Chapter 9

hey Jake, I said as I touched down at Ax's scoop. What's up?

"It's Kim, Kevin, and Sam. Look." He pointed toward Sam's scoop. There were three Cambers. They looked like coffins with clear plastic. Inside, were Kim, Kevin, and Sam. "Oh, my god. What happened?" I said. "Ax is gonna tell us. We were waiting for you, come on." He said. I followed Jake into Ax's scoop. Everyone but Rachel was there. Tobias was even in human morph. "Where's Rachel?" Tobias asked. "Well, we had an interesting…Talk…this afternoon." I said. " Uh oh, it has begun. Someone has finally challenged the Mighty Xena. She may be Xena, but you. You just may be Blossom." Marco said.

"Who?" Jake asked, puzzled. "Blossom. The chick from the Powerpuff Girls? The red one." Marco answered. "Haha! Since when do you watch the Powerpuff Girls?" Cassie said with a laugh. "Can Ax please tell us why we're here, so I can get back to sleep?" Ross said. Just then, Ax came around the corner with a small vile. He did not look happy. "W…what's up, Ax?" I asked cautiously. I have collected blood samples from Kim, Kevin, and Captain Toorlin. They all say the same thing. It seems they have contracted a virus. And not a natural virus.. it is what we Andalites call a Quantum virus. A disease that affects the very fabric of space and time. It causes individual cells to burst, from the outside, to the inside, all in all, a very painful death. It seems possible, that someone planted the virus, and Kim, Kevin, and Captain Toorlin ingested it. Ax said sadly. "Is there anyway they can survive?" Cassie asked. No. I don't have the correct medical equipment to treat them. Prince Jake, if it is all right with you, I would like to do the humane thing, and… He didn't have to say anymore. "Do it." Jake said. My response was instantaneous. "What!?!? You murderer! How can you condemn them to death, you're not God!" I realized I was crying, I didn't want to, but I felt the tears run down my

cheeks. I looked over at Ross. He had his face buried in Cassie's shoulder. He was crying too, Kevin had been his best friend since they were old enough to walk. I saw Cassie whisper something into his ear. He looked up. And he hugged Cassie. I'm pretty sure I heard him mouth the words "Thank you" to her. I looked at Marco. His lips were curled back to what looked like a grin, nut I knew it was an expression of sadness. Ax's stalk eyes were drooping. Tobias' fierce hawk glare was void of emotion. And Jake? His face was in his hands, like he was sad. He couldn't understand. "Ax? You know what to do," he said, as he began to walk away. I grabbed him violently by the arm. "You ruthless son of a bitch. You're a coward. You can't even imagine what it's like." He spun my arm around, and grabbed me by both of my shoulders. I tried to be brave, but it scared me. "Be careful what you call me, Alyssa." He said. He released me, and then. He was gone. To my surprise, it was Marco who comforted me. "Don't worry, Ali. Just let me talk to him, okay?" he asked. I nodded, and he walked away. I walked up to Kim's coffin, to see her one last time. And I cried.