Rose stood, watching the foam of the waves consuming the ground beneath her feet. She couldn't wait any longer; every night she hoped and dreaded the dreams which would bring her closer. It had been almost three weeks since she had been stolen, to this world where she didn't fit. She couldn't believe she had been able to keep count of the hours, the minutes, even the seconds. They all blended together to a blur of flashes and puzzling dreams.

The wind whipped against her salty cheeks. The spray had splattered her face, she didn't know where the spray started and the tears ended. She had a heard a noise gathering above the wind, the waves. A sound that made her pulse beat faster but stopped everything and everyone, so it was just her. Without a breath she ran to the gathering sound and person forming.

This was the man she had travelled a thousand miles for, who commanded Kings and strode in arms with waltzing players. He completed life and gave it so much more. Of all the words she could have spoken, all that tumbled from her lips was...



With longing and desperation she reached out her hand to touch once more the contorts and features of his face.

"I'm just an image..."

She let her hand linger on the place where his face rested, though she could feel nothing.

"How long have we got?" she uttered, fearing the answer.

"About two minutes."

She couldn't bear the thought of the clock ticking away, each second taking him.

"Can't you come through?"

"Two universes would be ripped apart."


She saw him smile, a grin of delight that shook her very core, she would miss that smile.

"Doctor...I have to tell you something."

She couldn't look him in the eyes, those eyes that no composer would ever beable to score. Curious but omnipotent.

"Rose. For once time is not on my side."

Tears flowed, warming her bitter cheeks. She wiped them away, she did not want his face to be blurred in her memories.

"I lo...I love you Doctor." Pausing, she looked at him "It hurts though, that you'll never beable to meet them."

The Doctor raised his eyebrows, she smiled and the tears brimmed once more.

"Who, Rose?"

"Your child..."

With those her final words, he faded. No amount of laughter, tears, wishes or dreams could bring him back now. She would wait on the brink of the world if she thought...If she knew it would bring him back.

Her hand reached out and again lingered where he had been, then drifted to her stomach, stroking softly the place where her baby lay.

"Thank you." She whispered and was gone.

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