Hi everybody! Don't Panic! Just so you know the Emperor Works in Weird Ways has been redone to a much higher level (I hope). Now with all new Prologue. Enjoy.

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(Okay, first things first. I'm tweaking the physics a little for this. I know that might piss people off but hey show me a teleportation system that works and I'll bow at your feet. Positrons and what not will be explained at the end for those who don't know much about sub-atomic particles. For I am kind. I am a kind author.)

O'Neill stared at the twinkling stars that floated past the window. He pondered whether in six months time he would still be looking at these stars. Shaking his head he absently wondered how many of them he indirectly controlled. How many lives he commanded, how many worlds swore loyalty to the Emperor and by extension himself? He had always been a good leader of men easily able to understand his men and cooperate with them and if necessary kick their asses when they stepped out of line. He was never truly made out for the position as proxy leader of a galactic empire. The pressure weighed on him and he felt like going back to what he enjoyed; being the team leader, one of the lads a guy that every one listened to but didn't have to deal with all the political crap and the paperwork. Oh God how he hated the paperwork form after form about the introduction of a small species of snail onto a desert world, it drove him to madness at times. He needed a break a nice long break. During which he could go fishing, yes fishing with a Bolter then he would definitely catch something.

Turning back around with a sigh he re-tuned into Thor' rambling lecture about things involving magnetic field manipulation or something else far beyond his understanding.

"…and by particle acceleration we could destabilize the targeted molecular structure in a matter of seconds effectively degrading the compound." Thor finished.

"That's good against armour plating but what about shielding?" Carter asked as she absently admired the gothic looking Chapter Keep on the surface of Titian beneath her.

"The Positron bombardment would be highly effective against non-polarized shielding, such as the type used in the Ha'tak class ships and Nox technologies, but it would actually add to the power of shields that used polarization variances such as our own and the Ancients. As long as the shielding was properly aligned. The Void shielding used on the Imperial ships would be unaffected as the positrons would be treated as normal mass with energy and be deflected" Thor said.

"Okay, but what do we have in case they use that polarized stuff?" O'Neill asked trying to pretend he was listening throughout the lecture.

"Well as I have already said. This ship also includes the Railgun technology that you developed with a slight twist." At this point Thor got a cruel glint in his eye. "Using the techniques from a Bolter round we have modified the Railgun ammunition to explode a tenth of a second after impact. Inside the Railgun round we have put several hundred Trinium needles that will puncture everything in a ten meter radius." Thor said obviously very pleased with the destructive power of the new weapon. O'Neill was seriously worried that Thor had been around Angelus for far too long.

"You know you can be very cruel sometimes." O'Neill said off handily.

"What? Do you not what to absolutely destroy your enemies and scatter their ashes to the wind?" Thor said enthusiastically. Yep, definitely been around Angelus for too long O'Neill thought.

"Yeah, um sure." Carter tried to calm the Asgard.

"Anyway, as I was saying the ship is also outfitted with several batteries of Plasma cannons and cannons which fire high explosive rounds. There are also many other weapons we copied over from the Emperor's Light. The Orilla mainly focuses on frontal power as all the weapons can fire one hundred and eighty degrees around them. This is accented by the three Lances on the ship. It lacks the sheer broadside power of the Emperor's Light but makes up for that with increased manoeuvrability and frontal fire power. While the Battle Barges, like most Space Marine ships, and by extension the Terran Defenders are made for line breaking and forced planetary landings the Orilla is made to wipe out all opposition that lie in its path." Thor said gleefully.

"Hmm, I just hope that it lives up to you expectations of it." O'Neill tried to dampen down the Asgard's obvious pleasure at having created such an instrument of death.

"It should, we have no other option if this doesn't." Thor said becoming sombre.

"Ack, well, umm. Tell us about this Nova cannon thing." O'Neill said changing the subject.

"The Nova cannons in essence are massive relativistic cannons. Its destructive power is practically unmatched by all other forms of weaponry we have the aftershock can even disable smaller ships. The main down side is that it takes while time to cool down and recharge. The Ragnarok can fire safely about every five to ten minutes but the sheer power of the weapons should keep you safe for about that long." Thor explained to O'Neill.

