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Last Time:

"Saya…" she groaned out, struggling to keep the pain at bay. "…make a shield around the Sou'nga…" she murmured hoping that he heard.

Without a word from the ghost, a shimmering shield formed tightly around the blade. The miko smirked in triumph.

"Sachi…" growled out Kyousou still fighting vigilantly. "…if I die…I'm taking you with me…"

She gave a defiant glare. "…as long as you're dead…"

He glared; Kyousou had been hoping that such a threat would have dampened Sachi's resolve. That wasn't the case.

Just as Kyousou attacked, so did Sachi.



This Time:

Chapter 47 – Sentiments of the Unblessed Child

They say death is hard, I disagree. Death is easy, simple and far more peaceful then people know. It's life that's hard; grueling and utterly painful beyond words. I would know better than most, I've been there…many times over. But not once has it been this close; just hanging above me like a heavy haze.

I'd been here before…

But even staring into another's face I found myself not crying because I was leaving, possibly, but because of my success. Everything was safe now…everyone was safe; the one I loved most was safe…

I smiled…and cried tears of joy…

It doesn't hurt me.
You wanna feel how it feels?



Inuyasha screamed his koishii's name as all image of her and foe was eclipsed from view due to Sesshomaru's and his attacks and the sudden wave of miko power. He had heard her scream, but unsure if it had been out of pain or a battle cry. It worried the him as he stood there uselessly as wave after wave of power kicked up a strong wind. The light was near blinding now and Inuyasha had to cover his eyes slightly with his haori's sleeve.

Inuyasha watched anxiously as the combined attacks whipped about Sachi and Kyousou.

Then suddenly right before their very eyes a giant wave of miko power swept over the open courtyard. An eerie calm settling over everything; no howling winds, no sound, nothing moved but a person's intake of breath. For before them swirled an orb of holy light where Sachi and Kyousou stood unseen. The sphere glowed with hues of pink, blue and purple as it swirled in ringlets. No sound, just silent movement as the orb spun faster and faster.

Inuyasha was awestruck, and he knew everyone else was as well.

As quickly as the silent calm came it went in an outward explosion of everything. A wave of uprooting light shoved the inu-hanyou back as well as Sesshomaru and the Inu no Taishio. Slabs of pure stone flew up like they weighed as much as a feather, only to be rendered into pieces. Dirt and stone littered the air in a thick suffocating cloud. Cracking of wood could be heard, meaning the mansion was sustaining damage, even at the distance it was.

He just curled and clung to the ground with desperation. It reminded Inuyasha of the battle with Kaguya and how he got the Backlash Wave chucked back at him.

Slowly the roaring let up; the noise of debris hitting the ground the only sound. The cloud was dense, making him cover his mouth and nose with his sleeve to keep from inhaling and coughing. He gazed over the courtyard, or what had once been a recognizable courtyard. Through the dust and dirt he could see that everything was practically destroyed; the front of the mansion was the only thing remaining of the building, but it was in deep disrepair. But Inuyasha's eyes were quickly drawn to the place he last saw Sachi; it was only just beginning to come into few. What he found, was not his koishii, but rather a crater, the same size as the orb previously seen.

"…dear Kami…" he breathed ignoring his half-brother stepping up to his side. "…Sachi…" and he bolted for the edge of the giant hole.

In a flash of red and silver Inuyasha was up and over the upturned slabs of stone and boulders left behind. Coming to the crater's edge he gazed anxiously in. The swirl marks were engraved into the crater's sides, looking like glistening glass. As if the heat from the orb had melted it into a reflective crust. At the center of it, hunched forward in clothes that resembles rags rather than robes. Blood dripped from an array of slashes marring her body as the wound in her side flowed liquid life. Sachi was no far from being a diced miko. Her breathing was harsh and labored; shoulders raising and falling with every heave.

Amidst the chaos of Hell and life's long battle, Sachi stood alone; foe defeated, not even a spec remaining of Kyousou or Sou'nga.

