VIII. A Natural Order

Lost and Fondness

Shades of Crimson

Across the universe order had been set out and made. It had only been two days since the battle between former Emperor Freeza and the Saiyan Price Vegeta, and already poverty had been gradually dealt with, mass genocide had been made illegal and purging missions had been dismantled. Vegeta had also made it known that the gladiator games would be no more, and released all of the "political prisoners" Freeza had captured and deemed gladiators. Vegeta, now seemingly title-less, had also established the greatest form of ruling the universe had ever seen.

A republic.

The man, a newly released prisoner of Freeza, sat beside the man with a kind smile. His name was Tatuli and he had been an avid diplomat at one time but Freeza had captured him due to his beliefs on politics. Tatuli was a firm believer in putting the center of power to the planets and not one, prime ruler - giving each planet (or sector, depending on the size and population of certain planets) representative to serve in the Universal Republic Council.

That was just the system Vegeta had established, giving all credit to Tatuli.

The older man nodded towards the Saiyan in the confinement of throne room, "So, we are all wondering where your place will be?"

Vegeta leaned back in the throne with an emotionless gaze, "I will not be apart of the government at all. Politics really aren't my thing. I got Freeza out of the way, now it is your turn to set some sort of order to everything."

Tatuli shook his head, his mane of white hair shaking as he did so, "You are wrong Vegeta. You would have made a find King of Vegeta-sei."

The dark Saiyan remained silent and the other man sighed.

"Do you have a candidate to represent Planet Cold? For all the other planets are using their previous rulers as their representatives - but, fortunately, Planet Cold has no true ruler anymore."

Standing from the throne Vegeta gave the man a short nod, "I have an idea for a possible candidate - I'll speak with them in person."

Tatuli smiled at the man before him and gave him a bow, full of respect and admiration, "Verry well then, Prince Vegeta. I trust your decision making."

Without a response, the dark prince exited the throne room, the emotionless gaze still cast over his sharp features.

"Bulma …"

At the sound of her name the aqua-haired woman's head shot up in question. When she had looked around the room she met eyes with her sister-in-law standing nervously at her doorway.

Bulma frowned slightly, "Launch, what's the matter?"

The woman stepped into the room and shut the door firmly behind her. Turning to Bulma, Launch sighed deeply, "Bulma … I think I may, perhaps, be … pregnant."

Her cerulean eyes shot open in excitement. The news was altogether overwhelming for the blue-haired woman and she jumped up to hug her friend.

Launch laughed in Bulma's embrace, "I'm not sure about it Bulma! We cannot celebrate just yet."

Pulling away Bulma nodded with an animated smile, "Yeah, yeah. We'll let's get you to the lab so we can find out for sure."

The pair walked to the lab in silence, and Bulma handed Launch the test once they had made sure they were alone in the lab. Launch sighed as she returned with the test and she handed it to Bulma.

Bulma watched as the test results began to appear and Launch looked over her shoulder, anxiously awaiting Bulma's reply to her question, "What does that mean Bulma?"

A grin appeared on the woman's feace as she turned to the navy-haired woman who had a stressed look strewn across her petite features.

"Well?" She questioned exasperatedly.

Bulma continued to grin.

"It means that you're going to be a mother Launch!"

On planet cold, about half an hour outside of the capital city, a quant village sat with cottages dotting the vast acreage here and there.

Inside one of the small, homey cottages, a family was moving in.

It was a strange feeling to her, as she began to unpack some of the boxes she had purchased at the market just hours earlier, to be somewhere so cozy and so … permanent. She had never lived in the county before, but that had always been her dream. It seemed like the perfect move for her small family - her small family that had spent it's entirety on the run in the debths of space.

Her entire life had been lived as such. From being a chef at a small restaurant at a refueling station to living aboard a group of Saiyans, going along with their purging missions, to living life on the run.

It felt strange, yes, but it was also very comforting.

From behind her, she felt the large arms of her husband embrace her trim waist. She smiled as she set down the box and felt his lips place a few kisses on the skin of her exposed neck.

"Are you sure you want to stay on Planet Cold?" He questioned lightly, his hands still placed protectively on her waist. It had been too long since they had been together - he had no plans of releasing her anytime soon.

