Author's Note: This is a stupid little drabble (i.e. exactly 100 words) that came about when I made some joke about how I'd write about Dave and Mia watching paint dry. Yeah. I just couldn't resist.

Mia cocks her head at the wall. "Can you actually see it dry?"

"No, you can't," Dave says impatiently. "You can't actually watch paint dry. It's an expression, that's all."

She continues to squint at the paint, unconvinced. "It's reflecting more light now than it was earlier."

He looks at the wall (it looks exactly the same as before), then at her. "No, really, Mia. We're not going to watch the paint dry. I was joking."

She doesn't look up, already disturbingly into the whole paint-watching thing.

(Dave wonders dejectedly why he hasn't yet learned not to joke around her.)