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Chapter 1

Oh great, first day of school, I'm already late and definitely not looking forward to another year of this crap, Spencer thinks to herself. The blonde then throws on her shoes and runs out her door, down the steps, and into her mother's car.

"Ready sweetie?" her mother questions from the front seat.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she replies as she buckles her seatbelt and fixes her hair. She settles herself in the seat and begins to think of what will happen when she arrives at her new school. She thinks back to Ohio and the life she left behind. Well, I hope I make the cheerleading squad and maybe even meet someone… Spencer was snapped out of thought at her brother Glen's words.

"Oh man, she is looking fine!"

"Who?" Spencer questions.

"Her," Glen answers staring out the window in awe. Spencer peers out to see the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. Now, she's hott! Wait, what was that? I'm not gay! I need to stop this now. Spencer looks over at Glen.


"Yea, what?"

"I think you have a little drool right..." Spencer wipes the bottom of her chin with her hand. Glen quickly mimics the action.

"Oh, whatever, just you wait, by the end of the day, I'll have her number and maybe even a date... If she's lucky."

"Enough," Paula says, "have a good day at school everyone." Everyone exits the car and simultaneously says good-bye to their mother.

"Ok, where to first?" Spencer's other brother, Clay asks.

"To the gym, see you losers later. Spencer, don't forget I'm your ride," Glen yells as he runs off towards a group of cheerleaders.

"I have AP Physics in a lab off campus. I gotta go or I'll be late. See u later Spence," Clay states as he takes off in the opposite direction. Spencer glances at her schedule and notices that she is "Science lab 3, Mr. Smith" first period… wherever that is. She begins walking aimlessly around the school, checking signs near the doors hoping to find her next class. She sharply turned the corner and ran right into someone. She made them drop their books and as Spencer apologized and helped to pick up the books, she recognized the girl. It was the same brown-eyed brunette they had seen in the car when they first arrived. Spencer stood just as the girl was standing and met her gaze. "Hi, I'm Spencer Carlin. Nice to meet you, and you are…"

"Ashley, Ashley Davies," the brunette responded. "So, you new here?"

"Yeah and I'm just trying to find my classes-"

"Well what do you have first period, maybe I can help…" Spencer handed over her schedule. "Hmmm, 'Science lab 3 with Mr. Smith,' I know where that is."

"Really? Can you take me there?"

"Sure, I have him first period too. As a matter of fact, I have every class with you except second and eighth."

"Sweetness! Would you mind if I follow you, just for today. I really don't know where I'm going."

"No, that's fine. So, let's go."