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Chapter Fourteen: Annoying robots and Injuries

Jim screamed long after Kari had fallen out of sight. He could feel the doctor grabbing him firmly around the waist and pulling him away from the railing as the Captain continued to steer the boat. She pulled on a rope that released the larger sails of the long boat. Now that the power level of the ships generators was failing due to the attacks being made on it, they would have to rely on wind power. She quickly pressed some buttons on the panel that switched the workings in the boat's mechanism up a level, causing the boat to move faster then before. As the ship lurched Jim couldn't help but feel his heart race and his eyes begin to shake. He moved to the railing to search the land once, as if just searching for her would make her come back. His attempts failed greatly as his eyes saw only alien looking trees and small craters from the pirate's laser beams that had hit the ground. Suddenly Jim heard the Doctor shout and he was pushed over from the back of the boat into the front. He looked up just in time to see the hole the laser beam made in one of the sails before the back of the boat exploded causing the wrecked ship to fall from the sky. Immediately what remained of the longboat began to spiral downwards and Jim covered his head as it crashed again and again into the oddly shaped trees that covered the planets hilly surface. Despite the Captain's best efforts at steering they were not able to evade the large trees, and were barley able to fit in between the small spaces that was not covered by vegetation.

Jim's eyes went wide as the boat bounced off of the tip of a tree and fell faster towards the ground. He saw the doctor clinging to the side of the boat and the Captain let loose a startled gasp as the front of the long boat grazed the grass on the planets surface causing for the boat to flip and crash onto the hard soil.

For a moment there was nothing but darkness. Jim felt a sharp pain in his neck and winced as he bashed his head onto a woody surface. In the darkness he quickly felt around for the railing of the boat so he could push it off of him and his companions. Feeling around in the darkness he smiled as he found the railing. Using his left arm he propped himself up off the ground and put his right hand on the railing. Quickly and efficiently he pushed the boat up off the ground, over his head, and back onto the soft earthy surface behind him.

Instantly light shined in his eyes and he squinted slightly although he didn't have a free arm to block the sunlight from entering his eyes. Now that the longboat wasn't on top of him anymore he was able to see around him, and see his companions. Feeling the pain in his neck again he rubbed his head groaning slightly at how sore his body felt.

"Well." The Doctor said. "That was more fun then I ever want to have again." He said huffing as he stood up off the ground. Captain Amelia chuckled slightly as she pushed herself up off the ground.

"Not really, one of my more gossamer landings." She said smiling slightly as she brushed off her uniform. Suddenly Jim saw a look of intense pain pass through her facial features and gasping slightly as she grabbed her side, she fell on her knees on the ground.

"Captain!" Delbert said as he and Jim rushed hurriedly to her side. The Doctor put his arms on her back and Jim tried to take her arms to help pull her off. She quickly pushed them off, insisting that she stand up by herself.

"Oh don't fuss." She said trying to take a ton of command although she stood up with some difficulty. Immediately as she stood another wave of pain took her and she leaned back into the doctors waiting arms. But being the Commanding officer she was she pushed herself instantly back up. "It's a light bruising that's all. A cup of tea and ill be as right as rain." Brushing a strand of loose hair behind her she turned to the Doctor.

"Mr. Hawkins?" She inquired, though noticing her mistake right away; she turned to her right and corrected herself. "The map if you please."

Jim nodded solemnly, the shock of the past few events still leaving him shocked. He reached into his pocket and took out the map holding it in his hands for a few seconds, glad at least one thing had gone right. Then suddenly, the map rose up from his hand until it was about eye level to him, spun around a few times and started to morph into a familiar pink blob.

"Morph!" Jim yelled angrily as the small alien creature laughed at his unfunny trick. The little blob chirped in response and flew around the agitated boy's face. "Morph where's the map?"

Quickly Morph separated his body into two parts, one forming into a coil of rope, and the other turning into the map. Morph chirped some more and then the map flew into the pile of rope.

"Are you serious its back on the ship?!" Jim shouted his whole body shaking with anger. Morph, quickly realizing he got him angry nodded nervously and flew away from him. Jim angrily followed the blobs movements as it raced around him and the doctor.

"Stifle that blob and get down." The Captain ordered, turning to face the sky. Her voice quickly lowered to a whisper as she saw the R.L.S Legacy's second longboat fly through the sky and towards the surface of the planet. "We got company."

