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Spoilers: Season 3 – mild spoiler for end scene of '42'

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He had given her a TARDIS key…'frequent fliers privilege' he had told her, and quite right too. Martha Jones had proved herself as a worthy assistant, and the Doctor knew it was time to make her feel welcome on his ship.

One thought continually played on his mind, however. He knew that she wasn't going to hang around for a long time – she had her own life waiting, a career in medicine on hold. She would value her time on the TARDIS but he thought that her time with him would be quite brief. He hadn't thought to ask her...

"Martha…" He said, suddenly, looking up from the console to where she was sat in the old rickety seat reading a medical textbook.

"Yeah?" She looked up at him, closing her book with a thud.

"I was just wondering – have you got any idea how long you're going to stay with me? You know, how long you want to travel for?" He asked, casually, interested to see how she'd respond.

"That's a good point…I've never really thought about it." She said, frowning in thought.

There was silence as she pondered her answer.

"I suppose, just a little while. After all, you don't want me hanging around forever. Besides, I've got my life to get back to…" She carried on speaking about what she was missing back home, not noticing that the Doctor had stopped listening. He had tuned out at that single word:


He recalled asking Rose how long she was going to stay with him. She had turned to look at him with a promise in her eyes, and without a second thought, replied "Forever." And he knew that she would have stayed with him until her dying day…and more importantly, he would have let her.

He didn't believe in forever, he never had, but as his thoughts were consumed with memories of his Rose he suddenly realised that her beautiful promise of forever had not been broken.

Rose Tyler, his fantastic Rose, was stuck in a parallel universe where he couldn't reach her, but she was still there with him. She was in the TARDIS – she was part of it. She was in his head, his hearts and his very soul…and he suddenly realised that she always would be….