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Chapter 1- In the way

I glanced at my hair in the mirror and fluffed it out a little. Rosalie and Alice walked in, their faces grim. " You don't need to take so long Bella. You're not the one going to school." Rosalie complained. " You said we could use your bathroom a half hour ago." I smirked and turned to them.

" You don't need sleep, should've been in here earlier. It's not my fault your husbands' insist on showering. " I replied.

" Come on, please scoot and let us in." Alice smiled and batted her eyelashes. I rolled my eyes and stepped out. Sometimes you just have to give in. I walked down the stairs and into the brightly lit kitchen where Carlisle, Esme and Edward were seated. Lanina was in front of the fridge, taking out something. I couldn't really see. The three at the table turned to me with their bright topaz eyes; they'd gone hunting Saturday and boy could you tell.

" Good morning Isabella." Carlisle said warmly. I smiled back at him.

" Likewise Carlisle." I replied as I reached up to grab the bottle of blood Lanina threw at me. " Thanks Lan." I said. She nodded her head then focused her attention to her outfit. We were both going on the run and were dressed to kill in black leather pants, tank tops and boots. And seeing as how we were both loaded down with weapons, the pun is intended. I took a swig of the blood and grimaced; I hated refrigerated blood. It tasted so. . . Blah.

" Drink it." Lanina scolded me. " We can't afford for one of us to slip and kill someone. Well, someone we're not supposed to kill that is." I frowned and took another sip. That's what not feeding often will do to you. Edward got up and kissed me softly. I ran a hand through his copper hair and kissed him back.

" When are you going to let me come with you again?" He questioned me softly, his breath on my cheek.

" You have school." I stated simply.

" There's nothing I haven't learned before. Come on, we've been training for months now."

" I know Edward, but I don't want to chance something happening. Things have been quiet for too long. Mitchell's got to be planning something. I don't want you getting caught in the middle of anything." He smiled and squeezed my waist with his arm.

" I'll be fine." He assured me. I sighed and looked at him intensely. I wasn't going to win this argument.

" Fine. The next run I go on you can come with." I finally said. He grinned and kissed me passionately.

" Aw, batwoman's finally going to take batman with her." Emmett spoke up. I looked over Edward's shoulder and grinned. He winked and sat down at the table. Edward sighed and turned us around.

" Very funny Emmett. Oh I forgot to tell you, your old village called. They want their idiot back." Edward replied heartedly. I chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder.

" Alright girls, break it up." I teased.

" Are you sure you want to marry into this family?" Lanina questioned me. " I mean, with these genes. . . Imagine what your children would be like." I looked down at the ring on my finger and smiled. The night Edward had proposed had been perfect. A candle-lit dinner. . . A walk in my garden with the moonlight shining down on us. . . Him handing me a single red rose and professing all the love he had for me. . . And the ring was beautiful. A sapphire teardrop stone surrounded by clusters of diamonds. It was so breathtakingly beautiful. And it was mine. Ching ching.

" Yeah." I smiled and touched the ring. " I'm sure Lan." She smiled but then let out a squeal when Travis surprised her by wrapping his arms around her waist and spinning her around. She grinned and playfully struggled, but they ending up in a deep kiss. I was glad they'd finally given in to. . . Well whatever it was they felt for each other. I still wasn't quite sure about what the emotion was yet; but I didn't care. They were happy and that was all that mattered.

" Edward, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme; good morning." Travis said. They all murmured their greetings while I just stared at him,

" Hey! What am I? Chopped liver?" I asked. He smiled and gave me a tight hug.

" Good morning chopped liver." He joked. I smacked his shoulder then glanced at the clock. " Yeah, I'm back early."

" No, it's not that. It's just school time for the Cullen's." I said nonchalantly. Edward frowned and gathered me into his arms.

" I don't want to go to school." He complained.

" We all have to do things we don't want to." I told him softly. " Now go educate that cute brain of yours." I kissed him once more then walked over to the stairs. Holding the banister I shouted, " Alice, Rosalie, Jasper! It's time to learn." Rosalie bolted down the stairs, looking perfect as always.

" Emmett! Let's go!" She yelled. " Be careful today Bella." She said to me as soon as Emmett came out of the kitchen. I gave them both a quick hug then watched them get into their Mercedes and drive away. Next Alice and Jasper came down the stairs, a bright smile on both of their faces. They wished me luck, gave me a hug and drove off in their silver BMW. Edward walked out of the kitchen, a frown still on his face. I peered at his outfit with an arched eyebrow. He would've looked even hotter had he still had his dark brown hair. Too bad it washed out. And I don't think he'd be willing to dye it again. Damn.

" Don't give me that look." I sighed. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped my hand in his.

" I know. I'll see you later. Be safe my love." I kissed him gently then watched him drive away in his red mustang. When he bought it I joked that it was his mid-life crisis car. I don't think he really found the humor in that though. Carlisle and Esme walked into the front hall.

" We should get going." Esme began. Her and Carlisle both worked at Rosaling's Hospital. Carlisle as a doctor of course, and Esme as a nurse in the children's department. Carlisle nodded his head and threw on his white hospital robe.

" Be sure to watch your back today Bella." He said to me. I shook my head and ushered them outside.

" I know, I know. Have fun at work." I responded. They smiled and gave me a quick hug then got into their black Buick. I leaned against the door and groaned, sometimes there was a lot of people in this house. Lanina and Travis came out of the kitchen, his arm around her shoulders.

" I think it's time for them to get their own house Noleen." Lanina told me. I just looked at her; not saying anything because I knew she was right.

" Come on Noleen, you know they're driving you crazy. You're used to the quiet and they're not that quiet. Besides, living with so many veg vampires for so long is starting to get weird. Especially when they're eating pig and we're eating Peggy." Travis added.

" I can't just kick them out. They're my family." I argued.

" You're right, they are. And look at it this way; it's going to be so nice to have them around once you and Edward are married! Imagine, living with your in-laws! What fun!" Lanina smiled, I grimaced. That would be. . . Weird.

" They'll be gone by next week." I muttered. Lanina and Travis grinned and gave each other a high five. " Don't be too sad guys." I said sarcastically. " I'd hate for you to see them leave."

" Yeah, we're crushed." Lanina said as she took her jacket out of the closet. " We better go." I nodded my head and walked to my car.

" Yeah, we better run." I replied. Suddenly I just wasn't in the mood for this fun. I knew my feelings would get in the way of my work sometime. I just didn't think it'd be so soon.