The three companions quickly ducked behind the remains of their longboat, Captain Amelia loading up her gun as her eyes scanned the skies. As Jim watched the boat quickly go out of range his eyes went wide as he remembered.

The girl of his dreams, falling from the sky, her eyes wide as she sacrificed her life to save that of her companions. Her mouth open in a soundless scream as she fell into the sky.

"Kari!" He exclaimed, immediately followed by his companions shushing him.

"Not now Jim." The doctor whispered putting a comforting hand on his shoulder which Jim shook off.

"No we have to find her!" He said loudly as he stood up, his fists tightly clenched at his sides.

"You wont be able to find her if we die today Hawkins." The Captain said turning to look at him seriously causing Jim to quickly get angry at the feline. "Now listen carefully. We need to move to a more defensible position. Therefore we need to know our surroundings. Mr. Hawkins," She said quietly standing up. She quickly passed him a solar powered gun. "Scout ahead."

Jim although still angry with the adult feline knew that this would be his only time that he would be able to look for Kari. "Aye, aye captain." Jim said pulling out his solar gun. Charging it he began to walk away.

"Hawkins." Captain Amelia said loudly as he began to walk away. Jim slowly turned back around to face her, a hard expression on his face. The Captain waited a few moments then spoke in a low, but powerful voice. "Don't waste your time looking for a body. This desolate wasteland is miles long. Even if she is alive it will take you too long to find her. She is dead to us now." She said with a hint of regret in her voice, which seemed like it was very much forced.

Jim's knuckles turned white as he clenched his fists in anger, ready to turn around and punch the already hurt Captain. Instead, using every ounce of self restraint he had he turned back around and walked out of the clearing and into the odd looking forest.

Deep in the forest:

Kari groaned as she felt her blood pumping though her head powerfully. She weakly opened her eyes and saw only blurs. Blinking slightly to clear her vision she saw shrubs, some sort of odd tree, and a bunch of strange plants surrounding her. It took her only a second to realize that there was something odd about her current position. Only then did she realize that everything she was seeing was upside down.

She let loose a moan as she realized the intensity of her situation. She tugged at her arms only to find them somehow restrained. She tried to turn her head to look at what was holding her but found she couldn't even turn her head. Kari could just picture now how foolish she must look. Sighing she looked (without turning her head) at her surroundings the best she could. She could identify some trees, a bush, and something else that was staring at her through a large leafy plant. Kari blinked a few times to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. Yup, two big, bug like eyes were gazing at her between the leaves. Her own eyes widened and she gulped seeing the eyes blink and shift.

Suddenly the eyes disappeared and she gasped slightly as she looked around for the thing that was watching her. Her eyes shifted around as she heard rustling coming from all around her. She felt her heart pump loudly in her upside down ribcage as she searched the bushes for the creature that was watching her. As she saw a large form crash through the bushes she opened her mouth about to scream until she found she had no voice.

"OH MY GOSH!" She heard someone yell at the top of its lungs. "ANOTHER LIFE FORM WHICH I CAN EXSIBIT EXTREME HYPERNESS TOWARDS!!" Kari winced as the sound overwhelmed her senses.

She opened her eyes to look at the creature and saw it was a robot of some sorts. It was half covered in moss and seemed to have parts falling out of it with every over exaggerated step he took.

"Sorry it's just that." He said laughing as he waved his hands around in the air. "I haven't had anyone to talk to in like 200 YEARS!!!"

Kari shook her head to make sure the brain damage she took from her fall wasn't affecting her senses she looked back up at the robot. "I, I can see that." She said slowly, wondering why it was suddenly so difficult for her to speak.

"Hey," the creature said looking at her with its head slightly tilted, "why are you upside down?"

"I didn't do it on purpose." She said, unsure if the robot understood her because her voice was once again sounding hoarse as if she hadn't used it in a year.

"OH!" It answered loudly as if her response was the answer to everything. "Here let me help!" Kari was about to protest but the robot was too quick for her and jumped onto her. She cried out with pain as the robot tried to weigh her down, pulling on the vines as they fell. They both landed with a thud on the ground and Kari barley found the strength to groan. The robot quickly got off of her shouting as he did.

