Daniel met all the annoyed glares focused his way with a smug smirk. He relaxed further into his chair, sipping his beer while his free hand came to rest on the back of the person sitting next to him.

"Dammit, the whole point of poker night is to get away from our women..." Dave Dixon growled as he glared at the archaeologist. The other various team leaders nodded and grumbled, save for Cameron, who shared a knowing look with Daniel.

The archaeologist just shrugged and worked his hand under the tank top Vala had insisted on wearing, despite being pregnant. "You guys know I've never been able to get away from my..." He caught the glare she shot him out of the corner of his eye. "From Vala."

Taking another drink from his bottle, he relaxed even more. "Besides, she's a hell of a lot better at poker than I am."

"And you're very good, darling." Vala winked, leaning over and capturing his lips in a playful kiss.

Groans erupted from around the table.

Dixon glared at the couple's not-really CO. "Mitchell, can't you do something about this?"

Shuffling a deck of cards, Cam shrugged and shook his head. "These two haven't listened to a single order I've given them since I joined the team." He grinned and looked around the table. "Plus I want to see her kick all your asses at cards."

"But she's pregnant." Reynolds leaned in and whispered to Mitchell.

Vala heard the comment and pulled away from Daniel, who pouted at the loss of her contact. Her grey eyes stared icy daggers into the Colonel. He sat back in his chair, swallowing at the look. She then looked at Cam, and held out her hand with a smile. "Cameron, beautiful, the cards?"

He obliged like the surrogate brother he was, and grinned as she easily shuffled the cards and started dealing them out.

"Do we at least get to know what we're playing?" Dave asked in exasperation.

Nodding her head, Vala grinned and winked at him. "Of course, darling...we're playing a lovely game called seven card stud."

Daniel smiled and drank from his almost empty bottle, sharing a smile with Cam as Vala began her night of poker dominance.


By the time Cameron was saying his goodbyes to his teammates, Vala had nearly cleaned everyone of their money and Daniel was several beers past tipsy.

"You sure you don't need any help?" The colonel asked Vala as they stood on the porch, watching Daniel slowly start to make his way down the steps and to the car.

Vala smiled and turned her attention back to her friend. "I'm quite capable of handling a drunken archaeologist." She leaned up and placed a sweet kiss on Cam's cheek.

He smirked at her. "I like you pregnant - you're nicer to me."

"Winning an absurd amount of money also makes me very happy." She added, looking up as Daniel dropped his keys and just about fell over trying to pick them back up. Her grey eyes found Mitchell's blue. "I need to get him home."

Nodding, Cam gave her a gentle hug. "Yes, you do." As Vala moved to intercept Daniel, Mitchell snatched onto her wrist. She flipped her head around to look at him curiously.

"Be careful, okay?" He told her with complete sincerity. "I'm excited to be that little squirt's uncle."

Vala smiled and nodded. "I'll be careful." Waggling her fingers at Cam, she started down the steps and quickly caught up to Daniel. She stepped into his path, making sure he didn't get any closer to the car.

"Done talkin' to Cam?" He asked her, staring at his keys with a little more concentration then was necessary.

She nodded. "Yep." Her hand came out in a 'give' gesture. "Keys."

Daniel looked up at her quickly, stepping back to keep his balance in the process. "What?"

"I'm driving, give me the keys." Vala said in a tone that was both commanding and gentle.

Shaking his head, Daniel looked down at her stomach. "Shouldn't be driving." The movement caused him to have to take another couple of steadying steps.

Vala reached out her hand, she placed it on his shoulder as he gently swayed in place. "I'm perfectly capable of driving, and right now you can't." Her other hand carefully pulled the keys from Daniel's pliable grasp. "Come on, let's go home."

"'kay." He easily complied, having already forgotten about not wanting her to drive. Daniel smiled dopily as Vala gently steered him to the passenger door. He clumsily climbed in and quickly relaxed back into the seat.



Vala looked over for a moment at Daniel, who was quite obviously feeling no pain. "Yes darling?"

He didn't even bother to open his eyes. "You know I love you, right?"

Smiling, she returned her attention to the road. "Of course."

"Good." Daniel grinned, slouching even further into his seat. "Cause I do...a lot."

"I know, Daniel." Vala was trying very hard not to laugh at the state of her Daniel.

Silence came once again for a few minutes. Then Daniel called out to her again.


Vala did let herself giggle a little. "Yes Daniel?"

He lethargically pushed himself into a more upright position and looked at her. The look was that of a sudden, drunken realization. "I'm really happy we're having a baby. I've wanted to be a daddy for...long time, and it's very cool I get to be the daddy of your baby."

Vala licked her lips and fought against her smile as some of his words slurred together. She looked at him for a moment as he continued.

"And it's way cooler that you're going to be the mommy of my baby, 'cause you're the best person a...person can have for a mommy." Daniel looked at her, blinking slowly while trying to gather his fuzzy thoughts. "And I hope we have a daughter 'cause, if we do, she'll be as beautiful as you - and you're drop dead gorgeous."

Nodding, tears watered in her eyes as she tried to stem her amusement. Coming to stop at a red light, Vala turned her attention to Daniel. He was frowning, though she couldn't tell if he was confused or if he'd come to another realization.

"Wow..." He drawled out. "I'm really, really drunk."

Finally the laughter broke free, and Vala covered her mouth with both her hands. She nodded at the half-assed indignant look Daniel was giving her.

He pouted his lips playfully. "And you're laughing at me."

"I'm sorry darling." Vala said through her laughter. "It was just really adorable hearing all of that...coming from you...when you're drunk." She collapsed back into giggling as his pout deepened.

Daniel squinted at his laughing girlfriend. "I meant it all, though." He looked down at the floor. "Really."

Vala quickly stemmed her laughing at the tone of his voice. It sounded like he had failed at something important. Ignoring the fact that the light had already turned green, she reached out and tilted his chin up. His unfocused blue gaze met hers, and she leaned in to kiss him softly.

"I know, Daniel." Vala assured him, placing another kiss to his nose. "I know." She emphasized, giving him a third kiss, this one in his hair.

Laughing just the slightest bit, Daniel nodded. "Okay..." He sat back in his seat and looked at her. "I love you, Vala."

She smiled as she settled back in her seat, not really caring that the light had just turned red again. Her grey eyes found blue. "I love you too, Daniel. And I think it's cool we're going to be parents too."

Daniel grinned and took her right hand with his left. He let his eyes close again, gently humming the Indiana Jones theme as the car started moving again. A thought suddenly came to his mind, and he couldn't stop himself from saying it out loud.

"You kicked their asses," Daniel let his voice rise at the word. "Tonight."

Vala looked at him and grinned at the smug smile on his lips. "I did."

He looked at her. "You make me proud, you fruitcake."

"And I also make you rich." She added with a wink, squeezing his hand out of love and pride.


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