His silver coated boots sank deep into the brick red carpet. One two back, one two back, left right, back forth, now bow… His short dance lessons seemed to seep through his drunken stance. Sure, the coat rack never made a good dancing partner, but he couldn't see a difference between that and the Mayor. They both had useless dancing legs.

Was it one…no, two years he had wasted his life serving and caring for the hated handicapped. He could see her as no one else could. The true her. She was as bad as her sister. Wicked.

No, what was he thinking. Nessa was different. At least she tried. She thought she as helping. She never lied about their beloved Wizard. Elphaba…no, the Witch, was causing havoc and destruction throughout the land. It was because of her he was stuck here, without a life and without his love.

It was the Witch's fault his beautiful Galinda…Glinda was no longer near him. His angel of bubbles and happiness was now prancing around with Mr. Tough Guy. Here he was, pushing a chair, with no nothing in site. Well, actually, she saw two of everything at the moment, but nothing ahead of him. One of his legs twisted around the wooden coat rack and he fell next to his abandoned silver jacket.

There was a soft ringing and a call for his name. Nessa… what was she still doing up? It was way past her normal bed schedule. Had she fallen out of bed? Was she sick? Hurt? A slight fear tugged at his heart for a reason he couldn't explain.

Running as fast as his legs would carry him, he threw open the heavy door. Nessarose sat in her velvet lined chair, book in her lap and a glass of water on a nearby table. Her long brown hair fell down her shoulders. She smiled when he came in the room.

"Boq, I need your help." Nessa announced. "I did not realize the how late it was, and all my ladies have gone home. I need you to help me get undress and in bed."

"Madam, I can't do that…" Boq stuttered.

"Don't call me Madam." Nessa sternly replied, "It is Nessa, or Nessarose if you must. Now please help me. You know I can't do it alone."

He nervously laughed and wondered if this was a sin. Of course Nessa was tragically beautiful, but she was not the one he loved. He must remain faithful to Glinda, or else he would never win her. Yet, his master needed his help. Though she basically imprisoned him, he had to help her.

Lifting her up from underneath her shoulders, he placed her on the bed. The bed was soft where he sat next to her, and he was shaking as he placed his hands on her back. Slowly, mostly because he couldn't see straight, he untied the winding strings. She grabbed the edges and pulled if off, reveling a lace underdress. Her bare shoulders were smooth and white. A pity Nessa could never do things on her own, but yet for once, this deed hypnotized him. She was beautiful.

"Now please move my legs." She pointed to the useless things hanging off the bed.

Boq, still seated next to her, placed her legs on the bed over the covers. The large bed with the pink and white covers seemed to swallow her. Her lithe body seemed so out of place among the fancy bedding. A girl of classic beauty, the Glinda way just didn't fit her. She smiled at him weakly and cleared her throat.

"I need to be under the covers to sleep." Nessa nodded at her feet.

"I'm sorry." Boq apologized, "I'm just so distracted."

"By what?" Nessa gave him a sultry look.

The heavy air that has been separating them seemed to lift, the wall being broken, the ocean swam. Boq slid his hand underneath her thigh and lifted them both. Perhaps it was risky, but her legs were soon tucked in. Nodding slightly, he bid her a good night and started to the door, hoping his night would be filled her more alcohol.

"Boq!" Nessa called after him.

Her voice quivered. Her dark eyes were starting to lighten and water. She took in a deep breath and clutched at the cloth near her chest. Never had he seen her so…well, sad. The mayor's body started to shake and she tried to hold back her sobs.

"Oh, Nessa." He whispered.

It was strange seeing her cry, and he felt soley reponsible. It hurt him to see her in so much pain, although that was all he felt in the pass years. She was alone in her world of government and order. He knew she liked him, and he started to see they were both quite similar. He held back on her, as Glinda held back on him.

Cupping her face in his small hands, he kissed her forehead, then her nose, and then her lips. Their bodies stilled. Sin had taken over him. This was all to similar to the incident at Shiz, but this time it felt right. Still, though, Glinda kept tugging on his heart. Everyone had to give up sometime, and whether it would be Boq or Nessa, this one moment would remain with them forever.