Ithal, thinking of Fee after the girls have left the Gypsy camp. I've decided he has a Gypsy lover, in addition to his dalliances with Fee.

Even surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, she is an arrogant princess. She thinks she might taunt me and I will not show my fangs. She is proud, haughty, this gadje. I want to tame her, to humble her. Her passion is a fire, ready to burn down the forest, but I would have her in my tent, warming my skin.

Instead, I have Nadia.

The moon rises high, swollen expectantly. The world is a breath – the hush of the wind, the gasp of fluttering leaves, the long sigh of waving grass. Nadia is a whisper against my neck, a sigh in my mouth. But when I return her kiss, I see the one who dances just out of my grasp.

Her skin is like gleaming bone in the flickering fire and the midnight moon, and her golden hair like silk ribbons. Finery. Expensive. I reach out tentatively and stroke the fine angle of her jaw. Her face softens, and she leans into me, her fingers curling into the rough fabric of my homespun tunic. The wind whispers sweetly, ruffling the hem of her nightgown.

She tilts her head back, smiling as our lips meet, velvet on leather. Her kiss is maddening, intoxicating. Her touch unravels my restraint. Hungry lips trace a fiery trail over my skin as her fingers trip deftly over the fastenings for my breeches. I relish the taste of her as I free her from her nightgown. Her bone white skin, her full breasts, her slim hips - she is the Godess brought to earth. I cradle her delicate frame beneath me, desperate to know her fully.

The wind shifts roughly, swaying the grass in an age-old rhythm. A dance that is old as the dawn of time. Panting is our drumbeat, sighs our harmony. The sounds of the night rush to a deafening crescendo.

And then my beautiful, forbidden creature has slipped away, lost. When I open my eyes again, Nadia lays beside me, smiling softly, a light sheen of moisture on her face. "My father will kill you," she murmurs.

I know Ithal's English isn't so great. Imagine you read Romanian.