Chapter 5

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It was night and the stars were shining brightly. Raven passed by many places as she ran away from the one person whom she had wanted to be with just a while before. It is a horrible feeling, to have to run from the one you love.

'Why did she come and follow me? I have to get away from her. I know that she doesn't want to be with me. Why is she following me?" Raven was confused and scared. She hurriedly rushed down a dark alleyway.

"Raven! Stop! I need to talk to you!" Terra was frantically trying to catch up with Raven. 'If only I had given into my feelings sooner, then this wouldn't be happening…"


Terra had gone into the tea shop. (This was before Raven walked in with Robin.) There, she said hi to the waitress. Her name was Tsuki. Terra knew her slightly from coming in often and they began to talk.

"Hey… how do you know if you are in love?" Terra was still in confusion about her feelings toward Raven, even though she had turned her down.

"Well… I'm no expert, but I think that when you are in love, that you might be uncertain at first, but sooner or later it will hit you like a brick. At least that is what happened to me…" Tsuki blushed after saying this and turned away.

"But," Tsuki's face grew grim, "there is only so long that the person you love will wait for you. If they give up, then you might not ever get to know if you really did love them."

End Flashback

'If only I had realized earlier than last night after everyone had gone to sleep. Maybe I should have gone to her even though she had gone to bed…' Terra was jolted out of her thoughts when she narrowly missed running into a building.

The city soon was left behind them, and they came to open fields of tall grass. The grass swayed with the wind and looked like an ocean.

Raven slowed down and stopped right in front of a cherry blossom tree. Terra felt her breath hitch as she looked at Raven there under the tree.

'What am I doing stopping? I guess that I couldn't run forever… but now what?' Raven wanted to move, but for some reason she couldn't.

Terra upon arriving in front of Raven pushed her up against the tree and gave her a passionate kiss. Raven was shocked. She hadn't seen this coming from anywhere.

Terra's hand went up to hold Raven's face. Raven could feel the emotion in the kiss like fire licking at her lips. Soon though, they needed air and their kiss stopped. Then they just stared at each other for what felt like and eternity. Neither wanted to move, afraid of ruining the moment.

"I'm sorry…" Terra was the first to speak. It was only a husky whisper, but Raven understood it. There were so many things that they wanted to say, but they decided to remain silent.

"Actions speak louder than words…" Raven said this softly into Terra's ear and then nipped it. Somewhere along they had wrapped each other in an embrace that radiated the warmth that filled their hearts.

They embraced like that for a while… all the time asking with their eyes if this was okay.

"Will you go out with me? I promise not to run away again." Terra just couldn't let Raven go.

"Yes… I couldn't say no." Raven grinned and kissed Terra on the lips. It was a short one, but one that said everything.

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