"IM SORRY! ITS JUST I FIND IT HARD TO CONTROL MYSELF. IVE BEEN ALONE FOR SO LONG AND-" He screamed but Kari finally had enough. "WILL YOU STOP YELLING?" She shouted her body yelling in pain as she spoke. The robot nodded excitingly not noticing her irritation. "Im B.E.N." He said smiling widely. "Who are you?"

Kari sighed as she looked down at the forest floor which looked much purpler than it was supposed to due to the colors that were racing across her field of vision. "Kari." She said quietly. "Could you, could you just go away." She said bitterly, knowing he was probably the only one that could help her (but not wanting to get hurt anymore then she already was).

"Oh…" He said quietly as he stared down at her, instantly she felt bad about what she said. "You know, it sure gets lonesome out here sometimes." B.E.N said looking away and pouting slightly. "I don't have anybody to talk to."

"Im sorry, I didn't mean it that way." She said quietly. Taking in a deep breath she tried to push herself up with her right arm, which gave way underneath her the moment she moved it. She gasped slightly as she fell face first to the forest floor. The robot however didn't seem to notice.

"Hey!" He asked, suddenly turning happy again. "Could you be my friend?"

Kari sighed slightly, trying to ignore her pain enough to try and answer him. With only thoughts of survival in her head she answered without thinking. "Alright." She realized immediately her mistake.


Yet the young girl in his robotic hands did not respond; only slouched against his shoulder.

"Bestest buddy?" He asked slightly her form away from him slightly. Only then did he realize that she was bleeding. Kari shook herself as to shake away the feeling she was about to faint that hit her when the robot forced her to her feet and stumbled back a few steps away from him. "You alright?" he asked her.

"Fine." She grunted as she looked around for a place to sit. Finding comfort in an overturned tree she sat and proceeded to remove her apron. Looking down she saw the slash that was on her side. She couldn't believe that so much blood had come from such a small cut. It was about half the size of her hand, but obviously much deeper then she thought. Wincing she brushed her fingers over the mark and realized that something was stuck in her side. Not even bothering to check what it was she closed her eyes and pulled it from her side. Gasping slightly at the immediate pain she rushed to fold up her apron and tie the bundled cloth against her waist. Seeing that it did not stop the blood flow she quickly rested the length of her arm against the material and shoved her fist against the cut as hard as she could. The robot watched all this with wary eyes unsure of what to do.

"You okay buddy?" He said walking towards her, his mechanical parts squeaking from the rust. Kari nodded in response and extended her free arm towards the robot.

"C-could you help me up?" She said in a wavering voice. Quickly the robot raced to comply with her wishes and pulled her up, not checking to see if she gained her footing before he let go. Immediately she swayed and fell against the earthy surface once more.

"SORRY BUDDY!" He yelled as he reached down to help her. She obliged quickly as he lifted her up. "Lets go to my house and you can stay there!" As he threw her arm over his rust shoulders and started walking he took the full accent of her weight on him that caused his knees to buckle as they dropped again with a thump. Shouting out another apology they stood up again only to stumble and fall.

Kari shook her head, to weak to complain, realized just how long their trek to safety was going to take.

With Jim:

Jim's eyes roamed the forest canopy for signs of life.

"Shh." He said to Morph as the small creature chirped beside him. Quickly he powered up the gun and creeped closer towards the place where the shuffling had come from. Holding the gun so the tip of the barrel just passed his shoulder he looked over the other side of the bushes. Suddenly a face popped up in front of him. Jim gasped eyes wide as the creature pushed him to the ground. He looked up at his captor, feeling around for the gun he had dropped, but his hand stopped searching as he looked at the mechanical creature in front of him.

"Oh this is fantastic!" The robot yelled smiling excitingly. "A carbon based life form come to safe me at last!" Instantly the robot grabbed Jim around the waist and pulled him into a huge hug.

Jim fumbling with trying to get the robot off of him had to literally pry the mechanical hands that were feverishly grasping him. "Would you just let go of me!" Jim said loudly finally being able to get the robot away with one final push.

"Oh, im sorry I've been marooned for a so long, and don't get me wrong solitude is fine but after a while YOU START TO GO A LITTLE NUTS!!" The robot screamed throwing an arm around Jim like they were old friends. While Jim rolled his eyes the robot detangled himself from him stuttering slightly. "My name-my name is…uh…."

