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It took Boq a few minutes to feel fully awake out of his dream world. After he felt like it was alright to get Nessa ready without falling into a pit of lust, he put on his clothes. His normal sliver boots, pants and jacket fit as tightly as ever. They made him look like a giant spoon.

"You look fine." Boq told his mirror. "You look good, you look great."

He then began his long walk from his room to Nessa's. There were giant paintings of people he didn't really know but didn't care to ask. He guessed that the one at the end of the hall, by Nessa's door, was the Thropp family. A bald man in elegant robes stood behind a chair holding a beautiful woman with long brown hair and piercing green eyes. Those beautiful green eyes, the pair Nessa owned, looked sad. As if they were ill. In her arms was the littlest baby he had ever seen. With curly brown hair and a wide smile, he could only guess this was Nessa. Beside their mother was a little girl with tinted green skin and charcoal black hair. Elphaba had Nessa's smile.

Boq felt strange looking at this portrait, as if he was looking at a past that wasn't his. He wondered what Nessa felt when she passed it. It must hurt, knowing everyone in the portrait was either dead or a terrorist. Guilt swept over him. Had his pushing and shoving her away hurt her? Shaking away the bad feeling, he opened the door.

"Boq!" Nessa screamed. "Get out!"

The only problem was that he couldn't move. Nessa was nude from the waist up while Mirabelle untied a tangled corset. It was as if he was thrust back into his dream, his hands pressed hard against her breasts He wanted to move, Oz knows that, but he couldn't. Nessa was too beautiful, too perfect…too…

"Master Boq!" Mirabelle stood up and screamed. "Get out of my Mistress' room!"

It was when Mirabelle screamed at him he broke away from the cement holding him back and ran out. He couldn't control his breathing and the room spun. What was wrong with him? He was supposed to hate Nessa. Nessa was taking over his land, his people, and his freedom. She had trapped him in some sort of spell, some sort of invisible prison. He wanted out. After a few minutes of confusion and hatred for what was slowly taking him over, Mirabelle opened the door.

"What are you doing on the floor?" Mirabelle asked.

"I'm not quite sure." Boq said.

"Anyway…you can go talk about whatever you two talk about." Mirabelle smirked. "But, just between you and me, my offer for seeing if the rumor…"

He pushed past her. He really didn't want to know what the rumor was or what she wanted him to do. Just a buzzer in the back of his head made him want to see Nessa. When he came in Nessa was dressed and ready to go. Her hair was wound tightly back into a bun with selected strands falling to her side. She was wearing a very lovely purple dress with white accents. On her useless feet were her beloved shoes, the shoes her dear old father gave her in Shiz. She was beautiful…what was wrong with him!

"Boq…" Nessa started. "I told you to go see your parents this weekend."

Out of all the things he could say, out of all the things that could flow out of his mouth.

"I don't want to." He stood up as straight and as strong as he could.

Nessa cocked an eyebrow and glared at him. This was not going as well as he hoped. She looked like she was about to protest until Mirabelle opened the door and started to usher them out.

"They are here! They are here!" Mirabelle gleefully said.

"They?" Boq asked.

Mirabelle ran a head of them, motioning them to quickly follow. Boq clutched onto Nessa's chair's handlebars and whizzed her down the hall. He forgot to check Nessa's reaction to the portrait, but he figured later that she was only thinking of Glinda's arrival.

They finally made their way to the front door. As Mirabelle slid out to help unload the carriage and welcome their arrival, Nessa had reached up and grabbed the shirt of Boq's collar. He was taken back at Nessa's boldness, but couldn't help noticing how great her eyes were up close. They were as green as, well, her sister….oh, that was not a good way to describe things…

"Please, Boq," Nessa whispered, "I don't want you to be here. I need you to take the weekend off. Please, Boq, for my sake."

Boq thought that if he stood up for himself and was strong against Nessa she would understand that he wanted to stay, he wanted to be there. He wanted more than anything to stay. He wanted to see Glinda. Didn't he have the right to see Glinda? They had been friends…she was his first crush! Why in Oz's good name could he not see Glinda?

"Madame!" Boq hissed. "This is my job and I refuse to take the weekend off!"

"Don't…"Nessa started to curse him but stopped.

He caught himself too. Madame? He hadn't called her that in so long…too long. He felt powerful to call her that. As if a simple name could make her feel like he was right and she was wrong. Nessa let go of him and yawned into her hand.

"Come now, Master Boq." Nessa said. "Bring me outside."

Of course she had gone back into her old ways. It hurt, but only a bit. It seemed like the more this cold air was between them, the hardest it was to take. He didn't really want them to be so cold to each other, but yet again, he didn't want her to control him…

"Yes, Madame." He hissed and opened the door.

The sun was bright and hurt his eyes. Once again it took his eyes, which he admit he should wear his eye glasses to help him see better, a few moments to adjust. There, in the bright sunlight, was none other than Miss Glinda. Her beautiful hair was draping down her shoulders in ringlets. She was wearing a pink sun dress with a floppy white hat. A small, white umbrella was twirling around her fingers. Her make up, her outfit, her presence was perfect.

"Nessa?" Glinda called. "Oh, it's lovely Nessa!"

