AN: HolyFanfictionBatman Here! I have finally decided to write/update a story! This is my first posting ever, not necessarily my first story, but I feel this is the best out of my pitiful selection, so don't make too much fun of it. This story will be told in three parts…this is part one, going to the movie…just getting into the previews…the second is the movie, and what happens during it, and the third is the ride home, conversation and stuff like that. Part two will be much longer than this one as I'll probably be watching the movie as I'm doing It so I know what's going on. It should be done by the end of the school year. Which in my town ends on June ninth…I think.

Its slash, as in male/male relationships, between Robin and Red X, 'cause I'm kinda hooked on it at the moment since reading loopylouise123's Never Broken. Awesome story by the way. So go read it if you haven't, but don't compare it to mine 'cause it would blow mine out of the water….anyway…I'm gonna tell some back story to the story…

This will be like a 'second date' scenario, so they're already going out…just secretly. I'll probably end up posting the prequel…eventually…after I fix it up. But in this story they know each others names…and Robin is going to have normal clothes in his closet. Like jeans and stuff. And Red X is older…and slightly protective, 'cause I want him to be…and he likes shiny stuff…and its fluff…very fluffy that's your only warning. Well…there is another warning…they are both VERY OOC…just to warn you…heh, heh, heh…oh! Another warning…I think this could be considered a crack fic…yah…okay…I think I'm good now. Oh Wait…It's a Saturday around noon in this story.

So here starts the story,


Robin sat in his room, rummaging through his clothes in a well hidden dresser. He quickly pulled out a dark pair of jeans and a red under shirt, glancing at the clock as he did so, hurriedly grabbing a black and grey shirt and socks, hurrying to the bathroom for a quick shower. 15 minutes later he stepped out of the shower combing through the snarls in his hair as he did so. Glancing in the mirror he realized he still had his mask on, quickly taking it off he grabbed a pair of sunglasses from the side of the sink. Putting on his clothes and snatching the sunglasses he rushed out of the bathroom, not spiking his hair as he usually did, shucking his shoes on as he left his room. Dashing down the hallway and past the titans in the living room, glancing at the clock on the way out, he picked up his pace, waving at the titans when they asked where he was going.

Shrugging, the remaining Titans went back to what they were doing. He had been acting weird lately anyway. And besides, villains hadn't been out lately, and Robin knew how to take care of himself if there was one. He probably just needed some time alone.


Ten minutes after the happenings of the above, Adrian Blak, also known as Red X, sat in front of the budget theatre on a park bench, waiting for his date to show up. Next to him was a bar of Lindt(?) dark chocolate, wrapped in silver foil. He was eyeing it. Wondering if his boyfriend would mind him having a bite, after all, he didn't even know he got him chocolate…just…one…bite. And just as his courage was at his peak, he heard the familiar sound of his boyfriend's voice.

"Hey Addie" said a smiling teen slightly shorter than him with black hair hanging limply around his head, long enough to cover his eyes with the strands in the front, and brushing the nape of his neck in the back. The teen on the bench, still eyeing the chocolate, groaned.

"You know I don't like it when you call me that Dickie-boy…" replied the blue haired teen on the bench, and the other teen, who we now know is named 'dickie-boy' or Richard, laughed and plopped down on the bench.

"I won't call you Addie if you don't call me Dickie-boy." Adrian smiled.

"Deal. Can we seal it with a kiss?" he said leaning forward slightly and puckering his lips, closing his eyes…really, it was a ridiculous gesture, in fact, it was so ridiculous it caused Richard to laugh and scoot away. But before he did so he noticed the chocolate.

"Aww…You got me chocolate, how sweet." He looked closer at it. "Wait a minute. You didn't steal it did you?" Adrian opened his eyes, still in the ridiculous pose. He pouted.

"Do you really have that high of an opinion of me? I don't steal chocolate, I steal shiny and pretty, and expensive, and dangerous things. There is a big difference." Richard rolled his eyes.

"Of course, You've never stolen a piece of chocolate. Especially because it'd be easy. Like taking candy from a baby." Adrian became indignant.

"HEY! I'll have you know taking candy from a baby is hard! Especially because they're so cute…how can you make a baby cry?"

"I can't. I'm the hero remember? But don't we have a movie to get to?" the blue haired teen jumped up off the bench.

"You're right. We do have a movie to go to." He bowed slightly at the waist and offered his right arm to Richard. "Shall we go sir? After all, it would be impolite to be late for the movie, and you know the previews are the best thing." Richard once again rolled his eyes and with a small laugh, took the proffered arm.

"You're such a dork."

"Ahh, but I am your dork. And therefore, it makes that all better." Richard punched his arm. "Oww…don't hurt the pretties" he said with a small pout.

"If you say that one more time I'll beat you up even worse the next time you steal some random item that you're going to end up giving to me anyway from the museum."

"But you know you love it kid." He said opening the door to the theater and turned to address the person at the ticket counter. "Two tickets to 'Night at the Museum' please." The lady keyed in the information and two tickets popped out of the slit in the counter. She glanced at the computer and back to them.