Jim shook his head as the robot struggled with an answer chuckling slightly at Morph's imitation.

"B.E.N!" he finally shouted. "B.E.N of course im B.E.N! Bio electronic navigator, and you are?"

Giving up Jim just nodded and responded. "Im Jim."

"Its nice to meet you Jimmy!" B.E.N said excitingly. "Its Jim!" The human snapped slightly, the robots over enthusiastic personality and tendency to scream getting on his nerves.

"Listen," he explained pulling himself away from the robots arms, "Im kinda of in a hurry I need to find a place to hide. There is some pirates chasing-." But Jim's sentence was cut short quick when B.E.N smile grew wide and he once again started screaming.

"Don't get me started on pirates!" He yelled causing Jim to wince at the loud sound and turn around to leave, yet as soon as he moved he heard the robot actually say something of interest. "I remember Captain Flint, this guy, had SUCH a TEMPER!" At the sound of the ancient pirate's name Jim quickly turned around and faced the robot.

"You knew Captain Flint?" He asked disbelievingly. When B.E.N nodded and began to ramble, Jim continued, "Then you must know about the treasure right?"

This time the old robot seemed to be struggling with his answer, words spilling out of his mouth that sounded as if they didn't have anything to do with the topic.

"Wait I remember! Treasure, lots of treasure! BURIED IN THE centroid, centroid OF THE MECHANISIM! And there was a big door OPENING AND CLOSING AND OPENING AND closing! And Captain Flint wanted to make sure nobody could ever find it so, I helped him!" Suddenly stopping the robot midway in his rant his body seemed to shudder as sparks flew from his parts. "REBOOT REBOOT!" It shouted right before Jim, literally, knocked some sense into him.

As Jim's hand met the robot's hard cold metal, B.E.N stop his shaking and looked at Jim with a confused look. "And you are?"

"What about the treasure?" Jim nearly shouted at having his one clue fade away with the android's memory.

"Im wanting to say Larry." B.E.N said smiling widely which only made Jim more agitated.

"Im sorry, I lost my mind." He laughed at the irony and pulled Jim into another one of his one armed hugs. "I'VE LOST MY MIND! You haven't found it have you." Pushing the boy against the nearest tree and feeling the back of his shirt. When Jim only stared at him dumfounding the robot tried to explain. "My missing piece, where all my information is stored." With that Jim finally understood, the robot didn't remember anything so there was no way for it to tell him anything about the treasure.

"Listen I don't know where the heck your memory piece is," Jim snapped as he quickly pushed the robot away from him who was once again looking at him expectantly. "Can you just leave me alone?"

B.E.N seemed to be sad at first then he looked somewhat offended.

"Geez! All you humans are so rude sometimes! You know just a few minutes ago I had to carry this other human ALL the way back to my house and she barley spoke to me! Impolite I say impolite!!" B.E.N said shaking his head. Instantly Jim spun around to face the robot.

"Another human?" Jim said anxiously. "Where?"

"Back at my house!" B.E.N said smiling widely. "Why you wanna go see it?" B.E.N's smile instantly got bigger and he pulled Jim into another bone crushing hug. "IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE IVE HAD A FRIEND COME OVER TO MY HOUSE!"

"B.E.N!" Jim said pushing out of the hug. "Remember what I said about hugging?" Instantly remembering Kari he shook that question off. "Never mind, what did that human look like."

"Hmmm." B.E.N said with a hand on his chin. "Human, human, looked like………" He paused for a moment as if remembering it was hard. Jim started to get angry really quickly but had to contain his anger. He knew that the robot had memory issues since he was missing most of his memory mechanism, but he couldn't help but feel agitated that it was taking this long to get a simple answer out of him.

"A….a…..a…." The robot stuttered not sensing the human's agitated. "A……girl?"

Jim sighed at the description the robot gave him, but nevertheless it proved him right. Kari was alive, for there was no possible way for some other human girl to be wandering around the planet that was conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. He meant to ask the robot where his house was but then realized that the Doc and the Captain were still out there. With a heavy heart he realized Kari was probably safer then they were, so he turned towards the robot and said, "I need to report back to my companions, but could you take us to your house, we sorta need to hide."

