Title: Rain is falling down

Rating: PG

Genre: Gen

Disclaimer: Don't own, not making any money.

Author's Note: Written for the 3 fics I'd never write meme, for lostandalone22, to the prompt of 'Sam's whining because it's raining and they have to dig a grave.' Betaed by starrylizard.

Summary: Rain plus digging plus Sammy does not make a happy boy.

"Oh, geeze, Sam, could you be a bigger girl!"

Sam stopped digging, rested on his shovel and looked up at Dean, giving him the bitch face to end all bitch faces.

"You want to be down here?" Sam snapped, feeling the water flowing around his toes. He was never going to be dry again.

Dean just held up the hand that looked like it had been impaled on a fence post. "Nah, not so much, Sammy."

Dean claimed it wasn't serious, and he didn't seem like he was about ready to pass out, but it unfortunately meant that Sam was stuck with grave digging duty. In torrential rain. Where the ground was already so water logged that virtually none of the water was soaking in.

Which all added up to the fact that Sam had dug four foot down and was standing in two feet of freezing water. He was a little terrified that if he got any lower the water would be over his head.

He irritably flicked his hair out of his eyes, but it immediately fell back, dripping more water down his face and blocking his view. He leant the shovel against the side of the grave and pulled off his shirt and, after pushing the wet hair back, tied it around his head. There was no point in wearing the shirt when he was already soaked to the skin.

"Woah, Sammy, do I have to provide you with some stripping music?" Dean smirked and wolf-whistled.

"Dean, I'd suggest you shut up. I'm cold, I'm wet – don't you dare snigger! Do you have any idea how hard it is to dig when the ground is this wet? The shovel virtually doesn't move! I'm covered in mud; I think it's even down my underwear."

Dean raised his hands up in front of him in a stop gesture. "Just don't start stripping them off. I really don't want to know, man."

Sam wearily picked up the shovel and started flinging mud all over himself again as the water ran down his arms. Another two or three feet and then it would be deep enough.

If he didn't drown before then.