"So when is it going to get here?" Carter asked.

"Tomorrow." Thor said watching through the internal window as hundreds of crew men and women were shown the basic operational manual of the ship.

"Well I think you guys have done a great job of designing this. I have to say the leather chairs are a nice touch." O'Neill said smiling.

"We added them on the request of Space Marine Gideon, he seems to like having comfortable seats." Thor said.

"Well I got to go and pick out three SG-teams to go with you. Carter you sure that we got the best people on this?"

"Yes sir. The best scientists and engineers from around the Imperium." Carter replied.

"Myself, Odin, Nerthus, Nanna, Vili, Dagr, Syn, Ve and Skuld have volunteered to come with you." Thor said.

"That's a lot of Asgard. Are your guys sure?" O'Neill asked.

"Quite, we all know the inherent risks and we can be gone without the Asgard based industries falling apart." Thor said.

"Okay then. See ya latter." O'Neill said as he walked towards the Asgard transportation room. He still didn't trust the teleportation of the Marines something about it sent a shiver down his spine.

A flash of light was lost among the asteroids. Three Terran Defenders powered down as they drifted slowly through the void scanners stretched to maximum to gather data on their enemy. The three ships closed ranks as the space in front of them became populated by thousands of green lights.

"Wandering Legion take point. Dark Apocalypse follow us in." Said the Captain of the Colum of Spring into his Vox.

"Roger." Came the two replies.

The Wandering Legion floated towards the mass of green lights and the other two followed behind it each one trying to hide themselves.

"Imperator Aie. (Emperor Aid us.)" Muttered a voice over the Vox.

Nearly six thousands Replicon ships swarmed in front in a massive cluster. Green lights covered hundreds of asteroids. The three ships came to a stop as the mass of ships slightly away from them.

Suddenly a green blast streaked out from a dark side of an asteroid. It impacted into the side of the Dark Apocalypse. Armour was flayed away exposing the atmosphere and men inside to the cold emptiness of space. In a massive geyser of white and red crystals the Dark Apocalypse lurched towards the Colum of Spring. Before they could even reach another blast of Gauss from a different asteroid racked the dorsal area of the Dark Apocalypse causing another fountain of frozen men, machines and air to erupt into space.

"Raise the shields! Return fire! Return fire! Get the Legion to cover the Apocalypse!" Shouted the captain of the Colum of Spring as his ship dodged the twirling hull of the Dark Apocalypse.

Twin Lances annihilated one of the asteroids as the ripple of anti-Replicator weapons streaked through space. Another green blast shot out at them and impacted on the Void shield of the Wandering Legion. The ship shuddered as the Gauss blast was deflected. Four torpedoes ignited the darkness as they vaporized everything the area where the shot came from. Yet another Gauss blast from a different direction smashed into the weakened shields of the Dark Apocalypse. The Void shields deflected most of it but they failed at the last second and the tip of the Lance was flayed away.

"Shit, Shit, Shit! Evacuate the Apocalypse to the Legion. We'll run interference." The Captain of the Colum of Spring said as his eyes scanned the darkness of the asteroid field.

Everything was still for a few moments before a stream of I-301s and transports franticly raced from the hanger of the Dark Apocalypse. Like some signal to the Replicons a new barrage of Gauss streamed towards the ships. Several shot smashed into the Void shields of the Wandering Legion and the Colum of Spring but a few missed them of struck the near powerless Dark Apocalypse. The Gauss blasts easily cut through the weakened shields and armour straight to the reactors. A single instant passed where everything was still, then the Dark Apocalypse's mid-section suddenly snapped in half as a sphere of white and blue light expanded out from it. The hull of the Dark Apocalypse was vaporized instantly along with half of its fleeing fighters and transports. Before they could even brace themselves both ships were buffeted by the expanding explosion.