Boq gripped the chair's handle bars a bit tighter, trying to push out Glinda's words. No, you have this. You are a young man who can separate dreams and reality…hopefully. Glinda handed her purse to Mirabelle, who'd arms were already overflowing with packages and parcels. She then closed her umbrella and placed it neatly on top of the pile. Mirabelle, whose small frame could not hold all of Glinda's clothes and shoes, fell to the ground.

"Oh, dear," Glinda squeaked. "I hope my vintage luggage is ok."

"Don't worry," Mirabelle gasped, "My body stopped its fall."

"Oh, that's good," Glinda sighed in relief.

Boq slide Nessa down the ramp, but stopped at the end. She urged him to move, but once again he was frozen to the ground. He should have gone home, why didn't he go home!?!

"I should go, Nessa." He whispered in her ear.

"You're being nice again?" Nessa sounded like her sister. "If you must, go."

Alas, it was too late. Glinda had spotted him.

"Bick, is that you?" Glinda ran over, ignoring the fallen Mirabelle and the shocked Nessa. Lifting up his chin and his hat, she squealed. "Oh, it is Bick! Oh, this is so fun, I haven't seen you two in so long. I never would have guess…well, yes I would. You two made such a cute couple."

Nessa grabbed Glinda's arm and shook her head. The good witch pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, he's yourman-servant!" Glinda looked at him, then bended down to Nessa's height. "Don't worry; I too have men as servants. Doesn't every powerful Misses?"

With that Glinda giggled. Boq tried to see her as he did at Shiz. The tall, strong, beautiful girl who loved everyone and was loved by all. But she seemed so different. Her laugh actually hurt his ears. Nessa offered them all to come into her sitting room, and at first Glinda refused.

"I have to wait for my other carriage." Glinda said. "All my important luggage is in that one."

But the sun was hot and Glinda did not want to get burned. Mirabelle groaned and, with wobbling legs, continued her way up the steps ahead of them. Boq grabbed onto the chair's handlebars and walked the governor up the ramp and inside her home.

"Well, Boq, you can go home now." Nessa told him as they entered the sitting room.

"Isn't this where I live, Nessa?" Boq wondered to himself why he had said that.

"I meant…" Nessa started.

"Oh, I understand." Glinda smiled. "It's alright, Bick, you can stay."

It was both Nessa's and Boq's turn to be confused. Looking at each other, then at the woman in pink, they both asked what she meant. Glinda, in all her nosiness and self-confidence, offered Boq a seat next to her.

"I can see what is going on." Glinda said. "Bick, you don't have to pretend. It's ok, really. I'm sure Nessa will understand."

"What will I understand?" Nessa asked.

"That Bick is in love." Glinda smiled, but seeing the odd stare from both of them, quickly explained herself. "With me, of course!"

Boq stood to defend himself, but Glinda caught him. Pushing him back down, Glinda grabbed Nessa's hand and clutched it. He wanted to scream at both of them. Sure, they both were gorgeous women, but that didn't mean he was in love. Once, long ago, with Glinda. But he could now see that was just infatuation.

"Miss Glinda, I'm not in love." Boq let out a fake laugh and stood. "I'm too young to be in love, anyway. I better take your word, Miss Nessa, and go…"

"You will not be going anywhere." Glinda pulled him back down. "How old are you?"

He rambled his brain to remember. Age was always such a silly thing to him; it was just a number anyway. But it always seemed to women that it was the central of life. You were either too old or too young. He figured it was more as maturity.

"Twenty four." He said.

"Oh, my!" Glinda gasped and place her hand on her heart. "Poor Bick! You have not found love? I found love at eighteen! Now I'm marrying him!"

"What?!?" The ignored Nessa shrieked.

"Oh, silly me." Glinda laughed. "Don't tell anyone, but…Fiyero and I are going to be married!"

He knew he should be happy for them. If he was no longer in love, then why did it hurt so much? His heart felt like it was ripped out of his chest, stomped on, and put back in no where near mint condition. He tried to regulate his breathing. Don't cry, you know men don't cry. Be a man, old boy, be a man. He had to bite his cheek to try to make himself smile.

"I'm so happy for you!" Nessa held out her arms and Glinda fell into them. "When's the wedding?"

"I'm not sure yet, but I'll invite you, or course!" Glinda laughed.

"When did this happen?" Boq asked.

Glinda ignored his question and the two girls quickly started to make plans he knew would never come true about a wedding he wish would never happen. Again, he asked when, how, why and where this engagement happened.

"Now, now, don't fret over this!" Glinda smiled at him. "It doesn't really apply to you, alright?"

He wanted to throw up. It was almost like telling him he wasn't good enough. He wasn't good enough for her. It was almost as if he was…he was…oh, Oz. It finally made sense to him. All these years hopelessly wanting something he could never have. The pain when Galinda and Fiyero kissed. Had he been doing that to Nessa all along?

No, that was different. Glinda was just being selfish. She never gave him a chance. He had given Nessa his life. Glinda gave him the cold shoulder.

"Glinda, darling?" A loud booming voice said. "Where are you?"

"Oh, did I not tell you?" Glinda said to Nessa. "Fiyero's here!"