Background: This has been sitting around for awhile (like many other not posted/ready-to-be-posted fics in my SGA file). It was just an idea I had, although I am not all that familiar with the last few seasons of SG-1…I found myself wondering what if Jack and Sam had a big wedding? What if there was a huge party afterward? What would the aftermath be?

The Stories: I've started growing fond of Cam and Vala, although my original intention was to focus this story on John and Elizabeth (Atlantis). I couldn't decide which category a combination of both SGA and SG1 would belong, so I've decided to present this exploration (aka me playing with characters) as two companion pieces. Both will be in the exact same uni and are under the same title, one centering on John and Elizabeth (and hence posted in SGA) the other Vala/Cam (within SG1 category). Reading the companion will not be necessary to enjoy either of the stories, but is highly recommended :-)

Uni Info: I don't plan either fics to make specific references to episodes, but sometimes it occurs when you're writing no matter your intention. As mentioned earlier, I am not awfully familiar with the last few seasons of SG1 (although quite intimate with seasons 1-7). Also, I have only seen up through season two of Atlantis (although love it). Just so you know where I'm coming from.

Sorry for taking so much time to explain myself, please read on, enjoy!


The Morning After Is Never Easy

"Ohhhh," Cameron Mitchell bemoaned the cloud that had settled in around his head. His ears were plugged, his temples were throbbing, and his throat and mouth were dry. The symptoms basically spelled it out for him: Classic Hangover. The next step was remembering why…

Oh right, Sam Carter and General O'Neill's wedding. Well, not the wedding per se, just the twelve or so hours afterward in which much alcohol had apparently been consumed on his part.

Confirming that his memory was somewhat functional and mostly in tact, Cam checked it off his post-drunkenness hangover list and continued onto the next item: making sure you still had all body parts and usage of them. The first part to this endeavor was making contact with your nervous system, followed by opening eyes if you were bold enough to learn where you had passed out when you couldn't quite recall it.

Forcing his mind to rejoin his body brought forth a rather interesting and unexpected development. His skin was in direct contact with something besides material and there was a pressure concentrated on his chest but covering a good portion of his body. It felt like…

He opened his eyes to a mass of black hair resting upon his chest and the petite hand of a woman resting at his throat. His first conclusion was that it must have been a better night than he had remembered, although since he hadn't remembered anything of the not-going-to-bed-alone variety, Cameron supposed it wouldn't take much. But still, waking up in bed with an obviously rather attractive woman made his headache seem a little less severe.

That was until he recognized whose naked body was entwined with his own, sound asleep, warm, but oh-so-wrong!

"Vala!" The outburst was just as much a vocalization of his surprise as it was an attempt to wake the woman.

A/N: What's Cam going to do now? What does Vala have to say? Will either remember just exactly what happened?

A/N2: Apologies for brevity of first part. Will try harder…