She is our child, brought to us when she was only five. She is one of many that will move among the galaxy throughout the ages experiencing life, death, joy, sadness and everything in between. She is the light, offering a beacon of hope to humanity for what they can strive to be through compassion, knowledge and peace. She is the dark, exposing the bases of fear, hunger for power, destruction and utter desolation. She will start wars, murdering those that she touches with darkness. She will end wars, giving birth to courage to turn back the dark and heal the wounds she created with the light. She will touch all living things and they will be ignorant of her true nature. She will suffer through grief, heal tortured souls, experience betrayal at the hands of those who follow her, and she will know the deep abiding rapture of love. She will be divided from herself. And, in the end, she will need to sacrifice all that she is to be whole.

She is our embodiment.

We are the force.

Ten Years Earlier

"You taught me many things since I came here, but you never taught me why we allow wars to even occur."

~~ Some would say, child, that through adversity and overcoming challenges, all living creatures become stronger. ~~

"I understand the concept of lessons learned and that we become stronger through adversity, but this is moving into the realm of mindless slaughter."

~~We allow choice and free will, child, for a reason so that others can know whether we mean them good or ill. The Mandalorians, centuries ago, chose to find honor and glory through battle. Just as the Jedi chose to use us for peace and protection; the Sith chose the path of domination and terror. ~~

"You must have both for balance." She sighed as she watched the battle in her mind's eye. Today, the Mandalorian Wars would end.

~~She has made her decision. ~~

"I see that." She said as she watched the woman walk to the center of Trayus, the Sith Academy on Malachor V. "One war ends just so another can rise to take its place."

~~It is a critical time. ~~

A few moments later, she cried out in pain as the Mass Shadow Generator crushed Malachor V and the ships of the Mandalorian and Republic fleets.

~~Calm, child. Let them come. ~~

"There is more . . . I'm . . .," she cried out again, "Make it stop . . . it hurts . . . make him stop!"

One Year Later

It had taken days after the battle of Malachor V to find her balance again, but she had adjusted to losing a portion of herself. Where a part of her had once lived, there was now nothing. A hole, a wound waiting to heal. The only question was what would take its place? If the one called the Exile returned, in what manner would he come back to the Force?

She sat against the wall atop the stone spire looking out over the Valley of the Jedi, an arid and rocky place, her home and sometimes her prison. She hadn't been allowed to leave the Valley, except for short jaunts to other temples or tombs of the True Ones for lessons or meditations. She, however, traveled through her connections so she wasn't ignorant of the galaxy.

She knew the Dark Lord had returned with her apprentice and the Jedi Civil War was under way. The Sith numbers swelled while the ranks of the Jedi dwindled. Even those that had been loyal to the Republic had changed their allegiance, and to prove their worth, were annihilating planets. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the flood of the innocent souls of Telos IV. The Republic would be too late to help them.

The apprentice gave the order before his Sith Master could stop him. She watched in horror as the once lush landscape and sparkling cities were reduced to rubble.

She tried desperately to block out the cries of the injured and dying, but there was one voice that couldn't be silenced. The anguish and torment of death cut through her with a razor's edge. Heartache and mourning tore at her core and she tasted bitterness on her lips. The agonizing screams of denial echoed around her then were slowly replaced with betrayal and hatred. She wiped at her tears while trying to take steady breaths.

"I'm sorry."

Over the next couple of years, she watched at the Sith Lord Revan, and her apprentice Malak, wreaked havoc on the Republic. Finally, the Jedi Council, in a frantic bid to restore peace, set a trap for the Sith Lord. They had sent a small Jedi strike team to capture Revan, but Malak saw this as an opportunity to usurp his master's power and become the leader of the Sith. It was the Sith circle of life, she thought; no one was safe in their power. So, Malak had fired on Revan's ship to destroy her and take her place, but he made a few fatal errors, the first being, he didn't destroy the ship.

The Jedi strike team saved Revan and the Council reprogrammed her damaged mind with a new identity. The child shook her head in resignation. Asking someone to remember something without really remembering was foolish at best, dangerous at worst. The Sith Lord had been destined on her path from the moment she was born, until the day she would die.

That was Malak's second mistake; he didn't kill her the second time, instead revealing her true identity and the duplicity of the Jedi Council. But, there was something more.

She knew one of the voices that traveled with the Sith Lord. It was a voice that had been dimmed by darkness. The voice had gained nothing in fulfilling the empty promise of vengeance. In fact, it had merely traded one destructive emotion for another, more betrayal.

As the months passed, Revan and her companions found the prize they sought and in doing so, exposed Malak's final mistake; his arrogance in believing his own hype, or rather, the hype of the Sith. But the dark didn't end. The Sith Lord would have her revenge on them all and it began with a simple, unbearably cruel request. Revan asked the voice to wait.

The child was allowed to leave the Valley once Revan had left known space. She was never given a clear reason why, but she jumped at the chance to see other worlds, meet other beings, and go to her home world of Naboo. She didn't remember much, just vague images at best, but she could visit her mother's grave and tell her of the things she had done, the people she had met, and the voice that always seemed to be with her.

She helped a Mandalorian that the Sith Lord had tortured and left for dead. She met a Miraluka on Kataar, a planet strong in the force and wept at its destruction during the Sith Civil war. With Malak gone, the Sith had turned on each other, warring not only amongst themselves but also with the Republic.

This is what brought him back and when his teacher created the breach in the Force on Korriban, she was told to come home. The Exile had made his choice. Her balance had shifted.

The voice was stronger now, having regained some of its life, but it was still mistrustful and when it spoke to the Exile, it masked its quiet desperation and disappointment.

~~It is time, child. You must follow him and learn all you can. ~~

"If I leave the Valley of the Jedi, I could fall." She said.

~~He will seek out his teacher and destroy her. He will take her power as his own, which will restore some balance to the force. ~~

She didn't understand all the dynamics, but nodded.

~~Child, you are here because you are the one True Jedi. ~~

"I know." She sighed

~~He returns to his home, although for the first time, because he is the one True Sith. ~~

Her surprise was evident by her gasp, "Does he know?"

~~He will learn of his destiny and what he must do to survive. ~~

~She looked around the austere stone rotunda and studied the pure white fire at its center, "My home." She whispered.

~~Prepare yourself, child, to be who you once were, who you will be once again. ~~

She closed her eyes against the brilliant flash of light and sighed,



"Anything T3?" Jaden asked from the bridge of the Ebon Hawk.


"No, I'm not sure he's on the Sojourn. That's why you're checking."

"Beep Boop."

"T3," she sighed, "Please check again."

"Statement: Master, if we were to shoot at the Sojourn then we would know. If I remember my Republic Military protocol correctly, Master, the highest ranking officer would be required to be on the Bridge."

"There's one problem with that HK, we would be dead before he stepped on a turbo lift."

"Resignation: Merely a suggestion, Master."

"I'll keep it under advisement, HK." She said rolling her eyes.

T3 beeped excitedly

"Are you sure?" She asked at the droid's excited recitation


"Okay, okay, I believe you!" She said with another eye roll. "Where on the ship, can you pinpoint his location?"

"Beep, boop, dweet."

"The Sith are on your doorstep and you're napping?" she whispered.