Sparks danced across consol, men went flying, walls explodes shredding all in their way with deadly shrapnel, the few servitors aboard exploded showering the crew around them with rotting flesh and the generators screamed in protest at the outrageous demands of the Void shields. The Captain of the Colum of Spring pulled himself off the floor his left eye hanging by its optic nerve from his face and his left arm some feet away across the floor. Looking out the main window he saw that the Wandering Legion was in a much better state than his own ship, seeing as he could see at least four fires burning across the hull. Several Jackal and Dirge class ships were closing in on the two stricken Imperial vessels. Dragging himself back into his seat, he attempted to press the Vox button and realized that his left arm was no longer attached. Pressing the button with his right hand he idly noticed that the hangar doors were fused shut.

"Wandering Legion do you hear me? Flee into hyperspace and report to command we'll cover you." He said.

He got a grunt and a lot of screaming as a reply. Taking this as an acknowledgement he pressed a different Vox frequency.

"All hands fire at will. Hold until Self-Destruct is activated." There was no reply but a stream of plasma of solid rounds from the starboard battery answered his questions.

Two Jackal class ships were blasted by the barrage and failed to reform. Several Dirge class opened fire on the Wandering Legion as it powered up it damaged hyper drive. They were quickly distracted by a wave of torpedoes. The kaleidoscopic hyperspace window burst into life and the Wandering Legion limped through it and vanished from sensors. The remaining Replicon ship charged the Colum of Spring and two Dirge class buried themselves into its port side.

"Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum. (The Word of the Lord Endures Forever.)" The Captain muttered as he fought of the dizziness of being rammed.

The Terran Defender and surrounding Replicon ships were engulfed in a brilliant flash of white light as the hyperdrive was detonated along with the plasma cores. After the blinding light faded all was still once again and the green lights continued to move across the surface of the asteroids devouring all.

"Let's see. Hmmm okay this looks good." O'Neill said to himself as he rummaged through a mass of folders.

"Captain Alex Millar, Major Andrew Peterson, Captain David Macdonald and Lieutenant Colonel Fiona Stuart she's out of hospital now. First Lieutenant Catherine Fisher, Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell he's out of hospital as well, Colonel Gergori Titov, Second Lieutenant Michael Anderson if we can sober him up and Major Lilia Davidenko if she's cleared for duty after Levi's tests. Now that leaves them three short." O'Neill said.

"Ah I know. Teal'c has been leading the Jaffa but we could use him on this so he's in. Carter a given so she's in. And I guess Daniel has wanted to go to Atlantis for a while so he gets the final spot on the team. Well that's SG-1 done, now for the other two teams." O'Neill said signing some paper and filing them away.

"Let's see SG-9, yeah they'll do and, hmmm, ah SG-3. Well that's everyone from our side, along with the Fifth, Ninth and Seventeenth I.G.L. Regiments, all veterans of the Goa'uld wars. All that's left is to round them up and wait for the Ragnarok to arrive." O'Neill uttered with a content sigh.

In massive cathedral like main hall of the Sons of Sol Chapter Keep a similar process was going on under the empty gazes of hundreds of gargoyles. Angelus was on a large stage currently threatening several of the front row Marines with painful deaths if they didn't shut up. So far Ishmael and Samuel had burst out laughing uncontrollably twice because Boras had loudly proclaimed himself King of Muffins in his sleep. While Levi was entertained himself, Nestor, Seleucus and Pontus by blowing up small pieces of whatever they could find with blasts of lightning.

"Shut up you idiots!" Angelus screamed at the babbling Marines. In his frustration he grabbed a servitor behind him by one of its spidery arms and flung it into the crowd.

Silence filled the hall as the servitor smashed into the floor. A quiet like that before a storm was only broken by Boras's loud snoring. Suddenly one of the Marines cheered.

"That's it! That's the one thousandth servitor!" The Marine shouted waving his hands ecstatically in the air.

"All hail Brother-Captain Angelus, destroyer of servitors." The entire crowd cheered in unison and then fell quiet.

"Finally, Ishmael wake Boras up." Angelus ordered waving his hand at the sleeping Marine. A loud slap echoed through the hall as Ishmael slapped Boras over the head waking him up.

"All done." Ishmael declared happily.

