Ride a Cowboy

Author: just slummin

Disclaimer: I still own none of these characters. More's the pity!

Rating: M for sexual references

Summary: A little sequel for "Save a Horse" requested by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Here you go sweetie. Hope you enjoy!


Mal stood at the bottom rung of his ladder, watching the lovely view of River descending its top rungs. The woman was a wonder, he mused, a little surprised by how quickly she'd managed to change his earlier mood.

She reached the bottom rung and turned to be enveloped in his arms. The heady scent of leather, gunpowder, and that undefinable smell that was all Mal surrounded her, making her head swim deliciously.

"So I take it you're partial to a man with a gun," Mal breathed against her neck, slipping the straps of her dress down her shoulders.

"Um humh," she said, beginning to tremble beneath his clever hands. Dipping down to taste the skin of her breasts, he continued to ease her dress down her hips and legs, letting it pool on the floor at their feet. Sliding his hand into her flimsy panties, he found her sensitive nerve bundle with his thumb and pressed firmly as two fingers pushed into her wet warmth.

She grabbed onto his shoulders, her legs buckling at the sensations building within her. She gasped, "Mal, please," as she began to move urgently against his hand.

He pulled away momentarily, leaving her suddenly bereft. Breathing heavily, he said, "Partial as ya' are to the gun belt, darlin', I conjure its gotta come off for us to do what needs doin'."

She nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he worked to remove the belt and free himself of the confining tightness of his trousers.

"Leave the duster on, please," she whispered. "Just this once."

"Whatever you say, ma'am," Mal said, as he lifted her legs to straddle his waist. "I aim to please.."

Sinking finally onto the rock-hard length of him, she moaned in pleasure. "Oh you do, ai ren. You do."