She smiled lightly and allowed a genuine laugh to escape her lips.

"Yes Goku, the last thing I want to do is get on another blasted space ship." She sighed lightly, "Besides, there's no threat on this planet now that Freeza is out of power. And how could I expect you to leave Raditz?"

The Saiyan had taken a small sixth story flat in the center of the bustling capital city. He had jumped at the opportunity of living so close to the palace, he had been awarded a job as a guard there, and having the joys of bachelorhood in the largest city in the universe.

Kissing her cheek gently, her husband laughed, "Well then we have nothing to be worried about. We'll just have to make this our new home."

Entering the living room, the small Kakerott look-a-like entered the room with an ecstatic smile.

"Dad! Dad!" He called, earning the attention from both his parents.

"Yes Goten?" The large Saiyan asked, unable to hide his amusement at his excited son.

"The yard is HUGE! We can train all we want here!" His smile didn't fall as he continued to talk, "And how far is Trunks Mama?"

ChiChi smiled at the boy, "About thirty-minutes away Goten. I promise we'll be visiting him often."

The boy beamed and then ChiChi pulled away from her husband, reminding him that they still had much to unpack.

Tien blinked at his wives news and then embraced her tightly.

"Oh Launch … This is the greatest day ever."

She smiled from his powerful hug and sighed. Thankful that she had him in her life, thinking of how different everything would have been if she hadn't have been chosen his wife from a pack of women those short six years ago.

Kissing her forehead her husband smiled and looked into her eyes, "I love you Launch."

She smiled back at him and took him in a firm embrace once again. Into his chest she sighed lightly and smiled, "I love you too, Tien."

At the sound of a knock on her door, Bulma rose her head in question. She couldn't imagine who would come to visit her since Launch and Tien were probably celebrating their recent news of a coming addition to the family, while ChiChi and Goku were settling in their new home on the outskirts of town.

Her perfectly plucked eyebrows knitted together as she approached to door, however, her shock was intensified as she was greeted with the sight of none other than the Saiyan Prince standing, nonchalantly, at her doorstep.

She frowned, making her uneasiness apparent, and the Saiyan crossed his arms in response.

"Well, woman, aren't you going to invite me in?"

She stepped aside and allowed him to enter, his presence instantly changing the atmosphere of the room.

With a sigh she motioned for him to take a seat on the sopha beside her and he complied - sitting straight up, not bothering to look comfortable.

"I'm not sure what to say, Vegeta." Bulma began, her cerulean eyes flashing with uncertainty, "I guess I just figured you leaving so abruptly at the games would be the last time I would see you." She sighed lightly and forced a smile on her unglossed lips, "Can I offer you some tea?"

Vegeta glanced over at the woman, her aloofness angered him. Taking in her presnce, still as flawless as he could remember, he frowned at the bruises that tainted her perfect arms. He wished he could have killed Zarbon himself for causing such pain on this woman.

However, his weakness towards her couldn't be expressed in normal ways of affection. No, Vegeta was not capable of such things. His next words would have to be enough proof that he cared about her.

"Are you alright."

Slightly taken back, Bulma paused on her way from standing up from the couch and pouring him some tea. She frowned, seeing that his attention was on her bruised arms, she placed her small arms on his torso. She had to hide her expression as she felt the muscles ripple beneath the fabric of his shirt against her hand. Keeping her lust in check she offered him a kind smile, "Are you alright Vegeta? You went through ten times what I endured."

"Well I am capable of handing such things, woman. You are not." As if it were an afterthought he muttered, "Weakling."

She laughed lightly, glad his pompousness was still in check, "Well - it's a good thing that I had two Super Saiyans there for me."

Watching his facial features remain emotionless she frowned.

"Not that I need to be reminded that your actions weren't entirely selfless."

He glared at her, wanting to spew a few lines of how he had done what he had not for her but for himself and his people.

It wasn't needed though, she already felt so small against his presence at the moment.

She offered him a small smile, "Thank you though, Vegeta. Even if you didn't mean it to benefit me in any way, it did. So I at lease owe you that much."

For a few moments the pair set in silence. It was a silence that Bulma could only define as borderline awkward. It wasn't, however, until the silence was broken did she feel what true awkwardness felt like.

"Well … thank you, Vegeta. It was nice to see you again."