"Alright. Now I will now read out the list of the Battle-Brothers that will be going on the expedition to Atlantis. Everyone else is to leave and return to your duties." Angelus said getting a simultaneous nod from the Marines.

"Brother-Captain Angelus, Brother-Chaplin Ishmael, Brother-Apothecary Samuel, Brother-Apothecary Felix, Brother-Librarian Cerberus, Brother-Librarian Levi, Brother-Tech-Marine Gideon, Brother-Tech-Marine Vanem, Brother-Tech-Marine Baltus, Brother-Dreadnought Hadril, Brother-Dreadnought Orpheus, Brother-Dreadnought Gaius, Battle-Brother Nestor, Battle-Brother Marcus, Battle-Brother Pontius, Battle-Brother Seleucus and Brother-Standard-Bearer Isaac." Angelus paused for a breath.

"Brother-Tactical squads Faith, Fury, Gold and Redemption, Brother-Assault squads Death and Fear, Brother-Devastator squads Fire and Sword and Brother-Terminators Valiant squad. Also all Predator tanks of the Second Company, five Land Speeders of the Fourth Company and the Land Raider Crusader pattern of the Third Company. These Brothers and faithful machines will be the company sent to Atlantis for the six months we have until the Replicons reach Terra. Brother-Captain Karrack will be in total command while I am gone and if we don't return Brother-Stein is to promote the next batch of Neophytes immediately to re-fill the ranks." Angelus said.

"I guess I'll see you guys in six months. The Emperor Protects." Angelus said giving the Sons of Sol salute.

"The Emperor protects." The Marine echoed as most of them filed out.

Davidenko sat in a metal chair in an interview room awaiting Levi. The un-armoured Marine strode through the door ducking to avoid the hanging light.

"How are you feeling Major Davidenko?" Levi asked with a small smile.

"I am feeling better." She replied with an equally small smile.

"Excellent. Now let's begin." Levi said drawing Davidenko's gaze.

She stared into Levi's eyes and there was a slight ripple in the air around him. Suddenly gun fire erupted from down the corridor along with screams of pain and fear.

"What's going on?!" Davidenko shouted over the wailing alarms.

"I have no idea." Levi said calmly. "I'll go see." He said making towards the door.

There was a clap like thunder and the door exploded inwards crushing Levi against the opposite wall leaving a large blood smear where he hit it. Davidenko stared wide eyed at the door as a metallic hand clamped onto the frame. Pulling its self in Warscythe and all the Harbinger of the Abyss stood glaring down at her.

Davidenko screamed and dove out of the chair into a corner where she curled up into a small ball. The Harbinger made a low metallic growl and advanced towards her. Davidenko waved her hands in front of her curled up body in attempt to ward off the advancing Necron. Red sparks flew from her fingers to her fingers and suddenly a red lightning bolt screamed forth and passed right through the Harbinger. Her arms felt like they were on fire and she couldn't feel her hands.

The world shimmered and everything faded back to normalcy. Just before she lost consciousness she saw Levi flat on his stomach staring at a large hole in the wall. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed in a heap.

"Well that was interesting." Levi muttered to himself as he got off the floor.

He stuck his head through the hole and muttered a quick apology to the three stunned guards who were all frozen in place half way through a card game.

"Great now I got to carry her back to the Apothecarium." With a sigh Levi picked Davidenko up and flung her over his holder. Ducking to avoid the hanging light he left the room mumbling to himself.

O'Neill sat at his desk tapping out a random tune on his desk with a pen. Sighing to himself in discontent he stared at the mounds of paper in front of him and back at the file on the Pegasus Galaxy. Suddenly an idea came to him.

"That's it I'll call in a favour." He said with undisguised glee.

Picking up the phone he dialled the number for the Pentagon. "Hello, General O'Neill here. Can you put me through to General Hank Landry? Perfect, thank you." The phone went silent for a second.

"Hello Hank. How are you? Good that's nice. Any way I have a small favour to ask. How would you like to be the proxy leader of the galaxy? Oh come on its really fun ordering people around I know you love it. Ha, I knew that you would agree. Come to my office tomorrow and I break you in. See ya later." O'Neill said happily.

