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Italic: Diary

Regular: Flashback


Dear Diary,

It has been four years since I first met my friends at Leaf High.

Temari graduated at the end of that year, and we all went back to her house to celebrate, only to find, guess what? More sake in the fridge! This time though, Gaara, Neji, and I all avoided it, and we made sure that if we took someone home, they were knocked out.

Neji and Tenten broke up finally after a year of hearing all of us; a.k.a. Naruto, Kiba and such; complaining their guts out. Ino and Shikamaru are still trying, but they're off and on. Kankuro is still his old lazy, annoying self. He was always mocking me and Gaara; he stopped eventually though, thank god.

Ino and Sakura still fight a lot, but it is funny to watch two eighteen year old girls fight over the littlest things. But then again, we still hang around Naruto, so I would image that possible, you know, the 'we-still-act-like-kids' stuff.

But now, we're on our way to a college in Suna. Sakura, Ino, Neji, Shikamaru and I anyway.

Naruto and Kiba and Tenten got into different schools, and I still secretly think Naruto's and Kiba's new school is for the royally retarded, maybe Tenten's too.

You think I'm missing someone don't you?

That's right; I never said Gaara did I?

That's because, I don't know where Gaara is.

Don't get me wrong, he hasn't disappeared like Temari did a few years back, but well, he moved a while back...


"Konichiwa Gaara-kun!" I had managed to say to him one day. Gaara only grumbled in a response.

"Gaara-kun? Daijubu?" I ask, looking at his angered face.

"Fine." He replies in monotone tone. I give him a look indicating that I knew something was wrong.

He sighed.

"I'm moving." He says sadly. He looked at me with his eyes holding such sadness I'm doing all I can to not grab onto him and yell 'You can't move! I need you here! You can't leave!'.

But nothing I think of saying escapes my lips. I just stand there staring.

"I'm sorry Hinata." He said slowly as if the words hurt.

With that, he turned away from me, and stumbled away, I never saw him after that.

End Flashback

Temari had explained to me before she moved that they had to go, seeing as she had to go to a school a few days off, and she couldn't leave Gaara and Kankuro behind, it's just not in her programming. I understood.

Although, that didn't stop me from being sad at the fact that he left, he never even said good-bye...

So now, we're off to go to a new school as I have mentioned before and we can meet new people and move on from high school.

I hope.


End Prologue

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