A low, rumbling growl escaped the Saiyan's throat. The noise caused her cerlean eyes to blink with confusion.

"I am not going anywhere, woman."

With a short nod she allowed him to continue.

"I have established a republic, though I'm sure you aware of it and the details, I'm not sure if you know that we are in need of a representative from Planet Cold." He paused for a moment and allowed his onyx orbs to dance across her features.

"I have come here today to offer you the position to be the councilwoman for your native planet. You are, in some respects, still royalty, but do not embody the same ideals of your late father. Also - you seem to have half a brain and I feel that you would do a fine job serving for the republic."

His flattery, though diluted such, stained her cheeks with a crimson blush and Bulma nodded lightly. "I accept, Vegeta. But may I ask what part you will have in all of this?" She smiled, almost mockingly, "You do deserve some of the credit, no?"

A chuckle escaped his lips, "All of it, really."

"Glad to see you're as arrogant as ever."

"You're exactly how I remember as well, woman." Rather boldly, he continued, "And I am just as fond of you as always."

She blinked.



Allowing the words to soak in, shock filling her cerulean orbs.

She studied his face as it remained emotionless. As if her were stone, the unmoving marble that sculpted his body also encompassed his face and made him entirely unreadable.

The door swung open, which shook Bulma from her daze, and caused her to smile weakly at her son.

Trunk's eyes darted at the pair placed before him on the couch. Two words resounding in his mind.

They were … His parents.

Vegeta sent the boy an approving nod which Trunks responded with a small frown.

"I just came by to get my training boots."

He scurried off into the room and exited the living facilities as quickly as he had entered.

After Trunks had left, training boots in hand, Vegeta smirked.

"I'm glad you allowed the boy to train."

"I looked you up." Bulma began, suddenly. Her voice strained, a saddened look crossing her features. He frowned, clearly confused by her words and she continued with a sigh.

"I went and looked up your purging mission sheets, and all I found on your file that you had been terminated. I … I … I thought you were dead, Vegeta." Tears clouded her vision as she frowned, "I thought all of you were dead. How was I supposed to raise a Saiyan on my own? In a universe so cruel and a father so unsupportive? I didn't know how I would do it, but I did. He was the only thing left of that life I had escaped to … and the only thing that kept me close to you."

Vegeta blinked at her confession and she sighed.

"I've always felt strongly for you, Vegeta." She smiled as she leant into his chest. An embrace which he accepted and held her small, shaking frame protectively in his strong arms.

As he held her she knew that he felt the same. She also knew that she would never actually hear him mutter the words, but she had come to accept that she didn't need to him say them. All she needed was for his actions to be so protective, so affectionate, and his actions would speak louder than any words coming from another man.

Eventually, he would come around to loving Trunks, too. Perhaps apart of him was already attached to the boy - since he was as much his own as he was hers. She smiled lightly, breathing in his scent and soaking in the way he felt pressed against her.

"Come to dinner tonight." She smiled lightly as she pulled away to look in in the eyes.

"Dinner as a … family."

Removing himself from their embrace he stood from the couch to leave.

Before exiting he turned to the aqua-haired woman, clearly awaiting his repsonce and nodded lightly. "Yes. But after dinner we will have some more catching up to do. A smirk grazed his features as he continued. "Catching up that doesn't involve our brat."

Bulma managed to roll her eyes before the door was shut behind him and silence overcame the room.

She sighed and took her seat on the couch. Allowing the silence welcomingly. For a little silence to get lost in is nice ever once and a while.

Plus, she mused with a smile, the silence wouldn't last too long with Saiyan males around all the time.

And that was all she needed.

Tonight there would be dinner, and after that she and Vegeta would, she blushed slightly, catch up. Then they would wake up, perhaps they would all get breakfast together. She smiled, Vegeta could train Trunks in the afternoon and they could move his stuff in after lunch. Perhaps they would meet ChiChi and Goku and Goten for dinner to see their cottage in the country.

And perhaps the universe would go back to it's natural order. An order with no evil rulers and no fearful princess. An order where a perfectly nice couple like Launch and Tien could raise a baby, an order where ChiChi and Goku could live peacefully - and an order where a beautiful, fiery princess like Bulma could finally be with her prince.

The End.