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I guess you could say that this is the sequel to my poem tempting fire. this poem is through Zuko's pov. Hope you enjoy!

Calming Waves

When I first realized I loved you,
I really didn't know what to do.
I thought that maybe you would return my love,
That you would say you loved me too.

We spent so much time together,
I was sure you felt the same.
I'm very much attracted to you,
Like a moth to the flame.

"Were too opposite!"
you told me,"We would never work out."
While it's true your water and I fire...
it's your love I can't live without.

You broke my heart the day you left,
I don't know how soon I could forgive.
You said to get on with life,
That I should continue to live.

But I'm not going to stop trying,
Though the chances are slim.
Even when you tell me to go away,
Even when the prospects are grim.

Good luck trying to avoid me,
Ill always be near.
Just in case you need me,
Ill be there to wipe your tear.

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I cant write anything good anymore, I have ran out of ideas...so i am allowing you to make requests. Give me a situation, or something, that you think deserves a poem. Please?

You know what maked me angry? The world…and my English teacher… She had us write a paper about someone we knew that tied, you know…like someone we were close to…well anyway, I didn't have anyone like that so me with my big dorkey A.W.S decided to write about Sokka and Yue. She said it didn't count. That meanie.

I have been having serious writers block lately...

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