Inuyasha's heart clenched at the sight. "SACHI!!!" he cried.

The battered figure jerked suddenly as if suddenly brought back from an unknown threshold. Slowly and tiredly, the girl raised her head to gaze up at the hanyou calling her. Her face pale and marred with the evidence of battle, was in fact smiling; a pure and genuine smile. Once dark and burdened eyes now burned and shined with something long lost to them.

Sachi was looking up at him with a smile he had never seen before, and with eyes he had only seen in pictures of her as a child. Inuyasha found his breath had been entirely taken from him as he stared. As tattered as Sachi was, there was nothing in the world as beautiful as she was right then.

"…Inuyasha…" she whispered and not a second later, Sachi was coughing and hacking into her hand; blood splattering across the calloused hand. Gripping her chest in agony, her weak knees buckled and she went down, hard.

"SACHI!!!" he cried in horror and leapt to the bottom of the crater as others took his place upon the edge. "Sachi? What's wrong?!" He cried again landing by her side and taking her limp body in his arms; praised against his leg. "Come on Sachi; talk to me koishii!!"

Dark lashes fluttered open to reveal pure orbs of flawless emerald. "…h-hey there Inuyasha…" she said with a warm smile. "How's everyone...I may have over done it a bit…"

He smirked; glad to hear her voice strong though shaky. "Everyone's fine, you don't have to worry. You need to concentrate on healing yourself Sachi, can you do that?"

Only then did that smile fall; sorrow and defeat evident on the warrior girl's face. Inuyasha suddenly grew very worried and tense at the expression.

"Sachi…what's wrong…?"

Eyes lowered. "Inuyasha…I have nothing left…I'm all out of spiritual power; I couldn't heal myself if I tried…"

It doesn't hurt me.
You wanna feel how it feels?

Horror crossed the hanyou's face as amber eyes widened and wavered with an array of emotions as they took in the injuries sustained. Not many of them were serious, but the sheer number of them was the problem; then there was Sachi's side to consider.

"No, no…no…NO!!!" he cried as he grew frantic.

Sachi smiled, tears swelling in her eyes. "…it's alright Inuyasha…"

You wanna know; know that it doesn't hurt me?

"You are not dying Sachi!!" His eyes were stern and ordering. "I won't let you damn it!!

The miko he held smiled warmly, yet sadly up at him. "Inuya—gaaa!"

Sachi's words were quickly cut off as more coughing racked her fragile and wounded body. To Inuyasha's horror more blood flowed from her paling lips. She continued to cough and hack up blood, soon rolling on her side to drench the ground with her blood rather than him. Finally it ended and Sachi collapsed pale, exhausted and heaving for breath.

"Sachi…" his voice worried and devastated; coughing up that much blood was never a good sign. "…stay with me kay?" Inuyasha didn't even care enough to notice his otto-san next to him.

The redhead gave a tired smile and reached to clutch his hand. "…I love you Inuyasha…you've been so good —"

"Don't say it," he snapped, tears burning his amber eyes; tear he wouldn't shed, not yet. "…don't say your goodbyes Sachi!!"

"Inuyasha," spoke Touga, laying a hand on his youngest son's shoulder. "Without her spiritual powers she cannot live. Sachi's body is dying from the inside out. There's nothing you or I can do…goman nasai…"

You wanna hear about the deal I'm making?
You be running up that hill

"IIE!!" he roared hugging his koishii closer, whispering in her ear. "You're not dying…I won't watch you die Sachi…I don't want to see another woman I love die…" On the word die, his voice cracked mournfully. "…it wasn't supposed to end like this…"

"…Inuyasha…" came Sachi's soft voice; weakening steadily. "…I knew it would end like this…"

He jerked his head back, staring wide eyed. "You d-did?! Is this why you left Shippo with that silver kitsune? Fought with no reserves!!?"

Sachi nodded as she cringed as adjusted herself in her love's arms. "I said my goodbyes to everyone but everyone here…it won't be long now…"

You and me be running up that hill

"NO! You're not dying Sachi!!!"

