Paper Mush

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Summary: G1. The Twins play a little prank on someone. Feedback Welcome!

Author's Note: This sort of ties in with the Slinky story I wrote. You don't have to read that one to get this one though.


Sideswipe walked quickly into the control room, optics scanning. He was looking for a particular person, otherwise what he had planned wouldn't work. His optics lit up when he saw the person he was seeking, sitting at one of the tables, looking bored.

"Spike! Just the person I wanted to see!" He greeted with a charming smile, taking the chair next to him.

"Oh, Hi Sideswipe. What do you need?" The human asked, a bit suspicously.

"Oh nothing much, just for you to rip these up into tiny pieces, since my hands are too big." Sideswipe took a huge stack of construction paper out of a subspace pocket and plopped it down in front of him.

"Why do you need all this?" Spike asked, looking wide eyed at the stack.

"Sunstreaker needs some paper...mush stuff to make a sculpture with," Sideswipe lied smoothly.

"Oh, an art project? I'll help," Spike agreed. "Could you just...give me a boost?" He asked, knowing he ws never going to reach the top without a little help.

"Okay." Sideswipe extended his hand, letting the human climb on it. He raised it up a little, so that Spike could grab the top sheet.

"So...What's the scupture going to be of?" Spike asked, trying to strike up conversation as he shredded.

"Huh? Oh yeah..probably of himself, so he can have something to stare at when he can't look at himself." Sideswipe said, trying not to laugh.

Spike smiled and shook his head. That sounded like the yellow warrior all right.

A few hours, and a pair of sore hands later, half of the paper was gone, leaving a pile that reached nearly up to Sideswipe's ankle had accumilated.

"Is that enough Sideswipe? My hands are killing me," Spike said, rubbing his sore fingers.

"Yeah. I owe you one." Sideswipe let him down on the ground, as he pulled a bag out of his subapace pocket, shoving the colored scraps into it.

"See you later," He said briskly, leaving the human behind as he walked quickly back to his and his brother's quarters.

"So...did he agree to do it?" Sunstreaker asked, raisng his head from where he was sprawled face down on the bottom bunk.

"Yeah." The red twin pulled the bag out of subspace, plunking it down next to the bunk. "I told him you were making a sculpture of yourself to stare at when you can't look at yourself, " He added, grinning.

Sunstreaker answered with a rude hand gesture "That's one," He responded, glaring at his twin.

"Okay now, did you get the water?" Sideswipe asked.

"Over there," Sunstreaker answered, jerking a golden thumb at a bucket in the corner of the room.

"Great. Come here and help me prepare this." Sideswipe dragged the bag over to the bucket as Sunstreaker lazily got up, stretching his lithe frame.

When the paper was mixed and the right consistensy, the twins stood up, lookind down at the multi colored mush.

"So...who's this going on?" Sunstreaker asked.

"How about Prowl?" Sideswipe suggested, shrugging.

"Nah, we get him too many times," Sunstreaker answered, waving his hand dismissivly. "Same goes with Ratchet," He added, knowing his brother ws going to suggest him next.

"Oh, I know who," Sideswipe said, a devilish grin forming on his face.


Sideswipe didn't answer, just grabbed the bucket and ran out of the room. Sunstreaker had no choice but to follow the red warrior.

"Sideswipe! Do you have a gear loose? We can't prank Prime! We'll really get in trouble for that!" Sunstreaker hissed, realizing what his brother had in mind when he saw whose quarters he stopped in front of.

"We will, but it'll be worth it, wouldn't you agree? Now, help me get this up on the door." He hefted the bucket carefully over his head, Sunstreaker keeping it steady as they perched it on the door.

"Okay, now we knock." Sideswipe did as he said, knocking had on the door.

"And hide." He shoved Sunstreaker down the hall, to a spot where they were able to see, but be well hidden.

They waited a moment, before the Autobot leader opened teh door, getting showered with the paper mush.

"What the...?" He questioned, looking at the multi colored streams that now decorated his paint job, before it dawned on him, his optics narrowing in anger.


"Oh slag...he sounds really mad," Sideswipe said. "I guess we caught him in a bad mood."

"What do you mean we?" Sunstreaker said, taking off down the hallway.

"Traitor!" Sideswipe yelled, as a shadow fell over him. He turned slowly, only to see a very angry Prime looking back with his hands on his hips, blue optics glaring dangerously.

"Slag," The red warrior gulped.


I always wanted to prank Prime. So I did. Hope you liked it.