A/N: Ichigo x Rukia one shot. Inspiration was "Let love in" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Oh and sorry for any OCC-ness. I try :(


Ichigo was lying on his bed, the window was open and the curtains were blowing slightly in the wind. The pale light of the moon shined through and filled Ichigos' room with a soft light. Ichigo looked at the empty closet, Rukia hadn't been home…in weeks. "Damnit…Where is she? Why hasn't she come home?" Ichigo asks him self.

Ichigo closes his eyes, reliving the day when she left. It was right after school…

"Ichigo…" the petite shinigami says quietly, the sun was just setting and Ichigo turned around to look at her.

"Hm? What's up?" He asks, leaning down slightly to look at her. Rukia just smiled

"You go home. I have to take care of a hollow" Rukia says still smiling. Ichigo blinked and opened his mouth to protest. Until he saw the look on Rukias' face, the way her eyes glistened in the sunlight, and he realized how fake her smile was. She was lying…

"Rukia, you sure?" was all Ichigo could say. Rukia nodded and her smiled disappeared.

"Goodbye…Ichigo" She says before walking past Ichigo, leaving him to stand there dumbfounded.

Ichigo believed Rukia, and went home…that was the last time he saw her.

Ichigo swore under his breath, blaming himself for not following Rukia. He sat up on his elbows hoping to see her come through the window. It was amazing how much he missed her, he had gone to soul society to save her, she saved him countless numbers of times and now he couldn't even detect her spirit energy.

Ichigo fell back onto his pillow and stared at the ceiling. "Rukia…where are you?" Ichigo mutters before closing her eyes.


Rukia bit her lower lip; her black shinigami uniform was drenched in blood. Rukia closed her eyes, Ichigo…your window better be open. She thought before jumping down from the roof she was standing on.

Rukia was surprised, the hollow had been tricky. Always disappearing before she could deliver the final blow, so she had spent weeks just trying to track the damn thing and on top of that she was already injured so her blood lead to more hollows attacking her which delayed Rukia from catching the hollow that kept disappearing.

Rukia ran to Ichigos' house, she bet he was asleep by now. Rukia could get in and Ichigo wouldn't pester her about her wounds. The kurosaki household was in her eyesight, and Rukias' heart skipped a beat and began to race.

What's wrong with me? I've entered this house before…why are my hands sweating? Why is my heart racing? This is strange. Rukia jumped up and her feet landed on the windowsill. "Ichigo left the window open" Rukia whispers with a small smile on her lips.

Ichigo sat up quickly "Rukia!!" he says shocked, Rukia jumped and caught the curtain before falling backwards.

"Baka! Don't scare me like that you idiot!" Rukia yells. Ichigo frowns "You're the one coming into my room at the middle of the night!" He retorts.

"I'm going to bed" Rukia says with a slight growl, she jumped over Ichigos' bed and landed on the floor. Rukia winced slightly, she had forgotten about her wounds. Please let Ichigo not noticed I'm hurt. He will think it was his entire fault…idiot. He is always blaming himself…Rukia walked towards her closet and was about to climb in when she heard Ichigos voice. It was much softer then before, "Are you…hurt?" He asks getting out of bed.

Rukia laughed, "No, I'm a professional shinigami…I don't get reckless injuries like you do!" Rukia says coldly. Ichigo frowns "You are a horrible liar" He says walking towards Rukia. He reached out grabbing her arm; Rukia spins around and slaps his hand away.

"Don't touch me!" She yells, with her eyes closed tightly. Ichigo was perplexed, until he looked at his hand. The pale moonlight shown on his hand, revealing the deep red liquid that was resting on his palm.

"Rukia, you are hurt!" Ichigo says, adding emphasis on the last word. Rukia rolled her eyes, "I'm fine Ichigo, stop worrying!" She says wanting nothing more then to crawl into her bed.

"I should have gone with you, this is all my fault." Ichigo says, running his clean hand through his spiky orange hair.

"Don't blame yourself, Ichigo" Rukia says, her eyes fixed onto the floor. Ichigo shook his head lightly.

"What are you talking about! I shouldn't of let you go alone and so it's my fault that you are hurt!" Ichigo says annoyed that Rukia would think it wasn't his fault.

"You blame yourself too much. Just for once, let it be MY fault. I should have been more careful" Rukia says, her violet eyes now staring at Ichigo, Rukia quickly broke the stare and muttered "Go to bed Ichigo. I can take care of myself" Rukia hoped he didn't hear her, but sadly he did.

"I'm not going to bed! Now, I'm going to heal you and it IS my fault! So you stop blaming yourself!" Ichigo retorts angrily. Rukia scowls as Ichigo motions her to follow him and with much difficulty she follows him into the bathroom.

Ichigo was shuffling through the cabinets by the time Rukia reached the room.

