Windmill Guy I Can't Believe It's Not Windmill Guy!
Cheap and dependable alternatives to the Windmill Guy

Windmill Guy/Guru-Guru

Location: Windmill/Laundry Pool

Reason Insane: Looks freaky, talks weird, plays song over and over


Running Man/Postman

Location: Hyrule Field/Clock Town

Reason insane: Always running, bound by schedule, wears bunny ears, trains himself by counting to ten

Old Research Guy

Location: Lake Hylia lab/Great Bay lab

Reason Insane: Looks incredibly freaky

Thigh-Slapping Bug Person/Banker

Location: Hyrule Market Town/East Clock Town bank

Reason Insane: Will buy bugs for fifty rupees, thigh slapping

??? (Toilet Dude)

Location: Stock Pot Inn toilet

Reason Insane: He lives in a frickin' toilet!

Happy Mask Man

Location: Happy Mask store, Clock Tower

Reason insane: Extremely creepy face, movements are cut, always maniacally smiling, have you seen him angry?

Sakon the thief

Location: Curiosity Shop, Ikana Canyon

Reason Insane: Lives in Ikana, frolics around like a fruit, tries to steal stuff (hey, that's one niiiiiiiiiiiiiice sword!)

That's all for now, use them as fat-free alternitives! Enjoy!