Summer Lovin'

Do Not Molest

Kiri-Kiri-Chan: So its summer, Yay… sigh

Chains: Enthusiastic much?

Kiri-Kiri-chan: I-it's just, there are so many flies! And im getting sick of all the fly spray! Gagging

Rayzo: EW…Anyway, why don't you just close your window?

Chaos: 'cause that would be stupid?

Chains: Yea, it's summer Honey, not winter.

Rayzo: Oh piss off.

Kiri-Kiri-Chan: Im sensing some hostility

Chaos: I think maybe marriage counselling is in order.


Summary: It's summer time! Sasuke's parents take him and his brother to the beach for some… AU Jealous Sasuke

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

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Warnings: Read it and make up your own


I don't trust my parents right now, not one bit and I think Itachi, my brother, is thinking the same thing as I am because he is looking round the car looking for possible escape roots. There is three, the two doors and the sun roof. He looks at me and nods his head, giving me an if-they-try-anything-funny-I'll-grab-you-and-make-a-run-for-it look. He actually uses that look quite often; I call it 'Look No. 5', he has many of these looks-…why the hell am I talking about my brothers looks when im probably about to be pimped off to some rich old guy the smells of piss and rabbits?! Anyway, the reason I don't trust my parents is because, my father said, and I quote, 'Let's go to the beach and have some fun'. End quote. Uchiha's don't have fun! Fun is not in our vocabulary! Especially not in my fathers! Fun is not allowed to be had damnit!

Okay breath Sasuke, no matter what happens you can fight your way out of it! I will not be pimped off, my mother wouldn't allow it for starters and she is smiling away happily (probably on some sort of drug, but still, even high she wouldn't let anyone hurt her 'little angel', my mother is in denial most of the time) so nothing that bad will happen.

I hear Itachi breath a sigh of relief and I look out my window to see what my brother is sighing at….and I see……Oh god no! How could they be so cruel as to bring me HERE?!

Where am I you ask? WHERE AM I? I am at the Hyuga Summer mansion! That snotty asshole jerk-face prissy-ass long-haired brat! I hate him! I must escape! But im locked in; as soon as my parents noticed that I have noticed where we are they locked the doors and closed the sun roof. Im locked in! IM LOCKED IN! Im doomed, im going to kill him and be sent to jail and share a jail cell with some guy named peaches and he is going to butt rape me! HE IS GOING TO BUTT RAPE ME!!!

The car stopped….okay, breath, repeat after me Sasuke! I will not Kill Neji Hyuga no matter how much that bastard pisses me off.

After about 5 minutes of that and some odd looks my way, we get out of the car, leaving our luggage in there, we don't get it, we are to rich to do manual labour. My father knocks on the door twice and I wait, slowly….waiting….waiting …..Wait- OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!

The door slowly opens and Neji's cousin…erm…..her name is…..

"Why, Hinata, it is so nice to see you again! My haven't you grown from that little ten year old girl I once knew!" My mother is really that sweet, seriously, every word of hers just drips of real sugar. I wonder why she married my father. Oh and her name is Hinata, and whoa, that girl has grown and in all the right places to. I would hit on her if I wasn't gay.

"T-Thank y-you m-m-Mrs Uchiha." That girl is still as shy as ever, I don't remember much about her but what I do remember is that she likes cute things and is very shy. I never spent to much time with her. But sadly, I had to spend a lot of time with her damn cousin who looks more like a girl than she does. "P-please come i-i-in!"

So we walk into the huge place and yeah its nice but I don't care. I just want to go into my room and not come out until this nightmare of a summer is over! I want to see as little as Neji as possible. Oh and crap, speak of the devil and he shall appear. Neji walks down the stairs in black shorts and a white top! I was going to wear that! He spoils EVERYTHING!!!

"Hello Sasuke, how have you been?" He asks me very politely, I hate him! I hate him so fucking much.

"I've been quite well thank you, and you Neji?" Say your dying Neji, please, just says your dying of an incurable illness!

"Very good thank you!" Damn I hate him! That guy has no pupils either! It's just white eyes like he is blind or something, which he isn't! Great, now he is talking to my parents. Neji looks at Itachi and asks him how he is, Itachi just nods his head. Itachi isn't very…social? In fact, he hates most people. Loud people, stupid people…Happy people.

"Sasuke, why don't you get changed so Neji can take you and Itachi down to the beach." Whoa, my mother is feeling way to happy today. First, Itachi does not do sun. He likes to stay in the shadows wallowing in his own existence. Okay, so he doesn't wallow, but he probably plots or something. And second, she knows I hate Neji! She knows it because I tell her whenever she brings him up! Its goes something like this:

"Neji is-"


And then she just finishes what she is saying as if I never spoke, but still, she knows I loath him to the pits of hell! HELL I SAY! HELL!!!!!

"Sasuke, dear, are you okay?" Oh yeah, I forgot about the whole, standing in the middle of the room and glaring at Neji wasn't the best thing to do. I just nod and go up to my room. My room is the same as always. Go up the stairs, turn left then right and it's the third door to the left. My stuff as already been un-packed and my bag us already been put away.

Now I need to find something to wear because SOMEONE stole my idea! Damn him! I wanted to wear my black shorts! Now I have to wear my white shorts with my black top! God I am so unhappy now! Those shorts looked good on me, on Neji they look terrible. That bastard.

So much for my summer holiday.


So we go down to the beach, some girls are looking at me and Itachi but whatever. Not interested, they all look like sluts. Neji is walking a little head of us because me and Itachi don't walk fast, we take our time! Because we are Uchiha's and we aren't in a hurry for anything damnit!

"Naruto? Hey, how have you been?" Neji is talking to someone, yay; I don't care so I don't look at this 'Naruto' person. Oh look, the sea. No way in hell I'm getting in there. People piss any there and have sex and other stuff. Would you swim around in someone's piss? No, you would not.

"-my friend Naruto." Oh, Neji was talking to me and Itachi; I look up at Itachi who is currently smirking down at this 'Naruto' guy. I turn to look at him and-


This guy is….so….fucking…..cute! He has bright blond hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen in my whole life! And his skin looks so soft and touchable; he must be out in the sun a lot because it looks very nicely tanned. Wow, this guy is so fuckable.

And his top says 'Do Not Molest'

Ha, try and stop me!