Leaning over he pressed the intercom. "Prentice, get ready to show General Landry how to do my job. I'm going out for a while." O'Neill said cutting off the shouts of protest from the intercom.

"Well I guess I will just accompany them as a, hmmm, military observer." O'Neill muttered nodding to himself. He left to find his favourite gun and hat all the time smiling.

Davidenko's eyes snapped open to see the shadow of Samuel looming over her as he treated the damage to her arms with his Narthecium. Samuel's attention was so focused on his task he didn't notice the slight ruffling of sheets until a fist impacted in his gut. Stumbling backwards he managed to catch the arm sailing towards his face.

"Whatever I did I'm sorry but if you don't let me treat your arm you'll lose feeling and motor control forever." He said.

"Why should I trust you?" She said trying to break her working arm free of his iron grip.

Samuel blinked twice and then his eyes narrowed. "You've trusted me several times. What you don't remember?" He asked.

"No and who the hell are you?" She asked still struggling to break free.

"In the name of the Emperor what is wrong with that Librarian. Melting brains, destroying memories, blowing cutlery up for the hell of it. Why is it always me? Felix never gets the hard jobs. I mean I had to pull and four inch piece of fork out of Boras arm yesterday and now this. What did I do to deserve this?" Samuel muttered to himself in Gothic.

"I knew it, you are an intruder." Davidenko whispered.

"What was th…?" Samuel didn't finish his sentence as a foot collided with his kidney.

He winced a little but didn't budge. "Stop that now or do I have to restrain you?" He said menacingly.

Davidenko muttered under her breath and Samuel took this as a yes. "Good, now sit there and I'll go get Colonel Titov and General O'Neill. Not to mention that bastard Librarian." He said gesturing to Davidenko's bed as he moved towards the intercom.

"Would Colonel Titov and General O'Neill please report to the medical." Samuel said politely into the intercom. "And Levi get you stupid blue armoured hide up here now!" Samuel shouted into the same box.

Several minutes passed in awkward silence as Davidenko kept shooting accusatory glances at Samuel while he watched her. Levi strode through the door, his aura of self confidence waned slightly as he saw the Marine and women try and stare each other down.

"Samuel my dear Brother. What's happened here?" Levi asked cheerfully. That was quickly squashed by the withering glare of Samuel.

"What the hell did you do?" The Apothecary ground out the words slowly.

"What do you mean?" Levi asked as he watched Davidenko slowly move away from Samuel when he wasn't looking.

"Okay how about this. Major Davidenko do you recognize this man?" Samuel asked.

"No." She said quietly.

"Aww crap." Levi groaned.

"We'll wait until the others get here then you got some explaining to do. Major stay seated on the bed." Samuel ordered glaring at Levi the whole time.

O'Neill closely followed by Titov walked into the room seconds later each one glancing between the Marines and the relieved looking Davidenko.

"Colonel!" Davidenko shouted as she launched herself at the man.

Titov eyes clamped shut as he was once again enveloped in a rib crushing hug. O'Neill sniggered as Titov slowly lost colour from his face as he gasped for air.

"Alright, break it up. Now Samuel what did you want?" O'Neill said getting a thankful nod from Titov as he massaged his ribs.

"It better if I show you. Major do you know who that man is?" Samuel said pointing at O'Neill.

"Of course, that's General O'Neill leader of the SGC. But this is my first time meeting him." Davidenko said from her position hiding behind Titov.

"What the hell, that isn't right we've know each other for practically a year." O'Neill almost shouted.

"No. Me and the rest of SG-4 just got transferred into the program a few days ago." Davidenko said looking at the worried faces of the O'Neill and Titov.

"That's was before the Marines even arrived on Earth about the time the Prometheus was dispatched to the Emperor's Light." Titov informed O'Neill.

"But that's an nearly a year's worth of memories." O'Neill said quietly.

"I may have an answer to that." Levi supplied.

