"Faye!" The skinny yet muscular man lying on the yellow couch yelled throughout the entire room.

"What?" The violet haired woman, wearing two yellow cloths that looked like her clothes, asked angrily as she places her hands on her knees.

"Could you please be more gentler?" The injured and obviously angry man whispered, as the wounds on his torso seem to be opening up.

"I will, if you stop moving!" The woman sitting on the coffee table continues to tightly wrap him with bandages.

"Ahh!" The mossy haired man yelled as blood slowly seeps onto the newly rolled bandages on his torso.

"Ahh… Stop complaining!" The green-eyed vixen mocked the man lying on the couch.

"I will, if you stop pulling the bandages too tight!"

"Oh, Ok let's not tighten Spikee-wiky's bandages… let's see what will happen…" Faye mocked as she loosens up the bandages wrapped around his torso.

"Is this ok?" Faye pouted her lips and continued to mock him and loosen up the bandages.

"Ah! Jesus Christ Faye! Not too loose!" Spike ordered as his wounds started opening up again.

"See?! This… is why I have to… tighten your bandages… up!" Faye suddenly pulled the bandage that quickly stopped the bleeding.

"F-F-Fuuck…" Spike moaned painfully as he lays his head down and stops himself from screaming.

"What's going on here?" Jet peeped from his bonsai room to check on the two bounty hunters in the living room.

"Nothing…" Faye replied as she rolls more bandages on Spike's body.

"Jet… he… help… mm…"

"Holy Crap, Faye!" Jet dropped his clippers and approached Faye, "What do you think you're doing?!" he looked at Spike's body that now resembles a living mommy from ancient Egypt.

"I told you to treat the guy, not to kill him!" Jet quickly grabs hold of the bandage that Faye was holding.

"Don't worry Jetster! I don't think this stupid lunkhead would die like this…" Faye paused momentarily and suddenly a serious ambiance surrounded the room until she continued her statement, "After everything he's been… There's no way he'd die… not like this…" Faye looked away as she sat in an Indian position on the coffee table.

"Why are you so angry at Spike, Faye?" Jet questioned as he gently bandages his now unconscious comrade.

"Why wouldn't I Jet? Tell me one goddamn reason! I mean, I was about to go and leave this piece of junk shit you call home when suddenly you arrive out of nowhere only to tell me you need help," Faye stopped and inhaled deeply, "and when I was about to help you with something just to repay all the good things you've done for me… I found this piece of shitty scumbag!" Faye held her breath in her mouth to prevent her from letting out a loud sob as she remembers the moment she entered the living room and found Spike lying on the yellow couch, his coat soaked in his blood and full of cuts all over his body.

"Now calm down Faye… You don't want Spike hearing all those nasty things you said about him…" Jet calmly told her, not wanting to burst out with laughter at what he had just heard from Faye.

"Yeah right, too bad the selfish bastard fell asleep…" she turns to face Spike, "now I have to repeat my speech once more and yell it in his face… that is if he ever decides to wake up from his dream about his future life!" Faye mocked him even in his sleep and stood up and decides to go to her room.

"Hey wait Faye! Help me get him to his room…"

Faye stopped on her trails and just stood there for a couple of seconds 'Did he just?' Faye yelled in her thoughts as her expression changed from shock to fury.

When Faye slowly turn around to show Jet her furious expression, it changed to her 'oh-you're-not-kidding!' look when she saw Jet holding Spike with one arm over his shoulder.

"Come on Faye! Spike maybe thin but he has a lot of muscles!" Jet said as he struggles to drag Spike's body towards Faye.

"Jet. As much as I want to help you, I'm sorry I just can't let lunkhead's foul stench corrupt my pure body. " Faye smiled at Jet who looked angry. "So if you don't mind, I already packed my things…"


"Oh ALRIGHT already!" Faye went stomping towards Jet.

Faye grabbed Spike's wrist using her thumb and index finger and slowly placing it on her smooth, soft and white shoulders as a smug look spread all over her beautiful face.

"It's a good thing you're wearing your boots!" Jet said and softly chuckled, as some of Spike's weight were transferred over Faye's shoulders.

"I can't! And I mean I cannot! Believe this!" Faye angrily murmured under her breath as they slowly walk towards Spike's room.

"Look at the bright side Faye, now you don't have to yell your speech in his face, you just have to repeat it and whisper it in his ears!" Jet laughed at how close Spike's face is to Faye's that he was starting to transfer all of Spike's weight to Faye's delicate shoulders.

"Ha-ha. Very funny Jet, but I don't think I'll repeat it ever again." Faye squirmed and shortly lifted Spike's body to transfer his weight back to Jet's shoulders.