"That'll be $4.50. It's the third theatre to you're left. Have a nice time! Don't forget to get popcorn and candy at our snack bar. After all…it just isn't a movie without a tasty snack!" Adrian smirked at her and then leered at his counterpart.

"Indeed it isn't." Richard punched his arm. Hard.

"HEY!" he practically shouted, but he didn't since he was in a movie theatre. "I said don't hurt the pretties." Richard punched him. "What's wrong with you?" Richard shrugged.

"Boring day at the tower, I'm almost desperate for you to steal something so that I can do something." Adrian smirked.

"I thought you wanted me to give up my life of crime."

"Yeah, well, as long as it gives me something to do and you don't kill anybody. We wouldn't want that now would we?" They both paused in the middle of the lobby, glancing around, both wondering if they want popcorn or soda, wondering if they needed to go to the bathroom before the movie starts.

"No…I guess we wouldn't. Hey I'm gonna get some more candy…do you want anything? 'cause that way you could go into the theatre and save one of the dorky love seats for us." Richard rolled his eyes.

"Of course, we wouldn't want anybody stealing your job by taking the 'dorky loveseat' from us now would we?" Adrian grinned, very catlike, very scary.

"Nope!" Richard huffed and sighed,

"Fine. Just don't steal the candy this time. We don't want the same thing to happen as last time."

"Hey! I'll have you know that was probably the best buttered popcorn you've ever tasted."

"Probably. And I would've gotten more if we weren't thrown out of the last movie theatre." He pouted at his boyfriend, Adrian sighed.

"You're no fun."

"That's why I'm the hero and you're the thief. Live with it." And with that, Richard left for the theatre to grab the dorky love seat the his boyfriend obviously wanted.

Adrian smirked as he watched Richard leave for the theater. Really things couldn't be going better. The titans don't know about him of course, and he could use a little more 'kissage' from robin, but life was great. He even got to keep his night job as long as he didn't take anything serious and sell it to Luthor…then Richard might get mad. And he certainly didn't want that, but right now, he was gonna steal some more chocolate and popcorn, maybe soda too.

He chose the line with the most people in it, pretending to be part of the boy scout group that was in line, and as soon as they reached the counter, gummy worms were in his pocket. He waited till the soda's appeared, the woman's back was turned, popcorn right next to it, he left looking for Robin in the theater.


"Honey?" Ms. Summer said to the little boy next to her…"did you see if the worker brought our stuff yet?"

"No they didn't Ms. Summer" Said the child along with his friend.


Adrian entered the theater, looking for dick, he found him, talking to a worker, the male was obviously chatting up his boyfriend. He saw the love seat with the drink holders and but the drink and popcorn there, sneaking up behind dick so that the guy that was chatting up HIS boyfriend didn't see him. But Richard obviously did, even with his back turned. He put his arms around HIS boyfriends waist, nuzzling his neck.

"Hey baby, what'cha doin?" HIS boyfriend smiled and practically glowed at him.

"Nothing much, just hanging out with Jason here while I waited for you." The punk that was chatting up HIS boyfriend looked scared now. Adrian wasn't sure why, but it might have had to do with the fact that he had been growling at him.

"Well it was nice to meet you both, but, um, I've, uh, gotta, um, I've gotta go! Bye!" He was gone. Flash light and all. Richard chuckled, Adrian loosened his hold so dick could turn around and wrap his arms around his head.

"you're so cute when you're possessive." He kissed his nose.

"Am I?" Richard smiled back at him.

"Yup." He pecked his mouth. "Now let me go. I'm thirsty." He loosened his hold once again and Richard once again slipped through his fingers, but sat on the love seat and grabbed the soda, sipping through the straw. Adrian sat down, Richard curling up next to him, not quite in his lap so he had room for the pop corn.

"I don't know why they called you 'Robin' you're more like a kitty."

"Yeah well, it sounded better that Batman and Catboy, 'cause then you might think I was the result of Batman and Catwoman…we wouldn't want that now would we?"

"As they say, like father like son, he's dating an international thief, and you're dating one. I wonder what would happen if he hooked up with Wonder Woman."

"I would probably dump you and then go through years of depression until you could find another lover…either that or you'll dump me before you could get hurt, and then take you're revenge by stealing more often and hurting people. Or just being mean and stop sending candy in the mail might work. The titans are getting suspicious of me getting candy in the mail after the all of the good fudge shops have been robbed."

"Ah, but you love me."

"And if you stop sending me candy I'll turn you in to the cops. By the way…did you steal the popcorn?"


"Was that a question?"



"Sorry? He, he…"


AN: Well…that was the end of the first chapter…I hope you liked it…I like it 'cause I know it would never happen like this. You'll find out why they're going to a budget theater and 'Night at the Museum' next chapter…I hope it wasn't tooo fluffy, although I dare say it was. I just always pictured them as the 'best friends but boyfriends' type relationship. I'm thinking of bringing in a couple of the titans next chapter too… but I don't know…tell me what you think! Give me ideas for other stuff too…I'm thinking of doing a roy/rob story next…but I'm just not sure. REVIEW! And enjoy you're day!