The robot once again smiled widely and nodded but Jim clamped his hand over his mouth to stop him from screaming. "But you need to stop yelling." He said angrily. "And touching!" He quickly added when the robot tried to grab him into another hug. The robot just nodded and they made a move towards the crash site, Jim only half listening to the robots loud ramblings, his thoughts too preoccupied with the thought of his injured friend and (as he only admitted when he thought she would die) his lover.

It didn't take too long for Jim to go back to the Captain and the Doctor. What did take long though was the journey to B.E.N's home. Although Delbert was highly determined, he was definitely not strong enough to carry the Captain all the way there. So about halfway through, although the Doc highly protested at not having to carry his charge (a/n ;) we all know the true reason!) Jim had to grab the somewhat dazed out Captain and carry her the rest of the way. However when the companions made it quickly up the hill Jim had to stop himself from running ahead of the others, just so he could make sure Kari was okay. He was going to yell out to her, but realized quickly that if he did he would alert his position to his enemies. Yet he couldn't help himself let out a gasp of joy when he saw his lover's figure sitting, back against the wall of the cave. His gasp of joy quickly turned into a cry of despair as he realized that she wasn't sitting against the wall, she was slumped against it. In less than a second he had nearly catapulted the Captain into the doctor's arms.

"Kari!" Jim said loudly as he rushed towards the half conscious girl. At hearing her lover's voice Kari's eyes slowly opened. She turned her head towards him and tried to sit up straighter. However the worried lad quickly made her lie down once more. "Jim," She said finding much easier then she expected to smile. "Im so glad your okay."

"Me?" Jim said chuckling slightly although he was shaking from relief and worry. "I was scared you had..." his voice trailed off, he was unable to find the strength within him to finish his sentence. Kari only could answer with a week smile and she turned her head, eyes wide as she saw both the doctor and the captain whom was safely cradled in Delbert's arms walk through the large cave entrance. "The Captain!" She said loudly as she forced her arms to work against her weakness and push her back of the hard stone wall so she was sitting up straight. Intend on standing up Jim forced her to sit again giving her his 'look' which told her to stay. "Is she alright?" Kari insisted. As the doctor laid the Amelia on the rocks he took off his handkerchief and quickly bandaged up her arm and side. "She appears to have bruised the right side of her body but she will be alright."

Meanwhile Jim looked down at Kari and realized that she was bleeding. Quickly looking for the open wound he noticed the girl's clenched fist pounding into the loosely bounded wound. Gently prying her hand away from her body he unwound the apron to see how bad the cut was. At first it didn't look to bad, for the length of the wound was small, but the depth of the cut was frightening. Jim called for the Doc who by then had gotten the Captain comfortably settled. The alien doctor moved swiftly towards the injured teen and motioned Jim aside. He gazed at the wound with little hope as he explained to Jim that he had no supplies. Jim instantly winced and looked down at his hurt friend and lover; the girl didn't seem to be looking at him, almost as if looking through him because her eyes were so glazed over and unfocused.

"The only thing we can do is re bandage the wound and hope it doesn't get infected." The Doctor said sorrowfully. Jim, looking down at the ruined apron in front of him he realized that they couldn't bandage her with that, so he ripped off the sleeve on one of his shoulders and with the doctors help they proceeded to wrap up the quickly bleeding girl. When that didn't seem like enough he ripped off the other one and prayed quietly as he tried to help the girl he loved. They worked silently and quickly, and once they had finished tightly bandaging her they told her to put lots of pressure on it to stop the blood flow. Slowly, Kari seemed to have calmed herself down to relay how the robot found her and that without his help she probably would have died in the forest, and Jim refusing to leave her side once the doctor moved back to Captain Amelia instantly felt his guilt rise up in him.

"Kari im so sorry." He said desperately wanting to hold the girls hand, but found that impossible since he was mainly the one putting pressure on her wound. She gave him a small smile and looked at the boy. "Were not going to start with that again are we?"

The boy didn't find the courage within him to smile back but instead stared down at her with a sorrowful expression which quickly softened. "Im so glad your okay." He said softly his eyes meeting hers. "I was so worried I had-,"

"You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily?" Kari said laughing softly back which Jim chuckled at. Painfully slow she moved one of her hands to rest on top of his which were clasped together over her wound. "Im glad you're alright too." She whispered, her eyes beginning to fill slightly before she could blink them back. Yet before the boy could respond he heard B.E.N shout at the top of his lungs once more.