Inuyasha's answer was another episode of blood filled coughing. Sachi even vomited up the continence of her stomach, it was nothing but blood. The unblessed miko was indeed falling apart.

"…Inu—yasha…" she murmured placing a hand on his cheek, streaking it with her blood. "…don't forget me…but don't hold on to me…"

"You're insane!"

She chuckled lightly at that. "…it's selfish of me…to ask you—to wait but…wait for me. But find someone…to love...you deserve, so much…more—"

"That's enough from you," he yelled, or tried to, his voice coming out only as a whimper. "…onegai, don't say it…" he said holding the hand on his cheek, a tear finally escaping.

"I accomplished what I needed to…he was too strong…for me to defeat him…without dying. Taking care of them Inuyasha…onegai…"

Burrowing his nose in her hair smelling of roses and fire, Inuyasha memorized it; crying into it. "I will…don't worry about us…koishii."

With her diminishing strength, Sachi moved Inuyasha's face so he was just above her. He found himself staring into those emerald pools he could drown in. Tears flowed from his eyes as he took her in, every last detail noticed and memorized. Inuyasha would not let the woman in his arms become forgotten, she shouldn't be the one dying; it should've been him. Sachi just cupped his face as the hanyou continued to drink her in, clawed fingers running through her fiery mane.

"…I love you Inuyasha…" she whispered, salty droplets building in her eyes and soon were trailing down her dirt and blood covered cheeks.

Feeling her pull him down, Inuyasha let her. Felt the still warm lips against his own, caressing him lovingly with all her might; expressing emotions through act rather than words. Words were only words in the end, but what emotion lay behind them was what gave them their worth. And Inuyasha felt and saw their worth as he brought Sachi closer, deepening their last kiss further.

"…I love you too Sachi…" he whispered softly against her lips, but the emotion he put into the kiss showing just how much. 'It should be me who's dying…but I'll wait for you, you know I will…'

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,

Soft lips smiled beneath his.

Be running up that road

Then the girl Inuyasha held finally went completely limp.

Jerking his head back, eyes wide in horrified denial, Inuyasha saw Sachi's hands hit the ground. "…Sachi…" he croaked. "Sachi!!? Wake up!!" he cried shaking her, her head only fell back and turning away from him; a single tear slowly making its way across pale dead skin. "NO!! Damn it Sachi, don't do this to me!! Wake up koishii, please…YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!!!!"

Be running up that hill,

The limp body of his beloved warrior miko did nothing. Emerald eyes eternally closed, leaking one final tear. And there written across her battle ridden face, was a pure soft upturn of her lips; an eternal smile, holding a hint of sorrow. Even in death Inuyasha found Takani Sachi beautiful beyond words.

"…iie…iie…" he whimpered out as he hugged her close, rocking back and forth, running his hands through her hair; brow pressed against Sachi's own. "…don't go Sachi…I need you with me…please come back...come back …"

Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh...
You don't want to hurt me,

Touga's grim face looked upon the scene mortified as well. He had only met the girl, but found her much to his liking. Takani Sachi was and would have been good for his youngest son; now it made no difference. The Inu no Taishio laid a heavy hand on Inuyasha's quaking shoulder.

"…gomen nasai, Inuyasha," he spoke softly, his own sorrow evident in his voice. "But she's gone…there was nothing you could have done."

Deep dark eyes of haunted amber opened, gazing up the cursed dark sky with resentment, but tears flowing from Inuyasha's eyes. "It should have been me. Why do I have to be the one to watch the woman I love die? Is it too much to ask to just live happily and grow old and die with the one you love? WHY IS IT MY FATE TO BE UNHAPPY!!!!?"

But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder.
There is thunder in our hearts, baby

"Inuyasha, you're fate isn't to be unhappy, but to live on."