"Well, when I tested Major Davidenko for Psyker abilities she passed with flying colours. Oh by the way you'll need to repair the wall in Interrogation Room three. But the damage to her arms and hands was extensive. It is possible that the damage had spread further than I had anticipated." Levi said.

"Idiot." Samuel muttered.

"And this means?" Titov said.

"That every time she uses her abilities she'll lose more and more bodily and brain functions." Levi said.

"What are you guys saying?" O'Neill said getting frustrated.

"Basically, our 'genius' Librarian here awoke her latent Psyker or as you call it Ancient abilities but her body isn't ready to handle it and gets pretty badly damaged by the stress of the energies. The destruction of the nerves in her arms and burns on her hands are evidence of this. I believe you your self have experienced this." Samuel said to O'Neill.

"Don't remind me. Is she fit for duty?" O'Neill grumbled images of black hands grabbing his head flashed through his mind.

"Oh my yes, after I repair her arm, but it would be preferable that you reintroduced her to SG-1 or things might get a little weird." Samuel replied as he once again began working on her remaining damaged arm.

"That's good. Davidenko you have a lot of people to meet." Titov said.

"Why do you Marines cause so much trouble?" O'Neill muttered.

"Because it's fun." Levi answered with a smile earning him a smack over the head from Samuels's free arm.

"Get out of my Apothecarium you crazy Librarian." Samuel growled startling the still slightly unsure Davidenko.

"Come on Levi you can help me round up SG-1. I might need you to hold the bottles away from Anderson." O'Neill joked as he and Levi left. "Titov bring her to the briefing room when she done." He commanded over his shoulder.

"Colonel where are Kernesky and Yuran?" Davidenko asked looking around for her other team mates.

"Shit." Titov whispered under his breath.

"You understand right? She has lost her memory and we're going to reintroduce you guys." O'Neill asked the new SG-1.

"Yeah we know. This is going to be so weird." Macdonald said spinning in his chair.

"Don't talk so loud!" Shouted Anderson as he folded his hands over his head as it rested on the table.

"Tough shit. It's your problem for having a hangover. Jack ass." Peterson uttered from his position on the wall.

"Now, now children don't fight." Millar said earning him a sneer from Peterson and a groan from Macdonald.

"Don't you tell me what to do." Anderson ground out.

"Don't tell me he's still a little drunk." O'Neill groaned.

"''Fraid so." Mitchell said patting Anderson on the back while he mumbled about gnomes eating his fridge.

"Just keep him quiet, here she comes." Stuart sighed in resignation.

Davidenko stood in front of a room of what to her was a room of strangers and immediately noticed that they were all somehow familiar. She was very self conscious because her uniform was slightly tight and showed off her figure, the man at stores had said it was the only size they had left but she doubted that as he kept giggling to himself when he though she couldn't hear him. One of the advantages of enhanced senses; she made sure to mess with him though by leaving an 'accidental' hole in a metal locker next to the creeps head.

"It's nice to meet you all… again" She greeted after a slight pause.

"It's nice to see you again. You, um certainly look different." Mitchell said.

"What you talking about she's fucking h…" Anderson was cut off as Mitchell clamped a hand over his mouth and dragged him away from the table.

O'Neill smacked himself in the face and dragged his hand down as Anderson cries were muffled by Mitchell. This wasn't going as planned.

"Well I'm Catherine Fisher." Fisher said moving towards the blushing woman.

"Lilia Davidenko, nice to meet you." Davidenko replied her blush fading slightly.

"Cameron Mitchell and this little bastard is Michael Anderson." Mitchell informed the Russian as he continued to wrestle with Anderson.

"Fiona Stuart." Stuart said with a smile.

"David Macdonald, I'm going back to sleep now." Macdonald told her before doing just that.

"Alex Millar, It's nice to see you again." Millar said.

"Andrew Peterson. Mitchell get him to shut up!" Peterson shouted as Andersons muffled shouts got louder.

"Alright, Mitchell let Anderson go once he's stop shouting and I'll get Daniel, Teal'c and Carter." O'Neill said.

"People, we have to fill in Davidenko on everything that's happened." Titov nodded at them as he sat at the table.

