Title: A Vivid Definition of Adolescence

Author: Blue-eyed Fox

Genre: Romance, Comedy and General

Rating: Playing on R and leaning towards NC-17 for future content… (Evil giggles) Maybe…

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. If I did, then Sakura would be dating Rock Lee after the Forest of Death incident for all its worth and Naruto would be chased by all the male Shinobis of the 'Naruto' realm.

Warning: Serious Yaoi content, that's Male/Male Romance for you! Don't like the sound of it? Just hit the "BACK" button, so you can save your virtue and sanity!


Hatake Kakashi, the famous copycat ninja has problems on how he should tell a certain blonde shinobi his affections and his raging hormones aren't helping him out at all. So what to do? Call in the famous perverted author? Ask your comrades for advice? Seek help from the Godaime? Summon Pakkun? Pakkun?! What the hell!

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Prologue: Hatake Kakashi and his Dilemma

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Hatake Kakashi, single, twenty-six years of age, and is on top of his league. Women were in awe and would kill just to be called his. Men were envious of his somewhat successful and colorful career as a shinobi. What else could he want in his life?

Well apparently, there is…

Ever since he was given his first team of genins to teach, he instantly knew what was indeed missing in his life. And is, for a matter of fact, suffering from what one can call "post-adolescence" stage as Tsunade delicately said so.

And what on earth is this so-called "post-adolescence" stage all about? And how on earth did the silver-haired jounin come to be in such manner? Well, letting the cat out of the bag, Hatake Kakashi is one of the most fickle to say the least in the things he did. Sure that he was one among the best in his league, but if you ask anyone in particular, only a handful can describe his mind-set in particular.

So now, we begin to ask, what is truly wrong with Hatake Kakashi? Well, to put it simply, our beloved silver-haired jounin is in-love! YES! IN-LOVE! And with whom you might ask? Simple. Hatake Kakashi, the infamous Copy-Cat Ninja, Sharingan Kakashi is in-love with bursting bubble of sunshine named…

Uzumaki Naruto.

Yes, he was in-love with his own student and him being the "pervert" that he is, is currently having troubles on how to woo the 18 year-old, stunningly gorgeous, drool worthy, too sexy for his own good, sex on legs, blonde Kyuubi-vessel. And why is that? Hmmm… Let's just say that the object of his affections is oh-so oblivious considering his very obvious innocent and dense nature and the fact that Naruto has 24/7, mother-hen hovering around him like a hawk ever since Naruto turned 16.

And so thus the questions of "Huh?" and "What?" come in to play. Let me explain.

Ever since Uzumaki Naruto turned sweet sixteen, shinobis and civilians alike have been eyeing Naruto like a juicy fresh piece of meat that he is. And the poor jounin has been having the time of his life restraining himself from drowning everyone who looked at the blonde boy the wrong way.

And so now, Hatake Kakashi's journey begins. Yes, a journey! A journey to capture the blonde's heart (body and soul included…).

- TBC -
Authoress' Note:

So, how's that for a prologue? Should I continue? Does it suck big-time? Reviews please? Pretty please? Pakkun and I will give you a cookie!