"Sit on the counter, hold on let me help you!" Ichigo says picking up Rukia before she could protest. Ichigo gently placed Rukia on the counter, and returned to looking for the proper things to help her wounds.

"So, how did the great Rukia get beat this badly by one hollow?" Ichigo asks with a smirk. Rukia frowns and gives him the death glare.

"The hollow kept evading my attacks, and would fade away before I had the chance to kill it." Rukia says crossing her arms.

"Why didn't you just come home then?" Ichigo asks placing bandages and a bottle of white liquid on the table. Rukia paused before answering…why didn't she come home?

"I…don't know. I just really wanted to beat the hollow." Rukia says flatly. Ichigo just shrugs lightly, "You should have come home" He says.

Rukia rolled her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh, "You mean, I should have come to your home. Ichigo, this isn't my home." Rukia says, trying to sound harsh. Ichigo mutters something under his breath and it sounded a lot like "it's your home too Rukia."

Rukia felt her cheeks become warm, and she looked away. "Rukia, where are you injured?" Ichigo asks. Rukia gulps before answering, "My arm, shoulder…and there's a gash in my stomach" Rukia answers softly. She didn't want to see the look on Ichigos face after she said that.

"Alright then, lift your sleeve and I'll wrap up your arm and shoulder." Ichigo says as he tears the bandage. Rukia hesitantly lifted the sleeve of her shinigami uniform, the blood was running down her shoulder and the other gash on her arm had stopped bleeding. Ichigo carefully wiped off the dry blood with a wet rag. He placed the white liquid on her wound and quickly wrapped her arm.

"You have to…pull down your sleeve for me to reach your…um…shoulder…" Ichigo says timidly as his cheeks soon turned red, expecting a blow to the head from Rukia and many mentions of pervert. Yet, none of that happened. She pulled down her sleeve enough so that Ichigo could see the would and nothing more. Ichigo did this wound quickly and gulped, the next wound was on Rukias stomach. He forced out the images that were floating into his mind. "Ichigo, close your eyes please" Rukia says finally looking at Ichigo.

"Oh yeah, right sorry" Ichigo turns around and shuts his eyes tightly. Rukia took off the top of her shinigami uniform, and grabbed a shirt of Ichigos from the hamper in the bathroom. It was rather clean, and it still smelled like Ichigo, Rukia put on the shirt and lifted it so the wound could be seen and nothing more. "Okay Ichigo, please do this quickly." Rukia says with a hint of wrath in her voice, a warning that if he tried anything funny, she would kick his ass. Ichigo turned around and quickly grabbed the wet cloth, wiping away the dry blood. His face was so close to Rukias…well…chest. Ichigo had to force away his blushing, "You're lucky the wound didn't go all the way through" Ichigo says wrapping the bandage around her stomach. He was about an inch away from Rukias face, but he kept his eyes on what he was doing. Rukia blushed and looked away, she felt the bandage tug as Ichigo tied it. Rukia winced slightly, "Baka! Be careful!" She yells, hiding her pain with anger. Ichigo looks at Rukia, finally lifting his head to meet her gaze. They were trapped in each others eyes, Ichigo glared and Rukia glared back it was an excuse not to break the stare.

"I'm going to bed" Rukia says coldly, while pushing Ichigo away from her face. Ichigo watches her leave the room, he could still smell her scent. She smelt like cherry blossoms and that smell the air gets when its about to rain. Ichigo cleans up in the bathroom and returns to his room. He sees Rukia sitting on the edge of his bed, looking out the open window. "What are you doing?" He asks, Rukia turns around.

"I'm…er…looking for uh hollows." Rukia lies, before turning back to look out the window. Ichigo sighs and stands at the edge of his bed, looking out the window too.

"What are you looking at?" He asks looking from left to right, Rukia smiles.

"The moon." She says softly, Ichigo looks up at the moon, he didn't see what was so special about it.

"Yeah, the moon. How exciting" He says sarcastically, before looking at Rukia who was smiling while looking up. She looked at Ichigo and blushed, "What?" She asks angrily, but was more embarrassed that he was staring at her. Ichigo smirked, "Nothing" he says looking at the moon.

"You're such an idiot. The moon is beautiful...majestic...its in the center of our sky. No beauty can compare to it." Rukia says looking back at the moon as well. Ichigo just smiles wrapping an arm around Rukias shoulders.

"Look who's talking" He says with a smirk. Rukia rolls her eyes but scoots closer to Ichigo and smiles. She didn't know why she wanted to be so close to him but the security of his arm around her...it made her want to be completely wrapped in his arms. Rukia rested her head agianst his side and could faintly hear Ichigos' heart that was racing wildly. Ichigo smiles, his eyes on Rukia.

I think I found something more beautiful then the moon...and her name is Rukia.

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