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Chapter Seventeen

They all went back inside where they found that their family had decorated the room jus for them. In the front of the room sat a huge Wedding Cake and Seto and Joey went to Greta and gave her lots of hugs and kisses and she took everyone.

Then Roland and Ken raised their glasses filled with Sparkling Punch and as they all raised their glasses, Roland went first as he said "here's two of the best young men that I've ever met. You both deserve all the happiness in the world, and I love you both." Then Ken went next "Joey the day I heard about you, well I thought that you'd be nothing but trouble, but then I discovered something else, I found out what a damn good person you were and I'm proud to call you my friend." Everyone toasted them.

Mokie then stood and pulled out a piece of paper and he started reading what was on it:

Once there was a young man and he was sad

Then he found out about someone who needed help bad

So this young man set out to find and help the other

And in doing so he was helping himself too

So you see when you help out someone then you are actually helping yourself as my brother found out

Because if it weren't for Joey's love for my brother

Then Seto would still be wandering around with a big hole in his heart

Joey I love you for making my brother whole again

Seto, you showed me the true meaning of what love really is

So I want to let you both know that I will always love you both for the rest of my life.

When Mokie was done, both Seto and Joey went to him and they thanked him for the Poem and gave him hugs and kisses and everyone else was wiping the tears from their faces.

Now it was Serenity's turn and she stood up and went to the front of the room and Ken brought out what looked like a painting. "I didn't know what to get both of you so I decided to paint a portrait of you both and I hope that you like it." She took off the cover and there was Seto holding Joey and the love that was around them made them actually glow. She painted the perfect Wedding gift and as they walked up to see the painting better, tears ran down their faces and they both said "thanks for this beautiful painting" and then they also gave her hugs and kisses.

Now it was Frank's and Mary's turn and they were already teary eyed from both everyone's gifts to them.

So Mary went first "I gave birth to my son twenty years ago and I still can feel every labor pain, but that didn't mean a thing when I held him in my arms and he smiled up at me. Joey was always my little prankster, he loved playing games on us. But when we had to leave and maybe never see him ever again, well my heart sank and I didn't ever think that I could smile ever again. But now my son is back and he's given us an son-in-law that I love so very much, so I say to the two of you, be happy, share everything and never go to bed mad at each other."

Frank stood up then and he said "to my son and son-in-law, you've both been though a lot of hell in these past few months and from what I see here today, they have gone away and they are replaced with smiles, laughter and lots of love. Remember what mom said about never going to bed mad, work out whatever is wrong and then love each other and remember you are loved my your families too."

When Frank sat down everyone was almost sobbing and then Seto stood up and he said "we are two of the luckiest men in the whole world. We not only have each others love, but we have the love of our families who not only love us but never condemned us for loving each other. I found the other part of my soul when I found you Joey and I will show you my love for the rest of our lives together."

Joey stood then and with tears running down his face he said "I'm one lucky man. I have a family who loves me even though I'm gay, and life that I've always dreamed of living and the love of a very special man who has helped me overcome some very horrible things that happened to me and now I am able to express that love to him whenever I want."

As he sat down, Greta said as she wiped the tears from her face "lets eat the cake, alright?" Everyone laughed. And so Joey and Seto are beginning their lives together with a family that loves them and a love for each other that will be there till the end of time …


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