"Hey! I think I found more of your buddies!" He yelled excited at the thought he had done something right. But before Jim could warn him he shot his head outside the cave and screamed. "GUYS! WE'RE OVER HERE!" Making Jim quickly leave Kari's side so he could pull the troublesome robot down to safety before he was shot at. Quickly Jim responded with a few of his own shots but had to retrieve before he could do any damage. Before Jim could charge once more he heard the shots quickly stop. Doing as he was taught he remained crouched where he was and turned his head ever so slightly so he could see the enemy, but they couldn't see him.

"Hey there Jimbo lad!" Jim heard Silver call from the base of the hill. "Come out of ye'r hiding place there and we can settle this little dispute like gentlemen! No tricks! Just a little palaver."

Jim dared to look a little farther around the edge of the wall and gazed down at the base of the hill. For an instant his eyes met Silver's, and in that single moment, he had never felt so much hatred for one man in his entire life. He was standing farther up the hill then the rest of the pirates, but he was even more heavily armed then all of them. The question was would Silver attack them? Was he just calling him out to kill him? Or to get the map, THEN kill him? It was probably the last one.

He looked back into the cave where Delbert was attending to Amelia. He was trying desperately to stop the Captain from moving too much but as soon as she heard the sound of shots her ears were up and alert.

"He's come for the map I suppose." But then the rest of her words were mumbles as she and Doppler continued to quarrel gently with each other.

"Wait, that means. He thinks we still have it." Jim said, a plan forming slightly in his mind. "I'll go down and talk to him."

"NO!" He heard Kari loudly protest only to have her voice fail her again as she tried to make a move to grab his arm.

He looked at Kari and she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Her mouth was quivering dangerously, and the tears clouding her vision threatened to fall. In her sapphire eyes was such pain, such worry for her friend it was almost too much for him to take.

"Jim," she whispered, her tears falling freely now. "Please, don't go."

Jim smiled slightly, knowing the girl was probably in shock and freaking out. He knew he had to be strong. He had to be strong for her. So he sat there and lifted up the hand which wasn't captured by the tearful girl and stroked the hand that was clamped tightly around his arm. Not saying a word to her, he tried to comfort her knowing that James was the person she was thinking of, how James had died because of the pirates, and she was worried because the same thing might happen to him, but he knew he wouldn't die. He had something he must do first, getting them back home safely. Unfortunately when he tried to assure her of this Silver chose that time to call out once more and she chocked slightly on her tears.

He pulled away from her and lifted her tear stained chin up so that they were facing each other, eye to eye.

"Kari." He said smiling a reassuring smile that wavered at her tearful gaze. "I won't let things get that bad. They won't hurt any of us I promise you."

"You can't promise what you don't know about. I have seen it. I have seen what is like to see the person you care for most die. I can't watch it happen. Not again!" She whispered.

"Kari I wont let them hurt you." He said in a determined voice. But this sudden notion made Kari angry. She whipped back around to face him.

"It is not MYSELF I am worried for Jim!" she said loudly, but not too loudly that it was noticeable. "I am worried for YOU! I thought I already made that clear?"

"Kari, listen to me." He said as she turned away from him once more as tears threatened to fall. "Please…" She reluctantly turned back so she was facing him once more.

"Know this and never forget it." He whispered in her ear as he pulled her close once more. "I would rather die today, knowing that I have given you another chance to live. Then run away like the coward that I am and leave you here to die. I promised you I would never let them hurt you ever again. I broke that promise once, and I am not going to let it happen again. I will keep that promise until the day I die, even if that day has to be today."

"But …" she whimpered. "I can't watch you die! I love you.............." she whispered looking up at him with pain filled eyes.

Jim's heart burst out with emotion. He knew she might feel the same as he did! His heart beat rapidly in his chest and he felt tears clouding in his eyes. She had just told him he loved her. But neither of them may live to see each other again if Jim went into a trap. But if he just stayed here then the pirates would come up and kill them all. There was no way that they would all live through this, unless a miracle happened.

And if the time arises, he would be determined to protect Kari with his very last breath.

"But how could you love a man who ran away?" he whispered as he looked into her eyes.

