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"A baby girl."


"She's beautiful."

"Just like you."

"I was afraid that she would be just like me."

"Well, you learned the hard way that milkflowers have consequences. You placed trust in her."

"We can't keep her. You know that, right?"


"We can't keep her."

"Why in Oz not?"

"We never know where our next meal is coming from. She'd go hungry most nights, maybe starve. It'd be cruel to keep her."

"I won't let her starve. I don't eat anymore."

"I do, and we barely got by while I was carrying her. Also, imagine her growing up with only us two freaks as parents. What kind of childhood is that?"

"Don't call youself a freak."

"I doesn't matter if I do. We're the only people in our little world."

"But you've wanted this for years. You can't just give it up."

"I wanted Nessa alive to see this, too. I wanted to be renowned throughout Oz, I wanted degreenification. It's just another dream I'll live without."

"She should at least know who her parents are."

"Slim chance of that. She's barely a few hours old."

"I'll give her my birth pendant."

"That'll give us away."

"No, it won't. Remember how nobody used your name after the night you met the Wizard? Nobody talks about Fiyero Tiggular anymore, either."

"Glinda will find out."

"By the time that happens, our girl will have had some time to grow up. And then we can try to find her again."

"I'll go tomorrow night. To the Emerald City. That's probably the safest place for her."

"Is it safe for you?"

"I'll blend right in with the walls. Don't look at me like that, I was kidding. And I'll let nobody see my face. I'd risk it for her."

"I love you, and our baby girl."

"I love you, too. Let me do it."

"OzSpeed, and safe mission."

"Lucky stars be with her."

"And with you."

The rain hammered into the street as a pair of heavy black boots ran to desperate safety, clutching a bundle of black cloth to her chest. Cursing that she had to use her cloak for the baby, she reached a doorway, panting from the effort of running. Quickly, she arranged her black hair over her face in a tangled curtain and banged on the door forcefully. She had just enough time to bow her head and hide her face as an elderly matron opened it.

"By Oz, my child! You're soaked through! Come in, come in!" The drenched woman was about to be pulled inside when she thrust the cloth bundle into the matron's arms.

"I can't keep her," The woman insisted upon staying out in the cold. "She's mine, but I can't keep her. Never take away her necklace. It was her father's." The elderly woman turned the bundle, finally finding a tiny baby's face. She was asleep, a tiny hand clutching at a worn gold chain. The woman was speaking hurriedly now, her words slurred by the freezing rain.

"I don't know if she'll be trouble. If she is, it'll only be when she's mad," The matron tried to bring her inside, but a gloved hand swatted her arm aside. She drew back in surprise. A woman as soaked as she must be in desperate need of a warm fire; why only give ther the baby?

"But love her. Please, love her. Her name is-" Shouts were heard further down the street; an alert, commands to split up. She bolted back out into the street, checking both ways quickly and finally disappearing into the night. The matron turned back to the baby, pulling the chain out as the girl held on to it in sleep. On the end was a gold pendant with five precious stones set into it. Three small gems lined up at the bottom; a ruby, amethyst, and sapphire, and one at the top, a little emerald. There was one large stone in the center, far larger than the others; a bright yellow topaz.

The matron looked up again. Who was that woman? And why did her baby have such a precious necklace if she couldn't be kept? The matron fingered the gold setting of the five stones, flipping it over as she felt something engraved on the back. The tiny, faded letters could still be read in the dim candlelight.

Fiyero Tiggular

29th of April, 4th Year of the Wizard

May His Land Prosper Forever

"You!" A man shouted. The matron looked up. "Who was that woman? What did she want?" The speaker appeared in the doorway, a large burly man from the Emerald City police. The matron hugged the baby closer, fearing she would be taken away by the police for some reason.

"She brought a child to my care." The matron deftly tucked the necklace back into the bundle, unnoticed by the policeman. "You can't question a baby, and all I know is that it is my duty to care for all lost children, regardless of who brought them."

"Did you see that woman's face?" The man demanded, more of an order than a question. The matron blinked. That was the strangest part of it; the woman had tried to hide her face deliberately, and refused to be brought inside and cared for.

"No, officer." She said truthfully. "I didn't see her face." The man grimaced, but left her. He shouted an order to other policemen, and was gone. The matron turned back to the little baby, thinking of the woman who had left her before she could say the baby's name. 'Fiyero' was a boy's name. Her father's name. But who was the mother?

"What to call you," She murmered to the sleeping child. 'Fiyero' meant 'honesty', a good trait, but she couldn't name the girl after her father.

"I know," She said at last, remembering how boys names were made into girl's names. "Fiyera..." But that sounded like it needed something more. After a long pause, she found the right add-on.