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Chapter One

Seto was in his Office at Kaiba Corp, when the door burst opened and Roland ran in. "Seto, Mokie is missing!" Roland all but yelled. Seto nearly toppled over his chair as he stood up and yelled "What, what did you just say?"

Roland had tears in his eyes as he relayed what the driver told him. "When Jimmy went to get Mokie at the school, he was met by the Principal with a note." He handed the note to Seto. As he read the note his face went completely white with fear.


If you ever want to see your brother again, here's what you have to do. Tell Wheeler that Snakes is back in town and wants to meet with him. Let him know that it is a matter of life or death, but don't tell him about your brother just yet. If you do as you're told then your brother will live, screw up and he's good as dead!"


Seto looked at Roland and he told him "get hold of Wheeler and bring him here and tell him that we need to talk. Don't tell him why just make damn sure that he gets here!" Seto said. Roland hurried out of the Office and prayed that nothing happened to Mokie.

Joey was walking home from Yugi's when a black sports car came racing towards him. He stopped and waited to see who the hell was driving like a maniac. Then the door opened and Roland got out and approached Joey. "Seto needs to see you now and I won't take no for an answer." Roland told him. Joey got into the car and Roland raced off back to Kaiba Corp. When they entered the building something made Joey cringe with pending fear, but he kept walking and when Roland opened the door and Joey walked into the room, he knew that he wasn't going to like what Seto was going to say.

Seto stood up and approached Joey and he said "Snakes is back in town and he wants demands that you meet with him at the old paper mill, and I intend to make damn sure that you keep the meeting, so lets go and I won't take no as an answer." They turned around and walked towards the elevator and as they got in Joey thought back to when he and Snakes first met. The door opened and they walked towards a restored Harley Davidson Hog. Seto got one and motioned for Joey to get on the back and handed him a helmet and said "hold on tight" and then he fired up the bike and roared out of the garage and onto the street.

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Chapter Two Coming Up...Joey meeting his past...