"What's this? Faye Valentine, scared?" Jet chuckled loudly.

"Hah! I AM NOT!" Faye yelled and looked at Jet's face, unconsciously making Spike's face kiss her left cheek.

Jet stopped walking and looked at Faye's almost honest look and chuckled before talking, "I guess you're not scared of him… you're just… close to him… that's why…" Jet grinned and continued to carry his comrade to his room.

"I AM NOT close with him! We're not even friends!" Faye stopped Jet and still kept her head facing Jet with an upset look.

Jet, carrying Spike on his shoulders, looked back at Faye and raised an eyebrow and grinned.

"I said, 'you're just close to him' Faye" Jet's grin turned into a smile. After a few seconds of intensely looking Jet into the eyes she finally understood what Jet was saying to her and quickly pulled her head away from Spike.

When Jet saw Faye look away and pout her mouth, he started laughing uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?" Faye looked at Jet and blushed.

"Nothing… just nothing…" Jet said in between short chuckles.

As Faye continued to carry his body to his room Jet's laugh began to fade with Bebop's noisy engine and the two bounty hunters soon found the silence really awkward.

"After everything he's been… There's no way he'd die… not like this…" Faye mumbled softly.

"Huh? You sayin' something?" Jet looked at Faye surprised with the new noise that hit his ears.

"I'm… I'm just practicing my speech…" Faye looked down and smiled

Jet and Faye were just a few inches away from the door of Spike's room when a very loud ringing noise stopped Jet on his feet.

"Hey that's my comm. ringing, Faye c-could you carry Spike to his bed, I'm just gonna answer that call…" and before Faye could open her mouth and yell at Jet, she was already carrying all of Spike's weight on her shoulders.

"Shit, this lunkhead's heavier than I've imagined! What was the other line I said earlier again?… 'Now I have to repeat my speech once more and yell it in his face… that is if he ever decides to wake up from his dream about his future life!' good thing I still remember that, that was a good come back… if only this lunkhead was awake…" Faye mumbled as she tried her best to open the door without falling out of balance.

"Who could ever call me at this time of the night?" Jet said as he went to his bonsai room and grabs his comm.

"Hidey-Ho Jet-ster!" A red haired teenager with golden eyes appeared on the screen.

"E-Ed?!" He grabbed the comm. with both of his hands and a very happy and shocked expression was now shown all over his face.

"J-Jet! Yes! This is Edward Hau Peppelu Tivrusky the Third talking!" a very loud and happy giggle escapes the young hacker's throat.

"W-Where are you?!" Jet asked, as he wasn't able to tell her location because she had covered the whole screen with her head.

"Edward is just around the corner! Please come and pick Ed and Ein! They haven't eaten food in seven days, two hours, and fourteen minutes!" Ed tried to make her voice sound as happy as she was before she left Bebop.

"Around the corner?! Where are you exactly Edward?" Jet panicked when he saw Ed's horrid/hungry look on the screen.

"Outside of Beep-Bebop's door! Hurry Jetster Edward's not going to make it in time!!!" she pouted her mouth as she ended her sentence.

"Outside?!" Jet's eyes widen even more and he rushed outside the hangar to open the door for Ed.

"You're one lucky bastard, you know that Spiegel?" Faye whispered as she again struggles in carrying Spike to his bed.

"No, I don't." A rough voice groaned besides her left ear that almost made her trip over.

"Son of a…" Faye stopped and looked down on the floor with a shocked expression in her eyes. Panting heavily while her heart beats violently. "Y-You're awake…" she looked at him in the eyes.

"I'm not lucky and I'm not a bastard either…" Spike stared at the shocked woman carrying his beaten up body with that familiar grin on his face.

"Y-You… ungrateful son of a bitch!!!" she yelled at him while still carrying his heavy body, "You were awake all this time?!!!"

"Actually, I just woke up but thanks for really waking me up Faye." Spike leaned in closer to her face.

"Fuck! Get off me Lunkhead!" Faye tried to remove Spike's arm around her shoulders but found it futile when both of their bodies were now lying on top of each other --Spike on top of Faye-- on the bed.

"Ahh!!! I just took a bath!!!" Faye yelled as she made funny faces and tries to separate their bodies.

"Easy woman! You don't want me falling unconscious on top of you!" Spike grunted. Faye's hands were lying between them to make enough distance for her to breath.

"I can't believe this! After all this time you were just outside of Bebop! I better go tell Faye about this!" Jet exclaimed from the kitchen as Edward and Ein eat Jet's special meal, Beef with Bell Peppers.

