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**note : In book nuber 1, i added the new technology of acquiring from a morph, to get the Ork morphs. now that i thought about it, and with the help of a few reviewers, please disregard the new technology. instead, pretend they all went to the free Hork-Bajir valley, and accidently stumbled upon the Ork morph.

***note : I would rewrite the stroy, but my life is getting pretty hectic lately, so please, bear with me

#2 The Signal

Part one of the "Death of Friends" Trilogy

chapter 1

hello. My name is Alyssa. Can't tell you much more than

that, like my last name, or where I go to school. Trust me, I really wish I could, but our enemy is just too strong. And if they knew who I was, they'd love to drag me down to that evil, evil place, and let one of those slimy things slither into my ear, and take over my body and mind. That's what a Yeerk does. Did I mention my name is Alyssa? It all started months ago, when me, my boyfriend Ross, my best friend Kim, and Ross' best friend Kevin were walking along the city lake, when we saw the damaged Andalite fighter. That's when we met Sam. Sam is an Andalite. They fight the Yeerks. They had just had a giant space battle in Earth's orbit. The Andalite fleet had been crushed. We helped Sam escape, and he gave us our power. The power to morph. To change into any animal we can touch. We were a team. Of only five, until… we met the other Animorphs. Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco, Tobias, and Ax. So, we joined up with them, and went on our first big mission: to the Yeerk
Pool. It was not a happy memory. All in all, we accomplished our goal, but at a terrible price. I never wanted to go back down there again. There is a longer version, but you'll have to ask Ross. So, until the Andalites return, it's just us eleven. Feel any better? I didn't think so.