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Chapter one: Enter Kari

My name is Kari. My real name is Karenna. Just Karenna.

And before you ask, I don't have a last name. Or at least, I don't know what it is.

Because slaves, don't have last names.

I am a slave. But I am one of the unfortunate slaves. You see, I don't work in a home for a bunch of aliens who would beat me if I did something wrong. I work, on a ship, full of pirates who will beat me and whip me and kick me till I bled all over the floor.

The slave trade started about two generations before my own. In my great-grandparents era. One day, in a place called the Milky Way galaxy, there was a planet. A planet where all human beings originated. Human beings like myself lived on this planet. And this planet was called Earth.

Earth was said to be a beautiful planet filled with wonderful trees and glorious creatures called animals.

Anyways, one terrible day in the 21st century, a ship full of terrible aliens called Corakz. Corakz are tall and slim aliens, with terrible spikes on their backs and white eyes that can burn a hole into a persons mind with one sharp look. They came to earth and rounded up hundreds of thousands of humans. All the others they killed off, leaving the planet bloody and lifeless. They even killed all of the animals.

But believe me, all that were killed, ended up having a much brighter future then the rest of us.

They took the rest of us back to their home planet Corazika. They kept us there for a few years and sold our race off to surrounding planets.

Some of us were freed or ran away. Others were sold of to work in harsh places called labor camps. Some were bought and were forced to work endlessly. And the really unlucky ones that didn't get sold were sent to a special camp called Extermination Plants.

And that's exactly what they do there. They kill off all of the slaves who don't have there papers, or an owner, or just have been on the market too long without being bought.

The humans that were freed or that managed to escape without being killed were extremely lucky. But even then they lived an extremely poor life, and were shunned by most of society for a long time.

And humans caught without their papers were rounded up and sent off to labor camps or slave markets. Or killed on the spot.

Even if a human is free, they must always keep their papers. In case there was a round up.

Personally, my life hasn't been a very happy one.

And it is not a life I look forward to waking up to each and every day. Yet still I do seem to wake up and take life for what its worth. I try to make life worth living for.

But I don't do that for myself. I do that for one person and one person only.

My little brother. Jake.

Now, as you probably already know, slaves don't exactly get paid their weight in gold. We are slaves! We were forcibly taken away from everything we loved and forced to work for hostile aliens.

So when my mom and dad had me, and then a year later my brother, they couldn't afford to keep either of us. They loved us a lot. I know they must have, although I was only 2 years old when they sold us off.

We were sold on an alien planet that we knew nothing about. I was barely two when I was sold, and my brother still was an infant, unable to even walk yet. Nobody wanted us. We were useless to everyone. Neither of us was old enough to go and work out in a field or mine.

Well anyways, since no one wanted either of us, we were living on the street. Could you imagine two children barely three trying to support themselves living on the street? Well as hard to believe as it seems, I would have preferred to die on the street with my little brother in my arms then meet the person who we did.

Her name was Arabella Jane Watson. And she has to be the ugliest, richest, meanest, stupidest, and pathetic……. Well I guess I could rant on for hours about how horrible this woman is, but the truth is, on a pirate ship, you have no time for such a thing as rambling.

To make a short story even shorter, me and my brother were forced to do various household chores that usually a maid or servant would have to do. The whole works, cooking, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, grocery shopping, even writing the Missus's letters for her because she was too lazy to do them herself.

It was the same routine for my brother and me for 12 years. By then my brother had just turned 11 and me 12. That was when the Missus started to get behind in her debts. And one debt in particular that included me.

Apparently she borrowed a large sum of money from a certain captain by the name of Silver. John Silver. But when she was unable to pay for it, Silver demanded it to be paid. Since my brother was thankfully out in the market, I was the only one else at home. Unfortunately for me, I was given to the pirate instead of the money she owed him. I remember the words she said to him and I swear I could have hit her. She was saying that I would be excellent to give the man pleasure! Who did she exactly think I was? I was a 12 year old! Not a whore!

Well anyways, I was delighted to find that he was certainly NOT planning on using me for pleasure. I was to travel with the crew, and I soon caught on that these men were pirates. Well you can't even call them MEN exactly; most of them except for me, and Silver were aliens. But I was not expected to do piracy either. I did all the chores a cabin boy would do and much, much more. Silver hired out his crew to various people and usually stole their riches when they weren't looking. Now, when ever the crew was out of a job, I would stay with Silver wherever he went, which was not as bad as it could have been. Sure I still had to do chores, but I wasn't beaten if I did a mistake, and he also began paying me after my second year of service in very, VERY small amounts, and that was only on my birthday.

But that was only when the crew was out of a job. On the ships however, was a completely different story. On the ship was hell for a young girl.

The rest of the crew is not nearly as nice to me as Silver is. In fact, over the journey I hardly ever see him, nor he sees me. And whenever the captain wasn't looking, and whenever Silver was away in the kitchen. That was when the torture would start. Beatings, whippings, daggers slashed across my back, you name it. And drunken nights were the worst, when all the pirates were drunk they would try and do some very unpleasant things that go far past the line of just kissing. Or at least they would try. I have always seemed to be able to get myself out of sticky situations like that before.

So now my back is covered with long scars and gashes that can almost never be healed. I am 16 now, and I am going to do whatever it takes to buy me and my brother out of slavery.

And now my journey begins, when Silver first told me, we were going to find Treasure Planet.

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