Slowly and gently they grasped each other and felt the love flow off their bodies like soft candlelight. He slipped a spare gun out of his boot and handed it to Kari. "Keep this, use it if you have to. Just stay safe." He said pulling her into another quick hug, his body shaking with fear for her but his voice strong. This time Kari pulled back.

"As long as you do Jim." She whispered. "I can't bear to lose you."

"You won't." he said as he took out another gun and held it firmly in his hand. He walked slowly to the cave entrance and gazed around the corner.

"I will be back." He whispered to her as he stepped towards the cave entrance. Kari just prayed that there was truth in his words.

With Jim and Silver:

"Ello Jimbo lad!" Silver called grinning widely as if the two had been life long buddies.

Jim didn't respond, only glared back at him. The look on his face meant that he was not looking for false greetings; he was straight down to business. Silver knew that, but yet he chose to ramble on.

"Why is y'er face all red Jimbo? Wha' do ya have to be cryin' about?" laughing as he noticed the stray tear that was still on his cheek.

Jim rubbed it away angrily and glared at the man. "None of your business Pirate." He said the last word with such hatred that it frightened Kari.

Silver's smile instantly disappeared. "You know you don't exactly have the right to be going around calling innocent people pirates." He said quietly walking towards him.

Jim laughed harshly in a voice which was completely different from his own, which scared even him as he realized the difference in his tone. "Innocent? Since when have you ever been innocent? Weren't you the one who was just trying to kill us?!" his voice rising with every word.

"That was just so that way the boy's wouldn't think I had gone soft Jimbo lad! You don't think they would want a member of their crew being too soft now would they? Just think about this Jimbo. If you give me and the boys the map, we will have enough treasure to support the both of us. We could walk out of here rich as kings."

Jim put his hand up to his chin, rubbing it in thought, looking like he was considering his suggestions. "Really?" he said, his eyes sly yet filled with something Kari could immediately describe.

Silver laughed slightly, thinking he was getting to the boy's head. "Now, if you give me, that map an even portion of the treasure is yours!"

Suddenly Jim's hand lowered down slowly to his side. And his eyes grew more slanted then before. He slowly began to back away from Silver.

"Wow," he said slowly circling around the one legged cyborg. "You are really something." He said even more slowly. "All this talk about light shinning on my sales? What a joke. Boy you sure had me fooled." He said stopping as he started moving closer to the cyborg.

"Now see here Jimbo-" the pirate tried to say, but Jim interrupted him.

"But you always told me to stick to it right? So that is what I am going to do." He said with more determination then before.

"Well that is not exactly what I meant when I said that-" he tried to say. But Jim cut him off.

"So I am making sure you are not even going to see one doubloon of MY TREASURE!" he said, not even realizing he was shouting.

"THAT TREASURE IS MINE BY THUNDER!" Silver screamed at the boy.

"WELL GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND IT WITHOUT MY MAP BY THUNDER!!" He shouted even louder then the old cyborg.

Silver glared at Jim once more and started to walk towards him. "You still don't know how to pick your fights do ya lad? You always have to pick the hard way?" he muttered.

"What do you mean?" he hissed venomously, both his hands clutched in tight fists.

"Everyone knows that a special treasure is always hidden in a chest. And a map is used to find it. But how are you expected to open the treasure chest, if you don't have a key to open it? Well I have a key, a very pretty key as well."

"What are you rambling about?" he hissed again.

The old cyborg grinned evilly. "I know." Was all he said.

"What are you talking about?" he snarled, his voice getting louder as one of his hands rested on the revolver on his belt.

"I know of your feelings." He smirked yet again.

Jim froze; his eyes grew wide with worry. If Silver knew, that must mean that the crew knows as well. His feet froze to the ground and he tried to stop himself from shaking as he realized what this would imply if the pirates got a hold of his lover. He swallowed nervously trying to hide his fear.

"What are you talking about?" he muttered quietly, yet dangerously.

"You know exactly what I am talking about. You are in love with our little slave girl." He growled, smiling wickedly.

When Jim didn't respond, Silver grew angry. "And if you don't give me the map right now I will kill her!"

Only then did Jim speak. "You can't. She is safe in the cave and beside, even if you could make it up that hill before collapsing with exhaustion," he said smirking, "we would never allow you to live before you even saw her."