"Where to begin? Okay I assume you met Samuel at least?" Peterson asked getting a slight nod from Davidenko.

"She managed to punch him in the stomach and kick him in the ribs. Although Samuel's taking it all out on Levi." Titov supplied.

"Well here goes the complete history of the Second Imperium." Macdonald said from his spinning chair.

"It all began with a strange energy emission from empty space near P3X-967. The Prometheus was dispatched and it found the seven kilometre behemoth that is the Emperor's Light. It crewed by just over three hundred Marines and several thousand normal crewmen. Anyway when we first met them they were extremely xenophobic and had annihilated several Ha'tak with ease." Millar informed the wide eyed Davidenko.

"Discussions began and ended with little difficulty. Then the Marines launching their Great Crusade, at least that's what Angelus calls it anyway, in which they conquered several planets in the space of a few weeks. They were cruel and ruthless in battle but began to become less uptight and stoic." Fisher continued.

"SGC became the central hub of the Imperium and the rest of the galaxy basically fell into line with little difficulty. Until the Goa'uld got their act together. Man that mission sucked." Macdonald stated with an tone of finality.

"That was the first time our four teams worked together. We lost several people from each team. Like Dodds, Ochi, Yuran, O'Kelly and Hamilton. The mission was a complete success and the Imperium became the undisputed top power in the Milky Way. After that was when all the problems started." Peterson said.

"The Asgard came asking for help and they sent us as a test of the new teams… Titov can I ask you something?" Stuart whispered to the Russian Colonel.

"Yeah sure." Titov said and followed Stuart over to the corner.

"Does she know about the whole Pariah thing?" Stuart asked.

"Not yet, Samuel said it might be too much of a shock to learn that one of her team mates tried to make her into a mindless killing machine." Titov replied.

"So what's the cover story about the enhancements and her new look?" Stuart asked.

"We basically told her a half truth; she was injected with artificial cells that changed her body. We really just left out who did it and why." Titov answered.

"Well I think we can hold to that but she will need to be told eventually." Stuart said.

"Indeed but for now I think that we should jut concentrate on making her feel comfortable." Titov told her.

"Yeah…" She trailed off as Millar started to talk about the Pariah infiltration. She quickly drew a line across her neck with her finger and Millar instantly clamped up.

"Anyway that's us a year after the Marines arrived we gone from small isolated world with rickety alliances to galactic power house." Millar summed up.

"That's about to be destroyed in six months." Macdonald added off handily.

"Bloody pessimist; you always have to make everything depressing." Fisher grumbled.

"A pessimist is never disappointed." Macdonald declared.

"God, that guy can put up one hell of a fight." Mitchell said as he let the now sleeping Anderson slump in the corner.

"Mitchell do you want to add anything to our little history lesson?" Fisher asked.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure you covered the basics and I want to go see the new ships above Titian." Mitchell answered.

Suddenly the alarms for an unauthorized off world Stargate activation began to sound. "All members of Atlantis expedition are to go to landing zone Gamma! I repeat all members of Atlantis expedition to landing zone Gamma!" The voice crackled over the intercom.

O'Neill paced in front of the Tel'tak the other three transports had left with SG-9 and SG-3 and most of the ammunitions they needed all that was left was himself and SG-1. He waited several more minutes before the truck appeared at the wire fence. Twelve human streamed from the back and jogged over to O'Neill who looked like he was standing in the middle of an empty field.

"Are we going up in that?" Davidenko asked as she pointed to were the cloaked Tel'tak rested. O'Neill raised an eyebrow but didn't comment.

"Yes, everyone get in were leaving in an hour." O'Neill answered as he ushered them into the cargo ship.

They lifted off into the sky the only sign of their passing the disturbed clouds.

"We received a report from the scout group we sent to check on the Replicons that their numbers have grown exponentially. So we have moved the launch time up by twelve hours." O'Neill said as they cleared the Earth's atmosphere and jumped to hyperspace.

"Has the Ragnarok arrived yet?" Teal'c asked as he sat down in the seat beside O'Neill.