Looking up, father and son found a figure materializing from nowhere as it walked forward. It began as a translucent figure of sapphire, wavering and flowing like a thick fog. Yet slowly as it came forward it formed, revealing a young onna with black hair and brown eyes. Her clothing white and green and not of the time; the young girl gave a soft smile. She was no longer see-through; whole and unwavering.

"K-Kagome…?" murmured the teary eyed hanyou. Hadn't he seen enough; felt enough of the agony of not being able to save the ones he loved? Now he had to stare at another old love that died in his arms.

So much hate for the ones we love?

Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

Kagome smiled warmly, brown eyes twinkling. "Hello Inuyasha, it's nice to see you again, but I would have preferred under better circumstances."

Amber eyes narrowed in misery. "What are you doing here? Taking Sachi's soul where ever it goes!? Well I won't let you!! Tensaiga can bring her back!!"

The sorrow lined smile fell. "Iie, her soul has already left Inuyasha; we are here to console."

The inu eared young man looked questionably at the deceased modern girl. "…we?"

In a swarm of light, appearing out of nowhere came none other than the calm faced Midoriko.

"Hai…we; Kagome and I have come to give you our condolences and to tell you not to despair."

"Despair!!?" Inuyasha roared in outrage. "My koishii is dead damn it!! How do you expect me not to despair!!!?"

Both miko's faces fell.

Kagome came forward and kneeled before her old friend and love. "To tell you not to wallow in grief of Sachi's death like you did my own. She knew what she was doing; she knew what sacrifices had to be made. She knew if she didn't win then you and everything else would be lost. She thought her life would be better spent dying to win, then die and fail."

Inuyasha looked down at the eternally smiling face of the girl he held; the one he wanted so much to switch places with. "She knew she was gonna die, so did you two…if it came down to it…"

Kagome and Midoriko nodded solemnly.

"Now you're telling me to accept it!? Are you two insane!!!?"

You, be running up that hill
You and me, be running up that hill
You and me won't be unhappy

Touga squeezed his son's shoulder. "They are telling you to understand Inuyasha. Sachi died so you all could live out your lives rather than die in this forsaken place. Your life is not done yet, so live on and be happy; for Sachi. That was Sachi's last gift to you, don't waste it."

Still wanting to argue the case, Inuyasha found that he could not. He understood plainly enough, didn't mean he had to like it, and he didn't. Sachi had given him a chance to live on, be happy in her stead; to see her again. His life and heart were now hers as well, he could understand that.

"Midoriko…" he murmured standing with Sachi bridle style in his arms, crimson head thrown back in her lifelessness. "…will I see her again?"

The ancient miko was silent for a moment, dark eyes taking in the body once habituated by a fiery soul of a young woman as well as her own and dangerous youkai. "That is up to her. Redemption for the unblessed miko Takani Sachi will be a long time in coming."

"But she did nothing wrong!! She was forced to do those things!"

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,

Midoriko shook her head. "She chooses to redeem herself from them none the less. Time will only tell if she will be reincarnated in your life time or not. It could very well be that Takani Sachi is to repent for the rest of time."

Inuyasha scowled angrily yet painfully at the crater's floor. "So you're telling me not to hold my breath."

Kagome sighed as she stood, taking her place by Midoriko's side. "Sachi told you to wait, but as well as move on Inuyasha, respect her wishes."

"How long you wait," spoke the creator of the Shikon, the source of all their problems. "…is up to you." Then she turned to the young woman. "It's time we leave Kagome-san, as well as the living."

The ebony haired girl nodded, solemn once more. "Hai, Midoriko-sama; Inuyasha this is sayonara for good, please take care of yourself and everyone else."

The hanyou nodded hugging the stilly warm body. "Sayonara Kagome, and I will. I'll tell everyone else you said goodbye and to be well."

"Arigotou Inu-kun," she said smiling as her and Midoriko's forms faded on last time, never to be seen again by the living.

Touga nodded to the onna ha had long ago fought with. "Farewell Midoriko-san."

