It wasn't often that Seifer found a moment to breathe, but he was glad that the current moment was one of them. It was midnight, a midnight that most people didn't like very much. He was a lot different from most people, though. Staring out of the open door, he watched the rain beat down violently on the pier, the coastal storm raging against the tiny town of Balamb. A smile tugged at his lips at the soft brush of wind against his nearly-bare skin, memories washing over him. Closing his eyes, he listened to the thunder roll above, saw lightning through his eyelids. Old times… When the lights were off and he was quiet enough, he could almost see her face, could almost smell her on the wind that she loved so much. Opening his eyes, Seifer stared up at the sky, his grip tightening on his upper arms. Moments like that, he cherished, moments to breathe and reminisce. Then again, moments in the past he should've cherished were long since gone; he was left beating himself up because he didn't take advantage of them.

Turning sideways, he glanced back at the woman he'd met and married a little bit under six months before; her name was Dana, a rather boring name in his opinion but when shotgun weddings were an order... To make matters worst, he was already bored with her, but so was the nature of an Almasy. Pfft. She couldn't keep up with him as his old friends could. Sighing impatiently, he turned away from her and stared out at the maelstrom once more, a little more perturbed. Where were they anyway? Probably leading lives independently from his, much better off and farther away than he was. Seifer had never imagined he'd end up in a place like Balamb, doing construction for a living, barely squeezing buy. "Shit…" If Fujin could see him now, she'd probably laugh.

"Seifer?" The girl in bed shifted, peered up at him, green eyes sparkling in the lightning that arced across the sky. "Come back to bed, 'm cold…" Taking one last look at the storm, Seifer sighed and stepped away from the door, closing and locking it. He took his place beside his bride once more, cuddling up in the sheets with her. He watched Dana drift off to sleep as he scowled. More mundane things to think about; all he hoped was that she wasn't pregnant. It would make his situation even worst. Seifer turned away from her and glared at the wall, suddenly extremely displeased with his position in life.

The blonde let his mind wander back to the others. Just where were they in life? Would he ever see them again? Sure, he saw some of the ones that fought in the Sorceress War regularly, but never got the courage to speak to them. His posse? He hadn't spoken to them for nearly two years, ever since they went their separate ways due to a difference of opinions. He wondered where they were, and he knew his mind would probably never rest.