So yes, this is a new story by me. This idea occured to me, along with another one, when I was on vacation about a month ago in Florida. Apparently, that's where my muses went, they just forgot to inform me they were going to meet me down there. Anyway, this is alternate universe, and I don't want to give too much's a surprise! The title for this may change, I'm not too sure. This is just a little taste for you my pretties. I do have the first chapter almost finished, but I won't post it yet. This is your teaser if you will. I'm going to try and finish "September" first, but I wanted to see the reactions to this :) Enjoy the snippet!


I found the note, it said it all. She left me for him, and there was nothing I could do. I didn't even know where they had gone! Where could he have taken her?

Why am I thinking these things? It's not like she wanted me. If she did, she would have stayed. I knew it was too good to be true. She's perfect, an angel. How could she ever love a monster like me?

Everyone was worried, I knew they were. Both families were furious with her. Most wanted to find her just so they could shout at her, and maybe even trying to knock some sense into her. What's the difference? She left all of us sure, but the note was specifically directed at one person, not a group. Me.

Everything around me was dark. There were only the four walls and cold floor as company for me now. I don't know what I could have been thinking! How could I have been so stupid?

I really wish I had my cell phone on me, but who would I call? No one would want to help me after what I had done. I hurt them all, the people I love most, and now I was paying for my betrayal.

There were no windows in my cell, and there was no chance of escape. I was held here against my will, with no hope or communication with the outside world. I can't make anything right again, even if I do get out. I've ruined everything. This is all my fault. I've broken so much. I was such a fool.

I've always thought that I was so clever and careful, but here in my little prison, it shows that I'm just the opposite. I'm brainless and reckless. Why wasn't I able to think clearly before? I should have seen that something was wrong.

Do you know whose POV it is? Not that I'll answer truthfully. I want it to be mysterious until 'tis actually time to unveil the, well, veil. So how'd you like it? And I know, I's SO short. I'm sorry but that's just how long the prologue has to be, it told me so.

Again, I may change the title, but the summary will stay the same so that's how you'll know it :) I know, I'm cruel and unusual -fans self- Mayhaps I shall post the first chapter before I finish "September" but not within the next three weeks. I have finals coming up plus I'm sort of not doing well in film class so I need to get my make up work in. And when I say I have chapter one almost finished, that's by my standards. I still have a bit to go since it's going to be LONG. Therefore, don't tar and feather me just yet...