She returned the gesture with her translucent head. "Touga-san…Inuyasha."

Then the pair was gone, truly gone.

Be running up that road
Be running up that hill,

Touga looked at his distraught son. "It's time for you all to leave, let us return to the others."

Wordlessly the hanyou followed his otto-san as he leapt out of the large crater. With Sachi still in his arms, Inuyasha found himself landing in the courtyard with friends and family; all anxious with anticipation. He just stared at the ground as he walked forward, tears unable to be held back. The heaviness that was Sachi, limp in his arms, was as heavy as the burden on his shoulders.

Be running up that building,
If I only could, oh...

He heard the horrified gasps from Sango, soon followed by the taijiya's sobs. Miroku's raspy voice soft in an emotional prayer for the dead; Kirara's sorrowful cry as well, make them all shiver. Kagome's family gasped and grew silent as well, most likely told Sachi's story in a shortened form by Miroku and Sango, and her significance to Inuyasha himself. Sesshomaru was stone faced, but rigid as ell at the realization of Sachi's demise. Almost all anticipating Tensaiga's pulsing beat to redeem the lost soul of the young girl; none came, Inuyasha hadn't been expecting it. It appeared the Sachi; the unblessed modern shrine maiden was really beyond all their reach.

'C'mon, baby , c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let me steal this moment from you now.

Touga stepped forward. "It's time for you all to leave, what damage Sou'nga has caused above is sure to be extensive."

The sorrowful group nodded, eyes dodging the hanyou and the limp burden in his arms. Sesshomaru stepped forward and unsheathed the Sword of Heaven, slicing the air so the black scar like rift appeared to take them all back. One by one they left, giving goodbyes to the great daiyoukai general. Even Kirara with her burden of the two bodies of the other descends of the Takani line on her back gave a bow. The Higiurashi family gave soft farewells before following the fire neko. Now remained only Inuyasha what remained of what was precious to him.

C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
Let's exchange the experience, oh...'

Amber eyes met and the silence seemed to go on forever.

"Tell the houshi to check his hand, that void of his is sure to be gone for good this time," grinned Touga but the emotion lacking in it; a mere fake smile.

Inuyasha nodded. "Arigotou for all your help otto-san…I'm glad to have finally had the time to speak to you, even if it wasn't for a long time…I still have so many things to ask.

"No, the time here during this battle is more precious then any time we could have had. Some things are just best going unanswered my son."

Tears pricking his eyes, Inuyasha bowed far deeper than he had to anyone else. "Sayonara…otto-san, I'm glad you got to meet Sachi…she admired you so much…"

Touga smiled honestly this time. "So am I, and I admire her as well, but it's time to go Inuyasha."

Speechless with misery the inu hanyou walked into the darkness of the rift, the onna he loved and still did eternally asleep in his arms.

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,

Touga watched heartbreakingly as the departure of his sons, and brave souls that accompanied them. He knew his sons knew their father was proud of them; that was all that mattered. He wished things had turned out different, but there was nothing that could be done as he watched the rift close. Had things been different those young men wouldn't have turned out the same.

He sighed. "Didn't you want to say goodbye," he asked not bothering to look over his shoulder at the figure hidden behind him and his flowing fur cloak.

"No," came the soft solemn answer. "My goodbye was good enough my appearance would have made leaving all the more difficult…he would have stayed…"

Be running up that road,

Inu no Taishio sighed once more as he gazed over his shoulder at the smaller statured individual there; forlorn in the outcome of battle. It surprised him really to see this certain someone here, instead of somewhere else more befitting.

"So this is what you have chosen."

It was not a question, but rather a statement…yet the person acknowledged as such.

Ruby lips smiled softly. "Hai," came the soft whisper as eyes turned to stare up at Touga with twinkling orbs of emerald. "I will see him again."

Be running up that hill,
With no problems

Touga smirked and huffed lightly. 'Inuyasha,' he thought amusingly. 'This girl is one tough onna…'

If I only could, be running up that hill



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