Jordan slept peacefully on the couch in her Boston apartment. Hours later, she was roused by whimpers. "What the..." she wondered groggily. The sound came from Hayley, her German Shepard puppy. The odd thing was that she never even barked except when she was playing, let alone whimpered like she was doing now. Jordan sat up and patted her lap. Hayley leapt up onto her legs, and Jordan held her. "What is it, girl?" she asked the shaking puppy as she stood to walk to the door. She saw Woody standing on the other side of the keyhole. She smiled and let him in. She kissed him quickly. "Woody, what's going on? Hayley's shaking like a leaf."

"Jordan, get down," he whispered.

Jordan lowered herself and Hayley to the ground, still more than a little confused as to what was happening.

Woody knelt down beside her. "Jordan, there's a man outside looking for you. He's armed, and Garret's afraid it'll get dicey."

Jordan paused before standing, handing Hayley to Woody, and tucking her gun into her waistband.

"Jordan, what are you doing? You can't go out there! You could get yourself killed!"

Jordan bent down and kissed him. "Woody, trust me," she whispered. "If he knows there are cops here, it might escalate. Let me go. You take Hayley out the back."

"Jordan, I can't let you go out there alone. I'd never forgive myself if you were hurt."

"I'll be all right." She kissed him again and left.

"Jordan, wait!"

The man waiting turned out to be her father, the intrepid Max Cavanaugh. "Max?"

He turned. "Jordan, I'm in trouble. I need help."

"Put the gun down, Max."

"I can't. I can't let it go."

"Yeah, you can. Just give me the gun, Dad. Nobody's here to hurt you." She stepped toward him. "Give me the gun. Dad, wait!"

Jordan lowered herself to the ground, afraid Max would pull the trigger. "Dad, just listen. No one is gonna hurt you. Just give me the gun. What're you doing here anyhow?" Jordan held her breath, waiting for an answer she wasn't certain she wanted.