Note: Since folks got huffy that I didn't post a chapter in "Unexpected Results" where Leon and Johanna get to share a bed... this one is for you. Not done in dialogue, though.

This story was written to the writing prompt 'any closer and you'd be in me', submitted via my LiveJournal from a member of the Official Hue & Cry Brigade™.

A Test of Wills

Johanna rolled over onto her side, forcibly stifling back a growl of frustration, and brought up her knee to plant it firmly against Leon's back. With effort, she braced herself and shoved him back over onto his side of the bed before he moved over any more and pushed her off the bed altogether.

Leon let out a grunt and threw a sleepy glare over his shoulder at her.

"What was that for?"

"You keep moving onto my side of the bed," she hissed, trying to keep her voice down to avoid waking up Father Abel, who was sleeping in the next bed.

"You didn't complain when HE did it," Leon grumbled, turning to face her in the dim light, and she rolled her eyes.

"At least he didn't push me all the way to the edge of the bed," she whispered hotly.

"No, he just had his hand on your-"

Frantically Johanna shushed him as Abel gave a half-snore, half-snuffle as he rolled onto his side. A quick glance confirmed he was still asleep, however, and she turned back to Leon with a glare.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were jealous, Father."

Leon sighed and rolled over onto his back, one arm draped across his eyes. "Don't be foolish."

She gave a faint snort of laughter, then turned over so that her back was to him. She really had not needed the reminder of the embarrassment both she and Father Abel had suffered when the two of them had woken to find that during the night, not only had the priest pulled her into his embrace, but his hand had been resting in a most unchaste area of her body.

For Father Abel, it was more embarrassment than anything else. For Johanna, who was hardly innocent, it was more frustrating.

But a few minutes later, she was softly but intently swearing under her breath as Leon was once again well onto her side of the bed.

"I swear, Father, if you don't stay over on your side, I swear I'll..." she hissed, shoving him over once more.

"You'll what?" Leon said drowsily, his face half-hidden in his pillow.

"I'll do something we'd both regret."

Johanna flopped down on her back and pulled her pillow over her head, wishing she could scream into it. Then she rolled onto her side once more and tried to go back to sleep.

But sure enough, a few minutes later, she felt him up against her back, and she finally gave up. She braced herself and pushed her body into the curve of his so that they lay together spoon fashion, then she reached behind her for his arm and wrapped it around her waist.

"Mmmmmmm..." she heard him murmur, right in her ear, and she elbowed him so that he gave a faint grunt.

"Just mind your hands."

He gave a drowsy laugh, and a moment later, they were both sound asleep.