At this Silver laughed. "Brave words coming for such a cowardly boy. I can see the fear for her that you have in your eyes. You know that you alone would never be able to defeat an entire boat filled with pirates now would you?"

Jim glared at him once more sensing the truth in his words. Silver could clearly see that he was scared for the one he loved and smiled a sluggish grin as he moved his face closer to the boy's face.

"Does y'er even know what I would do to your little whore when I get her." He whispered in his ear dangerously. He smirked as the boy glowered at him. "I would make her feel so much pain, even when she is DEAD she will feel it. I could just imagine what I would do when I get a hold of her."

Jim clutched his hands beside him, his fingernails breaking through skin and would have dripped blood onto the hillside if he was not clenching his fist so hard. The pirates words both scared and sickened him. He was supposed to be close to Kari! He was like the only family she had, or so Jim thought. Family would never hurt one another the way his words would hurt Kari. Although Jim knew that wasn't true, he was living proof that a family could be an illusion if you perceived it as so. His father made him and his mom believe he was loved for years, and than one day just got up and left. He had promised himself never to love again after the man who was supposed to be his father left him. Then he betrayed his promise by coming on the R.L.S Legacy. And in turn, fell in love twice.

Not once. Twice.

The fatherly feeling that emerged from Silver to him during the first night Jim was on the ship seemed to awaken something within him. Like a flood it spread quickly throughout Jim's mind and he knew, subconsciously that he was only going to get himself hurt once more. But ignoring this feeling he put his trust in the old cyborg, he loved him like he once loved his father, and in return was betrayed. All he ever wanted was a father, someone to look out for him, someone to trust him, someone who wouldn't judge him at the first glance, and most importantly one who would NEVER lie to him. He once believed that Silver felt this way about him, would be like the father he always dreamed he would get.

He was wrong, it was wrong of him to believe fate would be kind to him for once in his life. These thoughts angered him more as the traitor spoke once more.

"Do you know what she will do as she's dying Jim?" he said laughing harshly "She will start to scream, scream out the name of the boy she loved who was to weak to save her from dying!" he finished slowly and letting out a harsh laugh at the expression on the boy's face.

"And who knows?" Silver said smirking as the boy reached for his gun slowly. "I may even let you watch."

Finally Jim lost it. In an instant he whipped his gun out, let a cry of hate scream out from his throat and pressed the gun against the cyborg's head. Neither the cyborg nor the young boy responded to the boy's desperate actions for a long time. Silver didn't even flinch.

"Don't you dare." He whispered low and dangerously. "Don't you even think about that! If you do anything to her I swear I will rip your heart out with my bare hands!" he was shouting by the time he finished that sentence.

Finally Jim backed up slightly, his gun still pointed to his head. The cyborg glared at him angrily as the boy faltered slightly, his eyes filled with hate. Jim still had his gun raised and did not even think about lowering it. The pirate took out his own gun and almost shot it, but he was about to say something.

But before the pirate could speak, Jim spoke first.

"You are not getting Kari, my map, or me. Get used to disappointment Silver." He snarled spitting at the cyborg's feat when he said his name.

The cyborg just looked up at him with hate and put his gun back in his belt. "I will blast ya all to kingdom COME!" he screamed retreating angrily down the hill.

Only when Silver was out of sight did Jim lower the gun to his side.

He thought about marching up the hill and back into the cave, part of him wanted to. But as he saw the quickly moving form of the man he desperately wished to call father depart into the woodland he felt an immense sadness creep through his bones. He had never felt so weak, so betrayed, so hopeless. There was nothing they could do, they weren't going to live, but that wasn't what mattered to him. He couldn't believe that for one moment he aspired for that traitor to be his father.

There were no words that could describe exactly what the saddened hero was feeling. But he knew he was in no condition to return to his companions. He did not want them to see him like this, so vulnerable. A few moments, that's all he needed, just a few seconds to take a deep breath to calm himself.

So instead of returning to his friends he stayed. A lone figure on a lifeless hill, one hand grasped at his side, the other holding the cocked gun almost flat against his thigh. Long brown bangs shadowing tearing eyes as the wind blew past him, wiping the tears off his face and onto the ground for only a moment before they sunk into the brow earth. Jim only wished the wind could take him away as well, burry him and his sorrow deep within the cockles of the earth.