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The Legend of Zelda: The Hylian Crystals


Chapter 4: The Return of the Twilight Princess


The woman's sultry looks at Link caused him to gape at her. She did seem oddly familiar. But . . . where?

Her gaze turned sad. "Oh, you don't remember me? I'm offended, dear Link. I thought I meant something to you." She then smirked. "You have three chances to guess my name. Who am I?"

Link was almost too busy ogling her body to notice she'd addressed him. Her voice snapped him out of it, though. He tried to think back. There was a time, long ago, when something happened. Something he'd fought for and defended with all his might. He remembered darkness, but in the darkness, there was a strange sort of light. A world of dark-light with fantasic and terrifying creatures. A kingdom. A kingdom in the twilight.

"Twilight Princess . . ." he whispered, blue eyes wide in awe, "Midna . . ." He whispered the name with reverence.

Midna sneered, happily. "See? Was that so hard?"

"I thought . . ." Link began, "The mirror—"

Midna giggled. "Did you truly believe The Mirror was the only way to traverse to the Twilight Realm? Did you forget that I am the Twilight Princess? I can make portals."

"But why did you wait so long before you created the portals? I almost forgot about you."

Midna shrugged. "Remember, I had to maintain order after Zant's defeat. It took a while. Besides," Her eyes twinkled at him, "I've been sent by the Gods."

"The Gods?" Link said, "What could the Gods possibly want?"

"Believe it or not, Ganon has once again returned. You remember Ganondorf, don't you?" Link was shocked. "The time has come, once again, Link, for you to defend the worlds from Ganon's evil."

"But . . . But I killed him. I killed Ganon." Link was almost speechless. The shock played across his features. He held his hand. One word rang in his head: failure. He had failed to kill Ganon. Was it really possible?

Midna turned gentle eyes to Link. "Link . . ."

Link looked up at her.

"No one can escape Ganon's wrath this time. You all but eliminated him during your fight. Don't be so surprised; it's happened many times before. Ganon has been fought many times in the past, by the Heroes Who Traverse Time only to stop him."

"The . . . Heroes of Time?"

Midna nodded. "Don't tell me you don't remember the legend. Long ago, there was a hero who swore to protect the kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon's evil. He swore that he would stop Ganon at all costs and vowed to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule in this life and the next, and for centuries to come. His spirit roams the dimensions, searching for his next host so that he may strike Ganon down. Once again, he, and the Gods, have chosen you.

"It is time, Link. Time to take up your sword once more to vanquish Ganon and his monsters. Are you willing to accept your duties once more?" Midna's eyes glittered and a smirk rolled across her face.

Link nodded, features set, eyes blazing with determination. "I'm ready . . . except . . . My weapons. I had returned the Master Blade to the Royal Family of Hyrule, as well as all my other weapons."

"Why? Why would you do something like that!?" Midna was shocked.

"Because I refused to stay with Princess Zelda. I told them I was only a simple farmboy. I said that I had to attend to my flock, but when I was done, I would return to serve as a knight."

The Twilight Princess' eyes glittered in happiness. She smirked. "Well, seeing as you have no mode of transportaion, I suppose I could lend you the power of Twilight to become the sacred beast you were before. I'd have to change, too. Not a problem for me; I'd rather be an imp now than a princess. It's easier to go about without being bothered. We'll go to Hyrule, Link, to retrieve your sword."

With that, she changed, Twilight enveloping her in mystic swirls of yellows and oranges and flickering with tinges of black. When it faded, the grey-bodied, amber-haired imp was floating in the princess' place. She sneered. "Are you ready, Link?"

Link nodded. Midna waved her hand in front of her, chanting something in that alienlike language. A dark portal opened beneathe him, and Link sunk gratefully into the depths of Twilight power. The Twilight formed to his body like a shell encasing him. It was strangely warm, making his body tingle with the energy. He felt himself shift; his bones reforming and growing, stretching him, but he felt no pain. He welcomed the change.

Link opened his eyes. Around him was a black world. A world of darkness. He seemed to be swimming in it, like a pool of water. Looking up, he saw the surface; a world of light lay just beyond. He doggie-paddled, swimming towards that light. Breaking the surface, he climbed up on the banks around him. He looked back at the water; it was plain water. He padded up to it and looked down. A wolf was reflected in it. He was a wolf again.

He glanced back at Midna, but she wasn't there. A weight suddenly shifted on his back and he tried to glance back at it. Midna was sitting on his back again. The feeling was reassuring. She sat side-saddle, legs crossed and arms put casually behind her head as she grinned down at him.

"Well, isn't this nice, now? I missed this, didn't you?" Midna leaned over, straddling his back and laying down, wrapping her arms around Link's head, pressing her cheek against his. "I missed you, Link. Now we can have another good set of adventures."

Link pressed his cheek back against hers and gave a sort of growl, letting it rumble through his body so she could feel it; showing his appreciation and how much he missed her companionship as well. Midna sat up on his back, pressing her hands into his grey fur at the junction of his neck and body.

"Let's go, Link. To Hyrule. We will get your sword back and seek Zelda's counsel. She'll know what to do about Ganon." Midna said. Link howled, a long, high note that the wind took with it to the mountains, across the plains, and anywhere it wished of it. He started off, through the forest, faster than he thought possible for himself. Of course, he'd forgotten the feeling of being a wolf over the two years that Midna had left. Now, he was determined. He would get Epona back.

He would finish Ganon. Once and for all.


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