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"Nurse Burns?"

"Ah, Garfield. What's happened this time?"

"Well, there was a little accident with my dad's glass." Gar entered the nurse's office holding a red-stained towel to his arm.

"Oh dear, let's see it."

Gar took the towel away to reveal a rather gruesome-looking wound. His arm had been punctured in two or three places by glass, which he had pulled out. It still seemed to be bleeding. "Okay, okay. It's not as bad as it looks, you just spread it around. It's not that bad. Now go clean it off and we'll wrap it up." Nurse Burns said, pushing some paper towels into Gar's hand and sending him over to the sink.

"Can you believe it's almost Halloween? I even got invited to a party." Gar said over the running water.

"Oh, really? I'm taking my little girl trick-or-treating. So what happened? Did someone throw the glass at you?"

"What? No! It was an accident." Yes, someone threw it at me.

"Well what happened then?" Nurse Burns asked as she pulled out gauze and bandages.

"My dad was washing out his glass this morning," My dad was drinking this morning, "and when I walked in I surprised him." When I walked in he was drunk and angry. "He dropped the glass, it broke and water got all over the floor. I slipped and landed on the glass." He threw the glass at me and broke on my arm. "I know it sounds weird, but it was an accident and he's really sorry." He threw the glass at me and didn't think twice.

"Garfield, you seem to have a lot of odd 'accidents.' Are you sure you're okay?" Nurse Burns had finished wrapping his arm and she looked worried.

"Oh, come on, Nurse Burns, I'm danger prone. What, do you think my dad's abusing me?" My dad is abusing me.

"Oh, no! I don't think that, I just want to make sure you're alright. If you ever need help, you just come down and talk to me."

"Ah, when was the last time the great Garfield needed help? Besides last week. Or the week before that." Gar said with a laugh. "Thanks, Nurse Burns. I'll tell you if I need help." Help. I need help.

"All right. Have a nice day and, for heaven's sake, be careful!"

Gar left the nurse's office for class with an inward sigh. Is the fantasy life in your head nice, Gar?

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