"It will arrive in twenty minutes with two of the I.G.L. regiments and the final component of the Yggdrasill's hyperdrive." O'Neill answered.

"Um, sir I was just wondering why are you here?" Carter asked.

"I'm coming with you." O'Neill answered plainly.

"Just like old times then O'Neill." Teal'c said with the ghost of a smile on his face.

"Hope so." O'Neill said as they exited hyperspace above Titian.

The massive forms of the two Orilla class Battleships came into view on one the massive lettering of Yggdrasill stood out and on the other Fenrir. The only illumination came from the weak sun behind them and the internal lights of the two ships. Both were roughly six kilometres long, with the classic slanted front of Imperial ships. Two long protrusions extended from the back of the ships and cured towards the central mass making them look like massive letter T's from a distance. These wings were then themselves crossed by fins on the top and bottom about two thirds of the way down. Lance cannon were mounted on the outer side of these fins it could clearly be seen that it could swerve to fire all around it. Another Lance cannon was mounted at the tip of the slanted front. Six torpedoes tubes could be seen running up and down the front end. The middle section resembled that of a Battle Barge as it was covered in gothic architecture and hundreds of large gun ports could be seen all over it including the dorsal. At the junction of the two wings a large group of connected spires rose out of the ship obviously the bridge. A large golden eagle was on the front of the cluster of spires with the sun of the Sons of Sol on its chest. A massive hangar bay lay under the ship with it twin door open revealing rows the bright dock of the ship.

O'Neill guided the Tel'tak into the hangar and they landed. Surrounded by hundreds of I-301s and Al'kesh bombers. The hangar re-pressurized and they clambered out of the cargo ship. Thor and another Asgard he identified as Nanna were waiting for them on the other side of the hangar bay doors.

"Good you're finally here. Welcome to the Yggdrasill. Please come this way to the bridge you will be orientated during the three day journey to Atlantis. The Ragnarok will arrive in approximately thirteen minutes." Thor said as he led the human through the clinically neat and silvered corridors. It reminded SG-1 a lot of Orilla.

The Ragnarok burst into real space and immediately transported the missing components over to the Yggdrasill. Within ten minutes power was gently being fed through the machine. The company of Marines boarded the Ragnarok and tested some of its systems as they waited.

The Ragnarok was six and a half kilometres long. Its shape and armaments were similar to the Orilla class but its slanted front was pocketed in the centre by large hole with the tip of the Nova cannon extending past it. The torpedo tubes were now on the wings, three to each side. If you looked straight at the front of the ship it looked like the Nova cannon was the tongue of some skull like outline but if looked at from any other angel it was just lumps and bumps on the front of the ship. If this was actually designed into the ship or if it was an accident O'Neill never bother to ask, he liked it.

"All systems green. Checks over two thousands and seventy eight cleared. Ready to launch." The crewman exclaimed.

"Coordinates programmed in optimal rout plotted, estimated travel time three days two hour twelve minutes." Another said.

"All crew and equipment are stored. Asgard safety programs being lifted." Another crewman stated as his terminal bleeped.

"Safeties off, manual control established. You have the command." Another crewman nearly shouted as the excitement rose in the bridge.

"Brother-Captain, the Fenrir and the Yggdrasill report ready. The fleet is prepared for launch." Nestor said from his station

"All ships to fly in tight formation. Launch." Angelus commanded from his new chair.

The three Battleships entered hyperspace and raced towards Atlantis and the final hope for all life in the Milky Way.

Now for the physics lesson, look away if you don't care, a positron is the anti-particle to the electron. As in it has identical mass, reverse spin and opposite charge. Now when an electron and positron collide they annihilate each other and by the laws of E=MC2 they produce energy in the form of Gamma radiation. Now I have tweaked this so that it will affect electrons in atoms because normally it wouldn't. In my story they will destabilize the atoms valences and charge thereby disruption the molecule and weakening or destroying it. Also the gamma radiation is harmful to living organism so that helps as well. I call the device a positron Gatling gun as it fires small blasts of positrons very quickly.

See you in the next book.