Just another High School Drama

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Author's Note: Hello all! I'm MAV and this is my story. It is rated so for abuse and blood and things like that…. I hope you enjoy it and I apologize for any misguided attempts and humor. Enjoy!

Garfield Logan sat up, gasping slightly with previously forgotten pain. He stood up off his mattress on the floor and looked at his leg in the ever-brightening morning light. It was bruised badly, but as he put his weight on it he realized it didn't hurt too badly. He thought for a moment, trying to recall what had happened.

"Garfield, go do the dishes."

"I'm reading, Dad."

Before Garfield knew what was happening, his father had grasped him tightly around the neck and tossed him down the short flight of stairs. He landed hard on his leg. "I said now!"

Oh, yeah. Gar left his room and saw that his parents were still asleep, indicated by their closed door. He went quietly down the stairs and into the kitchen. Gar wanted to be out of there as fast as possible, so he just grabbed a slice of bread out of the bag on the counter and bolted it down as a makeshift breakfast. He scooped up his books and dashed out the door towards the bus stop.


Victor Stone was a very tall, strong, dark skinned teen. He waited at the bus stop for the short skinny figure that was his best friend. Finally, Vic saw Gar's unruly brown hair and freckled skin coming down the street. "Hey grass stain! Hurry your skinny butt up or you'll miss the bus!"

"Gimme a sec!" Gar's leg was starting to hurt a little, but he was determined not to show it.

He had been dubbed grass stain a few years ago by Vic when he had painted himself green for Halloween. Gar reached the bus stop just as the vibrant yellow contraption pulled up. He hopped on after Vic and after they located their other best friend, Dick Greyson, they plopped down in the seat across the aisle from him. "Dude! First day of high school! What do you think?" Gar asked him.

Dick didn't respond. "Yo! Dick!" Vic yelled in his ear.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. It's gonna be awesome!"

Gar and Vick stared curiously in the direction Dick had been looking moments before. Kori Andrew, a very tall, tan, beautiful red-head, sat there laughing with her friends. "OOOOH!" Vic and Gar chorused.

They began to grin maniacally before- "Dick and Kori, sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Dick made flustered attempts to silence them before Kori overheard the immature song. But as the pulled in to the last stop before school, and the last passenger got on Gar fell silent. The most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on was coming down the aisle. She and gorgeous amethyst eyes, silky violet hair, and smooth cream colored skin. Gar absent-mindedly pushed Vic out of the seat next to him to make room. "H-hey. D-do you wanna sit h-here?" He stuttered.

Vic groaned from his forced place on the floor. "Er… no, thanks. I think I'll go sit over there." She told him, gesturing towards an empty seat further on before walking away.

"Aw…" Gar groaned, slumping slightly.

"Serves you right you little grass stain!" Vic said as he reclaimed his seat. "Pushing me off for a girl."

"But she's not just a girl, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

"You can't go by looks alone, Gar." Dick said in a know-it-all way.

"Oh, yeah like you'd have ever noticed Kori if she wasn't pretty!" Gar shot back.

The boy's argument continued on like this until they got to school, but they unknowingly had an eavesdropper. He called me pretty…