"Lunkhead, move! I hear Jet coming!" Faye whispered angrily.

"Why? You don't want Jet finding us looking like this, now do you?" Spike grinned at Faye and made his body heavier to make sure that Faye wouldn't be able to push him away from her.

"Spike?! What're you doing?!" Faye panicked when the sound of metal boots clanging on metal floor neared her ears. "Spike?!" she whispered angrily as she felt Spike's hands roaming around her waist and his head burying itself on her neck.

'She smells like a real woman, even though she acts differently like a real woman should.' Spike thought as he snug his head deeper on the crook of her neck. 'This is… the first time I've smelled her like this…'

"Faye? Are you there?" Jet's voice neared Spike's room.

"Dammit Spike! You better get off of me right now or else…" Faye sounded like she was about to cry.

"An empty threat again?" Spike murmured on her skin. Faye could feel Spike grinning on her neck.

"Spike, get off of me…" Faye blushed when she felt Spike's lips on her neck and between her… -you don't wanna know-

"Don't worry Faye, from the looks of it, Jet will probably think I tried to harass you. After all, I am on top of you…" Faye felt her eyebrow twitch at the fact that Spike was and is still much more dominant than she is.

"Faye, I got good news for you…" the sound of the door knob turning around and the creaking sound of the door being opened made Faye just want to fast forward any inevitable future events.

"Faye?" The door opened and the light coming from the living room made its way into Spike's dark fortress.

"Wha--What the? Faye, what're you doing with Spike?" Jet exclaimed as the light from outside gave Jet the chance to distinguish the two figures pilled up at each other on the bed.

"Je--Jet help…" Faye chocked as she tries to breathe for oxygen.

"What happened to you?" Jet approached Faye and placed his metal hand on Spike's shoulder and turned him over. "You're awake?"

"Yo." A cute and hurt grin spread across his face as Jet help Faye get up from the bed.

"What are you two doing anyway?"

"This lunkhead tried to harass me!" Faye pointed her index finger right at Spike's nose.

"What? Me, harass you? I'm not the one who can move you know." Jet raised an eyebrow at Faye.

"What?! You mean you believe in this lunkhead?" Spike grinned when he saw the childish face Faye made.

"Anyway, I have good news to tell you two! You see I--" Jet was cut off when Faye shrieked.

"Ahh… Get off me!!!" Faye yelled as she was again lying on Spike's bed only this time she fell on top of Spike. She tried to look at the person or thing that was sitting on her back but found it difficult since the person was lying on back in a dogly manner.

"Gah. Get off me WOMAN…" Spike barked as Faye's breast was now crushing his lungs.

"Faye-Faye crushing Spike-person! Weeeehehehe!!" When the two bounty hunters heard the familiar loud scream of excitement they knew who it was right away.

"Jet could you help us? We're dying down here…" Spike thought of pushing Faye off of him but then again he was kind of enjoying Faye on top of him.

"Well what do you know, the news came to you before I could even tell it you" Jet laughed hysterically at the view that he missed for a lot of years. He almost shed a tear when he saw his partners, his family, finally back together just like before…

"That's IT!!!" Faye yelled and placed her hands on Spike's chest and pushed herself up that made Edward tumbling down the floor. Spike yelled in anguish as he felt his ribs crack.

"What is wrong with you?!" Spike placed a hand on his chest trying to feel all of his ribs.

"I am not going to live here with you people to ruin my renewed life!" Faye stood up and fixed her clothes.

"Renewed life? Bi-itch, you're still the same… ahh…" Spike closed his eyes because he was having a hard time at breathing.

"Huh. What do you know… you've been dead for a long time Spike… you don't know me anymore." Faye coldly turned around and looked at Jet in the eyes.

"Faye…" Jet reached out his metal hand to Faye's shoulder.

"Faye-Faye… Are you going to leave Edward and Ein?" The little red head girl tilted her head up at the woman standing in front of her.

Faye opened her mouth but nothing came out of it… just air…

"Faye-Faye, Edward already found where she belongs!" Edward stood up and smiled at them.

"Are you leaving now?" Jet whispered his voice rough but gentle. Faye walked towards the door and went out of his room.

Jet looked at Ed who was looking back with a hurt and lonely expression on her face. Jet let out a frustrated sigh and placed his hand on Ed's nape and walk with her outside of Spike's room.

"Jet-person is Faye-Faye really going to leave Bebop?" Jet stopped in front of the door and shook his head as he found it hard to answer Ed's question.

"You know, she really did changed when she thought you died… not every people are like you… people change Spike… people, including Faye…" and with that Jet left his room.