her left shoulder. "Just read the letter!"

Daisy sighed, rolling her eyes. "Fine, if it'll make you happy." She cleared her throat and opened the letter. "Dear Princess Daisy, or whatever the heck you are...I want you to babysit my son, Bowser Jr., while I take a vacation cruise to Kanto. I won't be back in a week. Good luck watching Junior, signed..." She gasped and dropped the letter. "BOWSER!?"

Peach blinked. "Daisy, is there something wrong?"

Daisy shuddered, having bad memories of what happened in the Mario Kart Grand Prix several years ago. "Well...you remember what happened in the Mario Kart Grand Prix in 2003, right?" Peach covered her mouth with her left hand, and she nodded. "Oh yeah...wasn't that when Bowser Jr. stripped off your dress?"

Daisy nodded slowly, whimpering. "Yeah...of all the children in the Mushroom Kingdom, why do I have to babysit the son of-"

"MAILCALL!!" The carrier Paratroopa shouted, dropping mail on both Peach and Daisy. He then fluttered off.

Peach got out, and she shook her head. She looked at the various letters. "Mamma mia...look at all this mail?"

Daisy giggled, looking at a letter for Luigi. "Well, Mario and Luigi are celebrities. You kinda have to expect this."

Peach nodded, smiling. "Yeah." She giggled, until she noticed a letter from Donkey Kong. "Oh? Daisy, it's for you," She said, picking up the letter and handing it to Daisy.

Daisy dropped the Luigi letter and opened the Donkey Kong letter. 'Hmmm...it says, "Dear Princess Daisy, it's your friend, Donkey Kong, or DK. Me and Candy King are headin' off for a cruise with Bowser, so Diddy Kong's going to come over for a few days..." She screamed. "DIDDY KONG TOO!? AW GREAT!!" She slapped her forehead. "First I have a treacherous Koopa brat, and now it's this monkey!" She then buried her face in her hands, sobbing.

Peach rubbed Daisy's back. "There, there, Daisy. It can't be that bad. It's only for a few days."

Daisy sniffled. "Yeah, but it'll feel more like a whole MONTH with those two driving me crazy..."

Peach thought for a moment. "Hold your horses, Daisy. I think I have an idea."

Daisy wiped a tear from her right eye. "Yeah? What is it?"

Peach whispered into Daisy's ear. "If Bowser Jr. and Diddy Kong cause you trouble, you can send up Mario and Luigi to teach them a lesson."

Daisy cheered, jumping up in the air with joy. "WHOOPIE!! That's perfect, Peach!" She gave Peach a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She ran back inside, happy and comforted.

Peach blushed a bit, but she managed to smile as she rubbed her cheek. "Awwww...I'm just glad that Daisy's fine and chiper now." She pondered. "Though maybe I should keep an eye out for her..." She walked inside, looking back at the balcony, and going into the castle.