Flowers In The Night part 1/1
Pairing: I/M
Rating: PG13
Date Posted: July 14, 2001
Disclaimers: I don't know who all owns B5 and related items, but I
know JMS is one of them, and I ain't.
Author's notes: Thanks Sharon for the beta reading

Susan Ivanova walked into the cyro storage area with tears in her
eyes to follow the ritual that had become so much a part of her life
for the past 5 years 4 months. Once a month she came to the medlab
facility to place a single flower on the tube of her `should have
been lover', the first time it had been Ambrosia. She had laid it
there, prayed for a second, then when she turned to walk away a light
had appeared and her ambrosia had been replaced with a yellow tulip.
She had at first thought it was a trick, but later realized somehow
it was real. She had looked up the meaning for a yellow tulip and
cried all night. It meant utter and hopeless love, and it suited
her. After that trading flowers with her mystery partner, whom in
her heart she knew was Marcus, had become a regular monthly event,
but it hadn't gotten any easier.

Captain Susan Ivanova knew that most would call her crazy, but every
time someone said her name part of her mind added Cole to the end of
it, after all, how could you be more closely related to someone than
sharing their life force? Susan held the flower before her, thanked
whatever deity for their kindness in allowing this to happen, and
then carried on the ritual.

This month the flower she brought was a daisy. She laid it quietly
on his tube and waited. She received a hyacinth, he had sent this
one frequently, it meant "I am sorry, please forgive me." If he had
been there she would have chewed his butt. She was at fault, not
him. She forced her head up and with a smile returned to her
quarters where she knew a call from Delenn would be waiting for this
month's flower type.


Captain Marcus Cole remembered the day that Ranger Susan 'Bloody'
Ivanova came into his life. He was used to a well run, disciplined
staff, but the woman went her own way and played by her own rules.
It had been obvious from the first that she had been attracted to
him, but he blew it off. After all, since Psi Corps had 'killed'
Lyta he hadn't wanted or needed another lover in his life, he was
fine on his own thank you very much. However Entil'Zha Lennier and
Captain Winters had gone out of their way to keep putting Susan and
him together on missions and he had begun to care for her, but
then `bamm,' the woman had used the damn 'alien healing' machine to
save his life. Now not a day went by without the pain in his heart
when he saw some thing that reminded him of her. Of course the poor
lady he chased down, three days after Susan's death thinking she was
Susan, had nearly cost him his Command. Only the newly elected ISA
President Winters had saved him.

He quietly laid the hyacinth on the cryo tube and it was replaced by
a daisy. He smiled through the tears. It meant loyal love and
purity. He silently said a prayer and walked from the room,
wondering the whole while what Earth Gov would make of him changing
his name to Marcus Cole Ivanova.

He had better hurry. Talia and Lennier would want to know what kind
of flower he had received this time.


In two different universes, on two different planets both called
Epsilon Three, Drall/Delenn cried.