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The Legend of Zelda: The Hylian Crystals


Chapter 1: The Will of The Gods


"Are you sure of this?"

"Yes, there is no doubt."

"The creators will not be pleased to know he has returned."

"There is nothing we can do about that, Zephos. We can only pick out The One to defeat him once again. What is your opinion, Lanayru?"

"My opinion is miniscule in comparison to yours, Cyclos. You are a god, whereas I am a spirit."

"Still, your opinion is requested."

"Then I say, yes. It is necessary to choose the next avatar of The Chosen One."

"He has come time and again to defeat evil. We can rely on him."

"Ordona is correct."

"So, it is decided. The Hero will be chosen once more. Wielding the Sword of Evil's Bane, he will triumph to save not only this world, but the other worlds as well."

"Faron! You don't mean that the Twili are involved once more, do you?"

"Aye, and The Great Sea as well. Hence the reason my brother and I are here."

"My, this is disturbing news. Ganon's infestations have already begun an assault . . . But I am confident that as long as his companions are true and the Creators give their approval, the Hero will triumph. As for us, we will give our guidance when we see fit. We cannot meddle long in mortal affairs."

"Aye. Let us choose the avatar, now."

"We invoke the spirit of the legendary Hero of Time, who traverses the universe, searching for a body with which he may vanquish evil and restore peace to the world. Descend upon the world in its time of need and rescue your people once more!"



"Please inform the Great Deku Tree of the Hero's awakening. I am sure his insight is going to be needed."


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