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Title: A billion degrees

Summary: "It's hot! Come on!" Rukia was nearly begging him, all she wanted was to go swimming or get ice cream. Ichigo had other plans in mind to get the Shinigami to shut up.

Warnings: Fluff (so much that they might be out of character and you'll get a toothache)

Note: No real time-line in this one...no spoilers or anything either.

"Ichigoooo!" Rukia moaned into his ear causing the boy to blush. "Come on! It's so hot!"

"Stop complaining! We won't get there any faster!" He was carrying her on his back, thanks to a hollow attack, Rukia had sprained her ankle. She said she was fine but he insisted upon carrying her back to his house. She eventually gave in once trying to stand and nearly collapsing into him.

"Let's stop and get ice cream!" Her arms were loosely around his neck, her chest pressed tightly against his back. The heat wasn't making anything easier.

"No." He ground his teeth together, focusing on the next ten steps and then the next ten after that.

"Then let's go swimming!"

"Rukia, you can't!"

She groaned again, right next to his head, only making him sweat more. It wasn't his fault, really. She was the one who was groaning and moaning. His hands were sticking to the skin of her bare legs. Why did hollows always attack after or during school? His uniform was practically suffocating him.

"Ichigo, it's like...a billion degrees out!" She had never faced a heat wave like this one before. Her whole body felt like it was melting. She just wanted something to cool her off, was that too much to ask?

Stupid orange haired Shinigami!


"Ow!" She winced when she placed ice on her swollen ankle.

They didn't make it to the clinic, Ichigo stopped at a convenience store and the woman was nice enough to give them some ice in a plastic bag. He went back in the store, returning with two Popsicles. One orange and one purple. He handed one of them to Rukia and sat down beside her on the curb.

"Thanks." She mumbled, glaring at the sun, "It's so hot."

"I know." He tore off the wrapper, seeing the one he had was purple. He didn't care for grape flavor very much. "Trade?"

"No way!" She licked the side of the orange treat. Ichigo turned his head away and focused on his own Popsicle.

"Okay, let's go." He looked down at her and well...he had to admit...she was kinda cute. Popsicle stick hanging out of her mouth, one hand holding ice on her ankle, and that annoyed gleam in her eyes. The heat must really be getting to his head if he was thinking Rukia, his friend, was cute.

"Let's go swimming!" She suggested, not moving from her spot.

"Rukia..." He let out a long sigh.

"Get me somewhere, I can heal my leg. Come on! You're just as hot as I am AND you've been carrying me. You need a break." She extended her hand to him and he, grudgingly, helped her up. Her arm went around his waist and he held her around her shoulders.

He preferred carrying her but helping her walk wasn't half bad either. It was less hot, that was for certain.


"AH! Much better!" Rukia jumped from foot to foot. She had healed her leg behind a tree near the river. "Alright, let's go." Rukia felt a rush of energy swirling in her chest. This was just like when she was younger! Her and her friends would go and swim in the river.

"Rukia!" His face suddenly paled when he realized what she was doing.

Her white blouse fell onto the grass and she jumped into the river. Idiot! How deep does she think the river is...well then again...she is short.

"Come on!" Rukia yelled when her head resurfaced. Ichigo's face was a bright pink and thankfully, Rukia just brushed it aside to the heat. He pulled off his uniform, leaving the pants on, no amount of money could get him to take off his pants around Rukia.

They swam out to the middle of the slow-moving river. It was up to Ichigo's chest and well-over Rukia's head. She splashed some water at him. The river wasn't very cold but it was still nice.

"Loosen up. God, I feel like I'm with Nii-sama."

"Wha—what has gotten into you?" Ichigo splashed water back at her, earning a devious smirk from his partner.

"It's the heat." She said, floating on her back, "messing with my head." He swam beside her, even though his feet easily touched the river's bottom.

"Yeah..." He agreed, his eyes watching the way the water reflected on her pale skin. He had kept his eyes above her neck but, he slipped a few times and saw the exposed skin of her flat stomach and petite chest.

"I feel better. We can go home now." They half-swam, half-waded to the shore. They laid on their backs in the grass, watching the clouds move by. Although he was uncomfortable with the fabric of his pants sticking to his legs...Ichigo had to admit...it was a good idea. He was much cooler now. That is, until he felt a small hand slip into his. The blush spread from his neck to his ears. She didn't say anything—she didn't have to say anything.

That's just how simple they were together.

No words needed just combined breathing and water drying off their skin.

"Ready to go?" Her voice drifted to his ears. He wasn't though, not yet, this was his chance. He always acted on impulse, he rushed in without thinking. Now it was time to do something he had wanted to do...he wasn't sure for how long...but the lingering feeling was always there.

Ichigo rolled over to his side and placed an arm next to Rukia. He towered over her, enjoying the brief moment in which he saw her blush. He leaned down and captured her lips in a soft, yet awkward as all first kisses are. She returned the kiss, her whole body on fire. This heat was pleasant...she wouldn't mind feeling like a billion degrees if it involved kissing Ichigo. Her kiss tasted salty from sweat and he could faintly taste the orange-flavored Popsicle. She was the one who slipped her tongue into his mouth, earning a small groan from the Shinigami above her. He let her lead the way, showing him, teasing him, and somehow her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Okay, now we can go." Ichigo said against her lips when he broke the kiss. Her eyes were lidded, hazy, but warm. A lovely blush had coated her cheeks and her lips were slightly swollen from the forceful kiss.

Hot days...always something to remember.

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