Hey Guys

Hey Guys

Sorry its been so long, I just got reminded that I wrote this because someone made a alert thing so I re-read my story and really wished that I finished it so that I could read it all of the way and find out what happens, the truth is I have always hated writing and I have no idea why I started writing this or my other story. I also when through a faze where I loved Fanfiction and I must admit that I have passed through that faze now  I am just so busy with school, work, my other job (yes that's right I have more than one job and it is not too fun working all the time!) soccer, volunteering, and life…

So what I'm getting to is there anyone who would like to take this story over?? Umm I don't really know how to go about this but just reply to this email and I guess you ideas of what should happen in case there is more than one of you (I think that is more wishful thinking on my part!!) And believe me if you do take this story over you will have at least one faithful reader!!

Well right now it is 12 27 and I need to get up at 7 tomorrow (I know I haven't seen that on my alarm clock in so long!!) so I better be going

Happy reading