Tea Meeting

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'Finally some calm.' Raven was sitting in her favorite chair at a café after just escaping Beast Boy's jokes. 'Nothing is better than a relaxing cup of tea… well not that I know of at least…'

Little did she know that she would be proven wrong in just a few minutes.


Terra was walking along the street when suddenly she had the notion to go and visit a certain café on her way back to the Tower. 'Man I'm beat! I hope they can still give me some tea, it is pretty late though…'


Raven was wondering what time it was when she noticed the door open.

'Who else could be coming in this late?' Raven thought to herself.

It was none other than Terra. Terra looked in and spotted Raven sitting and came to join her.

"Hi Raven, I thought that you would be back at the Tower. Isn't it interesting that we happened to see each other here?"

"Hello. I do have a life other than the Titans you know" Raven replied.

"Oh, yeah of course, sorry!"

"Don't worry about it."

Raven's heart was beating more than regular and she didn't know why. They talked for a while longer, but then the shop was about to close and they had to leave.

"So, are you going to go back to the Tower right now?" Terra asked Raven.

"No, I'm going to go and meditate, umm… would you like to come with me?"

'Why did I just ask her that? Am I crazy?!'

"No! Your in love! KYAAAA!!!!"

'Happy!? How could you say that your soo weird!"

"Listen to your heart… bye have fun… well not too much…Kyaaa!"

"Hey, Rae… are you okay? You just zoned out on me here?"

"Oh… yeah I'm fine." 'just that Happy is making me rethink this…'

Raven picked up Terra and flew them to a hill with a tree in full bloom.

"Wow! That tree is soo pretty!" said Terra

'Not as pretty as you.'

'Waahhh where did that come from?!'

"Yeah it is."

Raven was nervous. She was afraid that she might let it slip her mouth and admit her feelings, so she meditated while Terra looked over the city.

Suddenly, Happy took over and had Raven walk over to Terra, who was leaning against the tree. They looked at each other for a moment, and then Raven instinctively moved closer and kissed Terra quickly on the lips. They were both shocked and didn't move. Then Raven flew away.

Terra felt a drop of water hit her face. It wasn't raining… it was a tear that Raven had shed. Terra, realizing this summoned up a boulder and went after Raven.

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