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Chapter 4: You Lied

Gaara; after walking around the school a bit trying to come up with a plan to cover this; stood outside Sakura and Ino's room. He knocked, not sure what to expect.

"One minute!" Ino's voice shouted at him through the wooden door.

Sakura ended up opening the door. She looked surprised meeting Gaara's pale teal eyes.

"Hi there Gaara, what brings you here?" Sakura asked, completely oblivious.

Gaara kept his cool and stared down at Sakura. "May I come in?" He asked.

"O-Of course!" Sakura said, moving aside to let Gaara enter.

Gaara stepped in; his eyes didn't leave Sakura, that is, until he saw Ino.

"Ga-Gaara…!" Ino said, a blush filled her face as she realized she was standing in front of Gaara in her pyjamas.

"So Gaara-kun, what brings you here oh so late at night?" Sakura asked. "It can't have been so important that you couldn't wait until morning." Sakura continued, closing the door.

"Actually Sakura, that's where our opinions differ," Gaara said; his voice growing cold.

Sakura stepped in front of Gaara, not caring about the closeness. "How so Gaara-kun?" Sakura asked, raising her eyebrow.

"You lied to me Sakura." He said. Sakura's eyes widened but then quickly returned to normal, "You said you two"- he pointed to Ino and then back to Sakura – "Where the only ones that came here, correct?"

"Yes, I did say that, so?" Sakura replied, stepping closer to the red head.

"So, you're not the only two here."

"Yes we are!" Ino cut in, not wanting her fantasy to be crushed by reality.

"Then why would Nara be here?" Gaara asked, his tone unchanged.

Ino and Sakura's faces dropped. Fuck they were busted.

Sakura was the first to recover. She stepped forward even closer. "He's here because we aren't the only ones here." She admitted.

"I know that." Gaara replied. "Who else is here Haruno?"

"Well you know Shikamaru's here." Sakura said. "And Neji is too."

"Anyone else?"


She dare lie right to his face? His anger grew as he stared into her jade eyes searching for any flinch indicating her lie. "You lie." His voice was bitter and emotionless. "Why do you lie to my face Sakura?"

"Why do I lie?" Sakura asked, making sure she heard him right. "Yes. Why do you lie?" He repeated.

Without warning she stepped closer and grabbed his shoulders and forcefully closed the gap between the two locking their lips together.

Gaara's eyes widened as he pulled himself free of her grasp and her kiss. "What the hell!?" He yelled

"I want you. That's why I didn't tell you." Sakura said. "I wanted a fair shot but I couldn't do that if you knew."

"I can't give you a fair shot now that you've done this." Gaara said, he couldn't keep the hurt out of his voice.

"You don't pay attention to anybody! All you see is her! You wouldn't let anyone have a shot with you!"

"That's what love is you retard." Gaara said, becoming overwhelmed in anger. "You don't pay attention to anyone else and you only see the one you love."

"Do you even know what love is?" Sakura asked.

"Of course I do! I'm not heartless like I make myself seem."

"Whoa you two calm down!" Ino said finally cutting in.

Gaara glared at her and then back at Sakura. Without a word he turned on his heel and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"Nice job Forehead now neither of us gets a shot!"

"Hmm true. But he's a good surprise kisser."

"Well I won't get to know that now will I?"

"Sorry Pig."

"Oh it's going to take a lot a lot of forgiveness."

Gaara stormed into his room and slammed the door and jumped onto his bed, waking up his roommate.

"What pissed you off this time pansy?" Sai asked, sitting up.

"None of your fucken business Sai." Gaara snapped.

"Ohh did the soulless sand boy get hurt?" Sai asked.

"I said none of your business Sai."

"Does it concern that indigo haired girl?"

"Somewhat." Gaara admitted.

"Then go find her." Sai said, as if that was the easiest thing in the world.

Gaara didn't answer. He just laid there in thought about this new development.

Hinata was at this school.

He could see her again.

That would be nice, and he wouldn't have to worry to much 'cause he got the 'I don't like Sakura or Ino' thing out of the way, so now he was good.

Only problem was, where is Hinata?

He decided he would go search for her tomorrow. He'll skip class if he had too. He had to find her.

Meanwhile, the girl Gaara was searching for, lay awake in her bed.

She had heard Shikamaru enter the room a while earlier, which caused her to wake from her slumber.

She saw his expression; A mixture of sadness, and confusion. It caused her to wonder what may have happened to her pineapple-headed friend during his talk with Sakura and Ino.

She soon drifted asleep, she would ask her room mate if something was bothering him tomorrow.

End of Chapter 4: You Lied

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