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The sky seemed to fall, ashes mixing with the snow, bringing reality as it clashed and collided into the harsh snow of this harsh world.

He saw it for the first time, in the midst of the snow melting against his fire.

"My necklace!"

A woman, near his age, bright eyes the color of the sea, reached and grabbed the object from the steep snow. A man told her escape, pushing her away to safety, attacking the men with his powerful water bending.

But his eyes watched her, his armor planting him firmly in the cold snow.

A blistering wind swept across the land, as the woman of blue eyes held her necklace looking back at the waterbending man with confusion. Screams could be heard behind her, as he saw men and woman fall and breath for the very last time.

The man in red armor watched this, his eyes on the necklace, studying it from afar.

In that tiny fragment of a moment, the young soldier could not help but think of his family back home.



He saw it for the second time, in the midst of blood and tears.

"The necklace!"

A tiny girl, with the same blue eyes, ran after the fallen item in the forsaken snow. A woman, with the same large blue eyes, grabbed the small child, dragging her to safety.

But alas, there was no safety.

His eyes watched her, standing in the battlefield, his badges and medals, weighing him down in the snow.

The red soldier saw it all. His very own men, the men of his homeland, killed the older woman of blue eyes.

The screams of the child echoed across the land, the wind carrying it as far as into his soul, as she clutched that same necklace, hugging her mothers dead body.

In that time, when he could only watch, he thought of his son.



He saw it for the third time, in the midst of water and fire.

"My mother's necklace!"

He watched as it was dangled in front of the girl with blue eyes, the pain inside her coiling up and hiding in the corner of her mind.

The man in armor kept his mouth shut, the snowy scenes replaying in his aged mind. He could only watch as words were exchanged, and the hands of a determined man held an item of tears, blood and battle to tell.

In those minutes of time, he thought of everything and everyone. But specifically, three.

These woman of blue eyes, three generations, one necklace, clouded his mind.

He had always thought it was the snow that brought shivers to his spine, bringing memories of the battles and death of mothers and family, the screams of a child sitting in the pool of blood that belonged to their mother who was now dead.

But now the Dragon of the West realized,

It was the necklace.